Friday, February 26, 2016

Marin Headlands by Savun and Kenneth

In Marin Headlands there were many fun and exciting things that our groups did. Savun’s group was the Sparkling Nutella Eating Unicorns. On the first day as a group, our team took a hike around the lagoon and stopped in front of the lagoon to sketch out what we see and to figure out what type of a tree there was beside the trail . We got to eat dinner, which was hot dogs, and for our activity we did the campfire. Savun participated in the Watcha’ doin’ game and got 2nd place. After that it was lights out and everyone had to go to sleep. Some people didn’t even get sleep at all!

Day 2 of Marin Headlands was very chaotic. Everyone woke up at around 7:30am and prepared for the day. All the boys were doing something to pass the time till the 9:00am breakfast. For breakfast, we had cereal, eggs, and fruit. Then it was time to go out for another day of adventure. We at Kenneth’s group called Poison Oak went to hike and did fun activities in the lagoon. We ate lunch, a turkey sandwich prepared by our mentor. It filled up our appetite! After the lunch break, we hiked back to the cabin then ate a delicious cookie. All of us rested and recovered, then ate soft tacos for dinner. Just when we think it was all over, we went on a night hike. Our group learned lots of tactics such as listening to the nature sounds and walking silently to not disturb the night creatures. After all of the exhausting activities, it was time for lights out.

Day 3 was probably the saddest day of the whole trip to Marin Headlands. It was the day where we had to pack up our stuff, eat one last delicious breakfast, and leave for the long trip back home. But before we left we were informed of the sad news of a surfer who was stranded in the ocean and was found on the beach after he had passed away that morning. But all we did that morning was sit down and listen about how we could help out our communities and how we were already doing every day. Marin Headlands was probably one of the saddest places to leave for us after having so much fun and learning so much there.

Kenneth, Ethan S. and Carter enjoying delicious hot dogs on the first night there.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Is the seed alive? By AJ Munoz

File_000.jpegIn Science & Tech we made an apparatus to try to make the little popcorn cornel grow, my group Rachel, Carter, Hiba, and Alex made an apparatus and here is a picture. Every day we water it either at lunch or in class each of us have an assigned day. The materials we have used are Cheesecloth, Soil, Water, Toothpicks, Seeds, and a Tupperware. The one that grew the most turned out to be 5 and ½ inches long which is amazing! I loved to see the plant grow, this experiment was a blast!

~ Another Science-Related Post by A.J~

YES! Stands for Young Engineers! Part of my girl scout troop went to a science/engineer event to get a new badge and just learn what is like to be a science engineer. We did a lot of experiments like things to do with acidic base, to see what level of acid it was. We also did this experiment where you had only about 3 Newspaper, 2 paper cups, 10 rubber bands, 15 straws, and 2 paper plates. What you had to do was secure the egg so it wouldn’t break, when we dropped the egg from the top of the roof ( terrace ). Mine did not survive but it was lots of fun, we also learned how to secure the egg so it wouldn’t break! Another station was about the materials they used to build rocket ships, space shuttles and airplanes, it was so fascinating! We learned how many different types of engineer courses. For example some of the courses that use a lot of math, science and sometimes even writing! This was an amazing experience! Makes me want to be an engineer!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Charlie Brown Rally by: Rachel L

The Charlie Brown Kickoff Rally was a success! Each leadership student did their part to make the magic happen. There was me as Lucy, Justin as Snoopy, Nathan as Pigpen, Rory as Linus, and much more! We opened with announcement interrupted by the correctional Lucy. Then came the fun events. Our Leading Edge Taiko Team played and man was it a lot of work! Hitting the drums lasted for more than two minutes and our arms were sore. We played two songs and the gymnasium was booming with loud beats. After was the Charlie Brown Super Bowl!! The kickoff started with the referee, Brandon Berger. He announced the rules and teams. Clapping and cheers filled the room. 

The Kickoff was a success, but not for Charlie Brown. Lucy Van Pelt lifted the ball up,(I’m sure that’s not legal) having it not end so good for Charlie Brown. Soon after, the ball was stolen from Lucy and resulted in a dog pile for the ball. The ball was soon lost until the end of the game, When all seemed lost, Linus came in and saved the day, with the ball at the touchdown line. After cams a few announcements from our dear Mr. Shane! He announced the names of triumphant players of the current and past sports teams. All was great and well and to top it off, we had a Linus Blanket Race. The school clapped and cheered like they never had before as the two students from each grade lined up at the starting line to be dragged and pulled across the finish line. In the end, there was a small crash, and a rider, holding into the outside of the blanket and riding it like a sled on her pant. Everything was excellent and fun through the whole rally and I hope the next one is a more spirited and cheerful one then ever. This rally was definitely successful and I believe it was the best on so far!

