Sunday, December 21, 2014

Indian Cultural Day from Two Perspectives

From Shreya:

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This week was Indian Cultural Day!  It was an amazing experience.  One of the activities we had was rangoli art.  Two people from each math period were in each group.All together we made

detailed and colorful designs. Sai’s mom had also come and made an example of a real rangoli drawing. I think they all looked good.
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After the Rangoli we approached the cafeteria to do our "Jai Ho" dance that we have been working on during Expressions for the past week and at home. Every class had their own unique ending to the dance with solos and human pyramids. Seventh period also had a skit about Sarasvathi. At the end we had some students from sixth and seventh grade doing some Indian folk dances for us. They were very cool to watch and lifted all our spirits. Then Taiko had a performance for us that shook us in our seats. Then all of a sudden we had a huge flash mob when we all started to dance to "Jai Ho" together. After we all ate a delicious lunch of Indian food. It was a great day!

From Jaden M.:

Indian culture day was fun for everyone. There was delicious Indian food, dancing, Taiko performances, and rangoli. The Indian food was very tasty in different ways. Some was spicy and others were sweet. The dancing that was done by all of the periods were amazing. I think that my favorite was period 5 because of the human pyramid. Periods 4 and 7 did great too, but I personally liked that one the best. The taiko performances from 6th and 7th grade were great. It looked like they practice and effort. All of the rangoli that was done was great especially Sai’s mom's rangoli.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jataka Tale Student Animations

A few students decided to go above and beyond to make their own Jataka Tale inspired animations. Talk about showing "tech savvy"! Check them out below!

Amol's Tale

Sai's Tale
Ryan's Tale

JohnPatrick's Tale

Jonathan's Tale

Manelle's Tale

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Spelling Bee at NCS by Ivan Lee

  Last Week was the school Spelling Bee, 12/3. I was in it and I was nervous because it was my first time going to one. If I make it next year, I’ll remind myself to relax and slow down. In the Spelling Bee there were people from Leading Edge and PFAA. There were different rounds each one with harder words. I think it took about 20 rounds. You have to wait there the whole time until it was over even if you got out. In the end we all got certificates for being there. A Leading Edge 7th Grader, Grace Helmuth, won. It was a great experience for me and I had a great time and I thank the people for supporting me. 

Indian Cultural Day! Hooray! Written By: Senara

Sixth graders have been speaking about Indian Cultural Day for the whole week. In our expressions period, everyone has been preparing for the day of indian culture. Yum, yum , yum!! Parents are also bringing in tasty indian food that we will all enjoy! We have been busy practicing Bollywood dances, planning a skit and a few other routines and fun. I have 7th period expressions and we have been busy making a Bollywood dance routine and doing a special skit. I have been helping with the skit and I have to say it was fun and funny! The skit is about how princess Sarasvati cheats her husband’s death. The people who are working on the Bollywood dance routine are also working on the choreography for the beginning and end of the dance. Indian Cultural Day is next Wednesday on 12/17/2014. All the 6th grade students will be performing their acts. Also on that Wednesday during Core we will be creating traditional indian rangoli designs. We have decided to do Indian Cultural Day because we are currently studying ancient India. Like other cultures, ancient India is very interesting and full of phenomenal beliefs, myths, and fables.  These are decorative designs made on floors of living rooms and ...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Exploravision: Futuristic Inventions Await! By: Manelle


Currently, in the 6th grade, there is an ongoing project in Science/Tech called Exploravision. It is a national competition where teams all over America and Canada create futuristic inventions with topics that vary every year. The whole idea of Exploravision was created by The National Science Teachers Association and Toshiba Corporation. Exploravision exists because, the people that founded it wanted to encourage people between kindergarten and 12th grade in the math, technology, science, and engineering. The teams have to create the invention, then make a report on it. This year, the theme for the inventions is, an invention that will help a cause or effect of global warming. The project began in Science/Tech on December 1, 2014, and, nationally, will end on January 30, 2015. In Science/Tech, we formed teams of two, three, or four to create these inventions. I’m in fifth period Science/Tech, and my partners are Raniya, Alisha, and Simran. Our invention is the Weather Manipulator, and this device was created to stop droughts which can be an effect of global warming. Personally, I think that Exploravision is a great idea because, it gets children to think about the topic, what type of machine would be appropriate for solving the dilemma, and what it would do. It can also get kids to think about science so far, and what it would take for the machine to actually happen. Overall, Exploravision is a great science project that can get kids to show their scientist side with the inventions they created.

I also interviewed Lauren, who is in sixth period Science/Tech, to see how she felt about Exploravision.

Manelle: What are your feelings toward Exploravision?
Lauren: Well, I think that Exploravision is a fun way to think of unique projects. ​
Manelle: Do you think Exploravision is useful and productive?
Lauren: It is useful and productive because it can build teamwork or partnership. Also, it is a project trying to help out the world.

Interview with Raniya:

Manelle: What are your feelings toward Exploravision?
Raniya: I think it’s good to get to explore something new. Especially since it’s for such a great cause! You need to be aware of the climate change, droughts, and things like that. It seems so fun too, though.
Manelle: Do you think Exploravision is useful and productive?
Raniya: Well, of course I do! You know, people say children are the future, and having these ideas from the start is a good thing. We can help cities and states in need. I definitely think it will be productive if the designers and programmers work hard.
Manelle: Last of all, do you think Exploravision will be a success?
Raniya: I don't think Exploravision will be a success, I know it will be a success. As I said, if people work hard enough, then their hard word will pay off.

Note from Mrs. Bibayoff: Exploravision also has some big prizes involved. What to know what they are? Click here!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Basketball Tournament Blog, by Trevor

On Thursday, December, 5 our school had our basketball tournament. First the 4th and 5th place team played which was Mitchell and Bradshaw. In that game Bradshaw won and the we played against Capital Christian as the 2nd and 3rd place teams. Sadly, we lost by 11 when we had a chance while we were up by 15 points at halftime. Next game was played by Bradshaw and Mills. Bradshaw had played quite well until the second quarter when Mills dominated and winning by 15+ points. Bradshaw again played but this time against us. We weren’t looking so fresh in the first quarter losing by 7 points. Our team stepped up and got in control so by halftime we were winning by 4. The next to quarters went back and forth until we started to be more aggressive on defense and did better passing on offense. We got some of the non-starting players in and one of them got his first points of the season. By this time we were winning by about 12. In the fourth quarter the refs were not on or side, they called 10 fouls alone in that quarter. Gladly, it was ok and we won by more than 12 points. The final game was Capital Christian and Mills. I left after my game so I don't know who won but I hope it was Mills. That meant we got 3rd place.