Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tips and Advice for 6th grade Student-LED Conferences Interview by: Bennett and Hudson

*Teacher note: This is an interview about student-led conferences is between Bennett, who has already presented, and Hudson, who still is to present.
Hudson's ePortfolio

Hudson: Bennett any tips or advice for student led parent teacher conferences?

Bennett: Yes, you have to have very good posture while presenting and speak loud and clear.

Hudson: Ok, anything you need to look out for?

Bennett: Don't look at your note cards the whole time. You don’t want to move around a lot.

Hudson: Another question, How would you want to present your work?
Bennett's ePortfolio

Bennett: I prefer through your E-Portfolio. If it's on the wall you can point out your work on the wall.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mummy’s Tomb By: Lauren Chang

It was just a regular museum visit when. . . the lights flicker and the next second, the museum is alive!  At Leading Edge, there was an amazing show/play directed by the hard-working, Mrs. Meindl. This play/show was on November 14, 2014.

The cast at the top are the cast for the Weighing of the Souls!

I was a museum staff member. I think it was very fun. I would really want to see it again if I could! It was an awesome experience. The students were the cast and they put a lot of time practicing their lines. It all payed off because the show sure did chill a lot of people’s bones!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mummy’s Tomb Extravaganza! By: Shane Hussein

    What is happening this week at Leading Edge Academy? Mummy's Tomb! Mummy's tomb is a interactive play/show featuring a highly decorated set and a huge cast. It took place on November 14, 2014. Everyone who I knew who was in the cast had a blast. I played Osiris, who is an ancient Egyptian God, in the treasure room.

My opinion on this show was that I thought it was great and I can’t wait to do another play at Leading Edge. Overall, I think everyone who participated in Mummy’s Tomb had a great time.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Basketball by Henry

IMG_0303.jpgThe JV basketball team started off strong winning 2 out of the first 3 games. The last 2 games have not been played well by the Knights. The last 2 games the Knights defense has been a little soft. Coach Pressley has been stressing defense. “The main reasons we lost against Capital Christian was because of the soft defense we played,” said Coach Pressley. The Knights have been showing more effort despite losing the last 2 games. The Knights’ record is 2 wins 3 losses. The JV Knights and their Coach agree that they can turn this season around. With the upcoming game against Mitchell, a team they beat, the JV Knights will be looking for a win. The Next game will be at home 11/12 at 4:00pm. If you want to see a good game then come to watch.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Red Ribbon Week by Michael

This week was Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a week that influencing people to stay drug free. Almost every school has a week for it including our school and my little brother's. In our school each student was given a red ribbon. There were three kinds of ribbons one said, “Keep Calm And Stay Drug Free”. In Mrs.Bibayoff core each day a student wore there ribbon the would earn a raffle ticket. The tickets went to the Bibayoff market raffles on Friday.

On Wednesday it was wear red day. Almost everyone wore red in the classes. For each student that wore red in their class the class would earn Spirit Points. Spirit Points go toward a party at the end of the year. Also at lunch, the counselors had students sign a pledge to stay drug free and take pictures wearing red gear. Wear your ribbon and support red ribbon week!