Magnus Chase - A Book Review by Cayden Coleman

Magnus Chase is truly amazing. It is a bit like the Percy Jackson series though, with a boy related to gods, a quest, good friends and ancient myths. However, it does have differences. The main character, Magnus Chase, dies at the beginning of the book and tells the story in Valhalla (the home of dead, brave Viking warriors). As he travels through the Viking worlds, we learn about old myths and legends.Magnus must find a rope to bind the Fenris wolf a beast that can harm the gods, otherwise Doomsday will arrive. Fenris wolf is the son of Loki, the god of mischief, so it won’t be easy.

Magnus sets off on quest’s and is helped by various companions – Blitzer the dwarf, Hearthstone the elf, a Valkyrie called Samirah. Most important is Jack the Sword – a hovering sword that talks. The sword used to belong to his dad Frey, but gave him up when he fell madly in love with a giantess.

The writing is fast-paced and the plot is well planned, you don’t know what’s going to happen next. I liked the character of Magnus. He is funny and handles problems well.

I would rate this book 5 out of 5. I really like the way that every time Rick Riordan writes a new book he easily embraces the myths and legends of his subject and makes them fit to stories. The characters are believable even though they come from myth. So if you like norse mythology, you should read Magnus Chase and the sword of summer by Rick Riordan.

Chinese New Year Parade By Julianna Lawscha and Sydney Lenart

Nervously waiting for the screams to blare and for the parade to start Ms. Mindel scooted us about- this way and that until we were just perfect. “ AHHHHHHHH!” Grace and Santiago yelled, I was half expecting them to be louder, but was torn because they were probably very scared and jittery. Off we went cartwheeling, us acrobats flipping and walking. Leading the parade with pride and dignity, until it was snatched away from us when we made the wrong turn and went the wrong way. Soon we passed by the quad were thundering drums- taiko, they boomed and thudded. Walking on we went into the Staff Only Room it was cool and mysterious, soon I remembered it was the office and that I had been there many times before. We went out to the area to where lunch was usually ate. Claps and hollers from nearby tables could be heard from all directions. Circling it we cartwheeled our way back to the classrooms were we panted from exhaust and wobbled from dizziness.

Hair in buns, twirlers in hands, while anxiously waited for the parade to start. “MOVE MOVE MOVE!” Everyone yells from all corners for us to start. While you walk everyone follows like preschoolers on a leash. While twirling through the hallway 7th and 8th graders scream. Every time you twirl you get your hand caught on the ribbon. As taiko blares their music in perfect harmony you walk behind the Golden Dragon around the grassy area into the office. As you walk in you wonder ‘are we supposed to be here?’ But all is good because they cheer you on until you are out the door. You keep twirling until you get back to where you started and everyone happily leaves.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chinatown by Ankit and Alexander

On Monday February 4, 2016, all the Sixth Grade classes went on a field trip to Chinatown in San Francisco. We saw many prodigious sights and buildings, during our walk. On our way up the street on the slender sidewalk, we saw a petite shop, which was called the house of Dim Sum. We then stopped and examined the menu and bought something delectable to eat on our way up the sidewalk. Suddenly, our group went down a slim alley and saw a man sitting on a wooden chair and playing a chinese musical instrument called the Erhu. The man played the song Jingle Bells. Immediately I realized the tantalizing aroma of a sweet, mouth watering Fortune Cookie. Then I looked to my right and saw a compact factory, so we went inside and saw dozens of fortune cookies being made fresh. In the alley, our group then continued up the alley, we slowly continued down the sidewalk after we exited the alley, and saw a chinese temple. We didn’t have a chance to enter the temple because there is a no children policy until Chinese New Years. It was time to start walking back to Little Italy, on our way there we stopped by at the the Lucky Dragon souvenir shop. We then continued down the sidewalk and stopped at the shop with the food items, I could smell the mouthwatering aroma of dumplings as I slowly strutted outside of the shop. Finally, we arrived back at Little Italy where we arrived on our way from Sacramento. Overall, we had a great time and really enjoyed our trip to Chinatown.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chinatown Trip

 Thank you, Chaperones for sending in your pictures from the trip!

~A Sensory Description from Nuha~

The vendors yelling out prices. The people crowding up trying to get to the crosswalk. The Chinese language swirling all around me. The place I am speaking of is China Town. This is a place that has weird looking fruits and vegetables. For example there was one vegetable called Taro that looked like a huge, hairy potato. Soon, the smell of herbs and spices pulled me into the store. Inside a lot of people bought ginger tea and other unusual items. As we continued walking, there was also the smell of freshly baked FORTUNE COOKIES. They tasted like sweet warm hard dough. After we left that store we saw dried squid and chicken feet. After that experience, we went into a kite shop. It was covered in kites. Some were big and some were very small.Then the smell of shrimp was pulled us into another store. We went into a Dim-Sum shop. It was so GOOD. When I drilled my teeth into the warm Dim-Sum, it felt like I was falling in love. It was warm and gooey on the outside and crunchy on the inside. Some places that we went into had red and gold Chinese New Years decorations.There was a huge dragon that was longer than me and some of my group. The last place we went into had beautiful, delicate fans and umbrellas. I got a pink fan and umbrella. I had so much fun in Chinatown.

