Friday, February 27, 2015

Our Upcycling Quest by Anshul

Trash really affects our planet. Not just does one world together affect our world but , even just a city or a house in a city. So many things are being thrown away like chip bags, caprisun pouches, and even the unnoticeable items, toilet rolls. Just toilet rolls affect Sacramento in a larger amount that you could imagine. Just the amount of toilet rolls used in Sacramento is about 54 foot ball fields a year , and millions of toilet rolls. This can tell us to be more concerned about the things we don’t notice much. In that fifty four football fields, so much other things can be done to make the people happier. If just toilet rolls can be upcycled so much things will be saved. It can be used in building projects too. You can use one for a holder and there is so many more.

In school we are also trying to upcycle. Some of the things being collected are chip bags, and capri sun pouches. Bethany, Lauren, Mohammad, and Joshua are making bins to collect snack bags and drink pouches. Lauren and Bethany have made two bins already that are in Mrs. Bibayoff's room. They already are filling up. These items are being sent to Terracycle, which is a company that creatively makes other things out of these items and sells them. One of the things being made are capri sun backpacks. If you upcycle you can get some of the things that you can't get anywhere else. Let’s Upcycle!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Poetry Recitations by Ainna and Kobi

Thursday 2/19/15 Every 6th class did Poetry Recitation. They had to pick a love poem because we did love because of Valentines Day, we did love poems. Ainna and I did the same poem "How do I love Thee" by: Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Poetry recitation is when you memorize a poem and recite it out loud in front of everyone in class. Sometimes people do this at bookstores or cafes too.

You can show everyone what your talent is, and everyone did a great job. Today when we were doing poetry out loud Bethany, one of the students, recited all three of our poems and didn't stumble over one of the words! In my opinion, I think Bethany did a very great job on her poetry out loud. Some people on their poetry out loud did ok they were not really bad but at least they tried to remember and went up there and did the whole entire poem. The poetry out loud was fun we have done this before last trimester. It was very fun, but I stumbled on a few words.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chinese New Year Parade 2015 by Arjan and Thaomi

Displaying _DSC7860.JPG
Thaomi:. Last Wednesday was a great day, we had out Chinese New Year Parade.This year is the Year of the Ram. Every single student had a part in the parade. The parade had gymnasts, screamers, parasol twirlers, lion dancers, and a bunch of more. There was also a Taiko performance while the parade was going. The parade lasted about 15 minutes, but it seemed like 5. We went around the quad, through the office, and through the amphitheater. My dad came, and other parents came to. When I first walked out it was kind of embarrassing. I had no idea that the seventh and eighth graders were going to watch us- it was so scary. After our tiring performance, we had food catered from Panda Express. The food was delicious. I would really like to say Thank You all the teachers who decided to let us have this parade. It was a very fun experience.

Arjan: The Chinese New Year Parade last Wednesday was a blast. Everyone had a part and they were all able to participate. There were many different parts like screamers, lion dancers, parasol twirlers, martial artists, gymnasts, banner holders, a dragon, and since it was the year of the ram, there was a ram king and queen at the end of the parade. The parade went through the quad, through the amphitheater, and even into the office. All of Leading Edge saw us, and some PFAA students also saw us. There were also parents who came to see it as well. Taiko also performed during the parade and they were great. After the parade was over, everyone enjoyed some Panda Express, which was a great thing to end a very good day. We have to give credit to all of the teachers because they were the ones who made this parade possible and fun for all of us. Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Chinese New Year Parade by Nicole A.


Leading Edge 6th graders did an amazing job on the Chinese New Year parade. Everyone had a part. There were ribbon twirlers, flag holders, parasol twirlers, gymnast, screamers, and many more. People were clapping and following us along as we walked around. We had lion dancers shaking their heads to the drums. Some students were in dragons costumes and waved around.

“Gung Hay Fat Choy” means wishing you good fortune. The parade went around LE and even into the administrators' office! Taiko drummers did an amazing job at the parade too. We thank for all who came and watched us perform. After the wonderful parade, we had a delicious lunch catered by Panda Express. We thank Panda Express for the great Chinese food and the teachers who made this happen. Students worked hard to always try their best during the performance. 2015 is the year of the ram, and we had a banner saying ram in Chinese along with a student dressed as a ram. It was a lot of fun. Gung hay fat choy, everyone!



Star Academy Visit by Arib

 This week was amazing for 6th graders at Leading Edge. We had a lot planned, but one of the best things was the visit from the 5th grade Star Academy students. It was really fun and exciting to meet and tell 5th graders about Leading Edge. We met some possibly new students at our school. Some were new faces and others were old friends from our old schools. We also had played lots of games with the students like Plicker and Kahoot. We really had lots of fun with the 5th graders. We got to learn more about them and they learned more about us.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

See's Candy Fundraising by Cole


See’s Candies Fundraiser
Leading Edge students are selling See’s Candy bars to raise money for dances, field trips, scholarship funds and more. It is a great fundraiser and very useful. It helps out a lot every year with expenses. Lots of kids have already sold their one box and some are even going back for their second or even third. There weren't many kids who didn’t take a box which is good.When I sell the candy I feel like I am helping out the school and everybody else should too. Everyone needs to get all their money in by February 17th

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chinatown Trip by Ryan

Displaying confucius.pngTo start off the trip, my group and I were trying to go to the right place and saw a Confucius in a box. So then we saw amazing things like the Tin How temple and the church. “My favorite thing I did there was visiting the temple and fortune cookie place.” -Manelle.

Displaying mmmm.png While walking, everyone wanted to stop and look at the shops. At the first shop, Kyle, Owen, and Axel all bought souvenirs. I got nothing because I didn’t need anything at all. At the second shop we just mostly browsed but Axel got a decorative spoon. At that point we were back on track and went to a Chinese bakery. We had shrimp and pork dumplings. My dad bought also egg custard for all of us to try. Also we had mooncakes. They were the best item in the bakery. At that time we took a break. Soon we went to try Chinese tea. Even though it had not a lot of flavor, it was still good. Unfortunately, an old lady thought that we were stealing wooden swords next to a shop with wooden swords. Luckily my dad resolved the problem and we were safe. Soon it was time to leave and we headed back to school. Since we did many things, everyone had different favorite things. “I like walking around and seeing different shops.” -Christian.