Friday, September 30, 2016

Chess by Noah Wells

Photo: Sixth graders learning chess in class
[Ms. Meindl's Twitter Page,[
Leading Edge is an awesome school! I’ve learned so many new things and the year just started. But one thing was extremely fun to learn, it was chess! I had no idea how to play but Ms. Meindl taught me how to play in expressions and after that all I wanted to do was play chess.

I love the way chess is played. There are so many ways of winning and new strategies are being made. Chess is so relaxing to play and you use your brain the whole time. By playing chess my memory has been getting better, and I’m not forgetting anything. I’ve only been playing for about 2 weeks, and I’m never going to stop.

I have a really good friend Jensen. We have expressions together, and we have this rivalry. Every class that we can play chess, we always sit right next to each other and always try to win. Ms. Meindl thinks Jensen and I having a rivalry is funny, and it is. But for us, all it is bragging rights and the game is making us even better friends. The last game Jensen and I had, almost everyone in the class including Ms. Meindl were all around Jensen and I while we were playing chess. It was so cool that other people are as interested in chess as much as Jensen and I.

Hunters and Gatherers by Zerlan Caasi

This Thursday, my class did the Hunters and Gatherers simulation which was really fun. Most people in the class were chosen to be the hunters and gatherers. Only 7 of us, including me were farmers. Then lastly, 2 people were animals. One was a deer and one other classmate was a bear.

First off, I’ll explain the hunters and gatherers. 20/29 of the class was the hunters and gatherers. They first got to throw “Rocks” (Paper balls) at the so called “Deer”. Once they hit him 3 times, they won the meat. Next, they have to cross the “River”. They had to jump on the “Rocks” (Books) to cross the river. Only 2 drowned and the rest made it. They then had to steal the berries from the berry bush from the “Bear”. If the bear touched one of the people, they are dead. They lost 1 person and they finally got it. They lastly had to survive in a lightning storm. They had to hide under the “Cave” (Under the Table). Though 7 died including their chief who had their meat. I thought the rest of the group was careless of who ever survived.

We then had the farmers. We all sowed our “Seeds” (Skittles). We also got to build “Houses” (Jenga Blocks) and to create art! The difference with the hunters and gatherers, we have and abundance of food and we were cooperating very well. I though feel bad for the hunters and gatherers. They did an awful job of surviving. I know thought to myself, I am lucky to be a farmer. In the nomadic times, being a farmer was the best choice.

In our reflection discussion, we all talked about what was best in the Neolithic era. We all agreed that becoming a farmer was great! We didn’t have to suffer by hunting for our food. No farmer died. All of the farmers had an abundance of crops, we domesticated animals, built shelter, and created tribal art. Everyone had fun! I loved it when the hunters and gatherers chief got struck by lightning. I reacted and said, “You guys didn’t even care about your chief! Now you don’t have your meat nor your chief to guide you! You should’ve protected your chief” In conclusion, this simulation was really fun!      

Friday, September 23, 2016

Flexible Seating by Ved Peesu

I think Leading Edge is a really astounding school. One reason I think this is true is because of the flexible seating. Flexible seating is really nice for students who don’t like to work sitting in one place all the time. They can choose from a variety of different places to sit. There are wobbly stools, high stools, beanbags, couches, and gamer chairs.

I believe that flexible seating helps students study and learn better because they are more comfortable and are more spaced out. Also, students can get tired of sitting in one place and not moving. For example, I can’t work in a regular chair as well as working in a spinning stool. Also, the body might get tired of staying in one position and students can easily lose concentration on their work. This makes Leading Edge a better place because it is student welcoming and make students be better learners.

There are many different places to sit, so if a student doesn’t like a spot they are in, they can move to another and try it. All the classrooms look better and amazing with all the new seating. I have sat and tried all the seats and they are significant to better learner. I am working well in these chairs and I am looking forward to seeing more. Flexible seating in Leading Edge makes it a better place to learn..

Come and visit the Early Human Museum! By Ashleen

This past week we have created a museum for you to come see! All the sixth grade students in their core classes, had to pick an early human, then pick three ways to replicate their real life style. For example, some decided to do a diorama, and then some decided to make a movie, and other ways to show their groups early human. (Make sure you have to QR code scanner app if you want to check out the movies and slide presentations.)

Photos by Ms. Meindl
My group did a diorama, a life sized cutout, and replica tools. This is what they would like to state:

“Very, very good!” states Tea.
“Its great!” said Ariana.
“It’s so good that it can’t be bad!” exclaimed Natalin.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Early Humans Core Project By Dana


In the 6th grade core classes, everyone started working on the Early Humans Museum Project for our Social Studies Unit. For the project, we have to create a display for a museum. Each group got one early humans species to study about. There are many things that we can do for the display, such as making a video, creating life-size early human sculptures, replica skeletons, and more creative ways to complete the project.

Every group had their own, creative ideas that are going well so far! Some groups created the life-sized sculptures, drawings of animals, and replicated tools. My group decided to make a video, create a diorama, and make tools for the early humans we are studying about, the Homo Habilis.20160915_133342.jpg

Bonus: On Tuesday, we got to Skype one of the best-selling authors, Chris Grabenstein! Chris Grabenstein wrote the book Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, which was the book for the 6th grade Summer Reading Project. He also wrote many other books, such as Whack A Mole and The Hanging Hill. Getting to communicate with an author was a once in a lifetime experience!

First week of school! by Jordan and Welensa

Ready for the first day of school!
~First Week of School! by Jordan~

What’s funny about my first week of school here at Leading Edge is that before I came here I went to another school and already started the school year. But besides that my first week of school was pretty exciting actually. I got to meet my new teachers and help teachers get ready for the school year. I also got 7 periods which was pretty cool. Finally I got to learn more about my new school!

Before the first week of school I was pretty nervous. So when I was driven to Leading Edge I was introduced to everyone and I was just fine. I found out that there’s nothing to be scared of going to a new school. Once I knew that I was just fine for the rest of the week! For the first week we did a lot of things like get to know other people in class and played fun games to get to know people! Like for one in Physical Ed there’s this thing called team shake and it mixes people up and puts you in a certain time like “team 1” but the sixth graders were paired with the seventh graders. My first week was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it! Especially because I got to know everybody and play fun games. This blog post is about my first week of sixth grade. I hope you enjoyed the blog post!

~ My New School Experience by Welensa ~

Sixth graders had their first day of school at Natomas Charter l Leading Edge on August 24, 2016. Wow, it could’ve been frightening. I mean come on, it’s our first day of middle school and a new school. . But as it turned out it wasn’t scary at all. Former 6th graders (now 7th graders) treated us how they would want to be treated when they were in our situation. Teachers did as well.

For the first few weeks the teachers had an abundance of patience. They were kind while doing their job. They helped us learn. So let’s start learning now!

Leading Edge is great! I love how we don’t have to stay in the same classroom for the whole day. Instead I into different classrooms and with different teachers. I’m signing up for leadership because I like how the 7th graders acted to us and I would like to do the same for the incoming students next year. I’m looking forward to the sports because Leading Edge provides more sports than my old school and I would consider myself an active person. I didn’t just come to this school because my sisters went here I came here because I was actually interested in being at a great school.

One of the things I like most about my new school is that our teachers really want us to get to know each other. Instead of partnering up with same people for example I was asked to find a “fist bump buddy”, a “high five buddy”, “ handshake buddy”, and “ Elbow buddy”. Now I’ve met new friends!

I’m looking forward to the upcoming adventures my school has in store for us. I really enjoy this school so far and I hope the rest of you sixth graders do too. I hope you liked my blog and thanks for reading!