~From Lauren~

 We turned into the gloomy and musty smelling alley. There it was. The fortune cookie factory decorated in golds and reds and covered in lanterns. I rushed into the sweet smelling factory and saw a women holding a large basin holding hundreds of cookies. She was rushing to a large, silver tray. The silver tray was overloaded with circle fortune cookies the color of a golden brown. My mouth watered and my stomach rumbled with the craving of cookies. The lady said to take a sample. I did. I felt the hard, crumbly surface of the cookie and bite into the crunchy sweetness and the strong, vanilla taste as I savored the mouthwatering circle. It was delicious. I quickly devoured it. Then I looked around the factory. Shelves after shelves after shelves were lined up against the wall, all covered in crispy, golden fortune cookies. There were rainbow cookies, circular ones, big ones, small ones. It was a fortune cookie heaven. And I got to experience it. I then listened closely and heard the crunching of cookies rubbing against each other on big mounds and the voices of employees that worked there. At the end of the experience I heard my chaperones voice and it was time to leave the magical heaven of cookies.

Marin Headlands Trip by Riza and Hailey


HeadlandsFrom Riza:


DSC01323.JPGMy trip at Marin Headlands was very fun and very adventurous.On the first day at Marin Headlands we ate lunch and then we went and got to pick our beds .Next we went to meet the people in our group .After that we went to the beach and we did a design that had thing that were abiotic ,biotic and culture .this is what are design looked liked .After that we meet CB’s group and played a game called greenhouse gases and also learned about greenhouse gasses . Then we had dinner and then we did garbology and learned how much we food we wasted and how much liquid and inedible waste.
At the end of the day Zoe read us a story Zoe left and we went to bed.On the second day we did a lot of stuff we woke up and got ready and then we ate breakfast had garbology and the we went on a long hike and saw a lot of cool things and we saw newts. Then we went to the marine mammal center .There we so many cute animals that we injured .after we left there we went back to campus and shared what we learned and then got a cookie .after we had free time and then dinner after dinner we went on a night hike and we went to the beach and looked for noctiluca witch glow in the dark . We saw a video that told us about the life of plankton we learned lots of cool things about there life and environment .after that we went to bed .in the morning we went to eat breakfast and then we went to see the cool sea animals in the coastal room.after we went back home and got to see are families.

From Hailey:


When we first arrived at M.H we started of by eating lunchbecause we all know how long of a trip it was. we also had really fun on the way there we played this game that they had a 5 minute tunnel so we all tried to hold our breaths and see who can do the whole tunnel, When we finished eating lunch at Marin Headlands we had a little meeting for our counselors to introduce themselves. In my opinion C.B’s Team RULED!! We also had time to unpack and make our bed. We played this really fun game where you had to try not to have the same animal hand symbol character as the counselor. Then we got to go on a mini adventure hike with our hiking groups and C.B we had lots of fun. when we finished on the beach we got a little free time. On the way back to our dorms, I spotted a heron. While we were on our tini hike we got our note books! i definitely circled the heron on my journal. Then after we had DINNER!!! After that we had an AMAZING time at a Campfire!! It felt like real camp!! I’m not going to lie the first night of sleep was pretty hard and there was a lot of coughing. The second night wasn’t so bad as the first night the was less coughing and it was less cold, which is ironic because the second night it was raining. There something called garbology. garbology is used so save and not waste food and drinks and napkins. We would do garbology after every meal (besides lunch.) On the second day of M.H we went to the beach to find trash to help the environment and we also had to find a treasure that we thought was cool to put in the middle of the circle or if we would want to keep it. The things we would use to put in the middle of our circle, we would use them to build a sculpture. Our group decided to build a unicorn because our groups name was called THE SPARKLING NUTELLA EATING UNICORNS!!!! After the beach we went on a 3.5 mile hike ALL the way into the MOUNTAINSIt was so BEAUTIFUL,PRETTY,AND AMAZING!!! You wish you were there! We got to see part of the golden gate bridge and most of the whole OCEAN!!! I also took many pictures for my blog too!! Then after our mini BUT BIG hike we ended at a mammal center. We saw many injured seals there, it was really sad. When we were done at the marine mammal center we got to have FREE TIME!!! I went to the beach and my dorms. Our dorms are so so beautiful!! After free time we went to go eat dinner!! the LAST day at M.H we had the amazing breakfast!! And unfortunately we had to unpack out of our dorms! For more memories Here are some of the picture’s our amazing chaperone’s took!