Friday, January 30, 2015

Marin Headlands Memories by Jacynda

  Welcome back sixth graders! I hope you all had a wonderful time at our recent trip to Marin Headlands. If you did go, I hope you enjoyed your stay there. It was an amazing trip in my opinion, and i think many other students could agree with me as well. It was an incredible educational journey that still allowed us to have fun. The views were beautiful and the food was great. I had a very fun time, and i believe that others felt the same too. We learned many new things about the Earth, the ocean, rocks, animals,etc. We did fun activities to help us remember things too which I thought were very thrilling for my judgment. Some exciting things we did were learning about erosion with volcanic rocks, or as I like to say, jelly beans. We also rolled down ice plants, and demonstrated what uplift was with Oreo cookies! I also can’t forget about digging through the damp sand for bioluminescent plankton. We learned about constellations and stars along with mountain formations and water cycles. The whole trip was an amazing educational roller coaster about our environment and the Earth surroundings us. We didn’t just learn about it, we were also taught how to prevent it from becoming polluted with an activity in the cafeteria known as “Garbology”. Yup, you all know what I’m talking about. At first, our scores weren’t that great. But after a few meals, we got the idea and rapidly dropped most of the scores. In the end, the overall trip was very entertaining and exhilarating. We got to do lots of activities, hiking, and learning. We learned more about the importance of environmental awareness while still having a great time doing it.

Marin Reflections: by Jonathan and Charlie


Three Days in Marin Headlands by Jonathan

IMG_0390.JPG     Most of our Leading edge sixth graders went to Marin Headland just last week,It was fun, thanks to all the chaperones and our camp educators that showed most of us the sixth grader around, taught us about plants, and about animals.Wednesday, was the day we left out for Marin Headlands. We went there by bus or some went in chaperone’s cars there.It only takes a hour and a half to get there. After we got there, we had lunch. Then we checked into our dormitory, and we learned that we shared our dormitory with the another school. Then we split it into groups and met our educators for the camp. Later, we had dinner and had a campfire that night. On Thursday, day two, our group went for a long hike to the highest point in Marin Headlands, Hill 88, but some of the groups did different things that day. I think day two was an all hiking day because we also had a night hike where we tried to find bioluminescence. Bioluminescence means living organisms that produce light.
      Everyday in Marin Headlands we learned stuff, I hope that all of you learned something important like I did too. So we went to the beach at night, and tried to find something like noctilucas (a type of bioluminescence).They are little creatures that light up when moved so we are trying to find them in the wet sand, and we found a lot of them. On Friday, day three, we went back home and said bye to NatureBridge and it was a very good trip we will all remember it .

Charlie’s Blog: Marin Headlands

Wow, Last week’s field trip to Marin Headlands institute was amazing, filled with gorgeous sites, tasty food and breathtaking hikes.When we arrived from the two-ish hour bus ride from the school the smart and funny naturalists introduced us to the place. After getting settled in the they took us on a hike and they did a game or activity with us. For example: we went to the top of Ice plant hill and rolled down the ice plant. The next day was hiking day where we hiked all day long, some hikes went up the high hills and some just went around the beach.On the last day of our trip we got to help the earth by gardening, cleaning pots, or just good old-fashioned KILLING ICE PLANTS! The day ended with a Marin Headlands graduation and a picnic. Thank you, naturalists!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chinese Zodiac Wheels by Ainna


 Last week in core we worked on Chinese Zodiac wheels. The Chinese Horoscope has 12 animals, starting with the rat and followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, snake, horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar.


Depending what year you were born in, you will belong to one of those Zodiac animals. Each animal has different years and different personalities and different outlooks in life.     

Look down below to see what is your Zodiac and what is your compatibility.

The people born in the years of the same group are special friends and buddies that you can talk to and help you in times of need.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Marin Headlands Excitement By: Becky

 Get ready sixth graders, Marin Headlands is only a few days away! Excitement is in the air due to our wonderful upcoming field trip. We leave next Wednesday morning and spend three days doing lots of fun activities, hikes, and more! I know I can not wait and I think lots of other students would agree with me. I have heard a lot about this trip from my two older brothers who have gone and from my mom who has chaperoned. They have told me about the beautiful view, the fun activities, and the yummy food. One student who is going on the trip, Michael, said, “I want to see the colorful beach and the tall trees.” Shelby, another student going on the trip, said, “I hope for it to be as fun as Westminister Woods (a similar field trip taken in fifth grade). I’m looking forward to the beach.” I think many students agree with Shelby, including myself, and are looking forward to the beach, as well as many other things. We all just can’t wait for Marin Headlands!

*The picture up on the right shows you just how great the beach is and the picture just above shows one of the fun hikes! (Both of these pictures were taken when my mom and brother went on the trip.)

TEACHER NOTE: We'll be leaving out Wednesday morning at 9:20am and returning to NCS Friday at 2:45pm. Here's Marin Headlands website for more info. about their terrific program:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chinese Cookie Maps by Ivan and Shivneel


Me and Justin taking a selfie with our cookie
Last Friday, January 9, in Core we made a decorated cookie map of China! Yeah! First, we molded some cookie dough into the shape of China the day before. After Mrs. Meindl baked it, the cookie came out looking like big awkward looking jellybean. Then, the next day we decorated it accordingly to the map of China. We used blue gel as the rivers, some chocolate chips as mountains, and some sprinkles for the different elevations of land. Afterwards we split it with our group and ate it all up like animals. Geography can be delicious.

Friday, January 9, 2015

History Day By:Bethany S.

_DSC7114.JPG_DSC7109.JPG       Let’s travel back in time and learn about the many different and great leaders of the world. History Day was a blast from the past! There were so many different leaders that were displayed on History Day. All the way from Catherine the Great to Nelson Mandela and even some sports players. Everyone did an AMAZING job on their displays/websites. Every display that I saw was put as much effort into it as it should be. Some people went above and beyond on their displays by adding a few cool touches to them. I hope it was a great experience for all of the participants that joined History Day. Everyone who participated in this extra credit project should feel proud of what they did even if they didn’t win.   


*And congratulations to the 6th grade winners!!!*