Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Our Field trip to Locke by Neilani

Almost the whole LE six grade went on a field trip on 2/7 to an old Chinese town that is still being used and lived in. It took us about 45 min to get there. We got transported in a school bus there and back. This field trip was filled with fun and many learning experiences.

When we arrived we took a short break to eat lunch then we were on our way exploring. We got to explore one of the old Chinese boarding schools. After that we got to explore the chinese gift shop. In this gift shop they sold cultural outfits, toys, hats, and many other things. Next we went inside one of the school rooms. In that room we saw all the Chinese flags and the school chairs. The next station was us doing photography. We got to take photos of the town and anything we found interesting. This was personally my favorite station. Over all this was a really good field trip. I think that they should continue this field trip with the other classes!

The Rally by Richin

The rally on February 2nd was amazing we did a lot of fun stuff. Taiko did an amazing performance. Both of us really liked Taiko’s main beat. The awards were given out, some of the awards were Kindness, Positivity, Best Survivor, and the most Enthusiasm. It was a great moment for us all to see Kenneth with the most energetic award. Ryan won The Best Survivor award. Juliana won The Lean on Me award. Drama Club had a stunning performance of “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and The Beast. And at the end Ms. Neary made a unexpected proposal to Ms. Neary. We both can’t wait to see what’s in for the next rally.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chinese New Year Parade By Reese Lopez Fahrenholz

On February 9th we marched across Leading Edge celebrating Chinese New Year. For a little less than a week the 6th graders have been working on low-budget Chinese decorations including Banners, Fans, A Golden Dragon, Dog faces. Tanay was juggling and many more things! I had the role of photographer which I asked for since my blog week was the week after. We had various roles that would be displayed during the parade. Such as; Martial Arts, Dragons, Banner holders which said “That’s all folk.” “Year of the Dog”, and “Gung Hay Fat Choy.” We were treated to Panda Express. As our amazing parents set up the buffet our parade was taking from behind the classrooms. The Acrobats were in front, the Gung Hay Fat Choy sign next, Tanay juggling, dragons, our floats, the umbrella girls

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Locke Field Trip by Sarah

Foo Dog (photo by Sarah)
This week 6th grade went on a field trip to Locke. When we got there, we unloaded and ate lunch. Then, our first rotation was the Dai Loy Museum. When we went into the building there were many gambling tables and coins on them. The floor was sloped upwards because it was so old. Some of the other rooms had lottery machines and some had chests with clothes in them. Some of the coins were special and had Chinese engravings on them. Our next station was my favorite. We went to Ms.Midel’s photography area. I walked around and found some pretty plants and nature to take pictures of. I saw some cherry blossoms that were just blooming and were pink and white.

When we were done with photography, we took a break. Across the street was a gift shop with many foreign items. There were fans, food, terracotta soldier statues, and other knick-knacks. My favorite thing were the fans because they folded in very smoothly and had many different pretty patterns. When we were done at the store, we went to the boarding house. My group didn’t do much here because all we did was ask questions. We listened to someone that was talking about World War II and the Japanese in that time. On the second floor were some old beds and chests that people used back then. There was also a sign that talked about a plane that dropped bombs on other countries.

Locke Cherry Blossoms (photo by Sarah)
Our last stop was the schoolhouse. Inside were a handful of desks and a chalkboard at the front.The desks were old and wooden and seemed like they had been used many times before. Also, at the front of the room was an old piano that still made noise. It seemed very old because the keys were wearing away and some were broken.

After all of our stations, we gathered up and took group pictures. Our group talked about our favorite part of the trip and what we learned the most from. I said I liked the photography station the best because I learned more on how to capture lighting and get a better angle on things. After discussing, we got onto the bus and went back to school.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Our Trip to Marin Headlands by Rylan and Brody

In the past week the sixth graders went to Marin Headlands!!!! Over there we got to do hikes, activities and lots more! The Marin Headlands trip is 3 days and 2 nights and the drive there was around 2 hours. Once we got there it was a foggy day but no rain. On the first day we ate lunch and most of us played games, meet our educators, and took a tour around the campus. We then finally unpacked and got ready for our first meeting. We then met Leandra the principal of NatureBridge. We had a short discussion on the rules and went off for some free time. At Marin Headlands you can go to a variety of places like the Rodeo beach or the volleyball or basketball court. Once it was time for dinner we headed into the dining where the rest of us gathered. We then had a short meeting after dinner on our garbology. For Wednesday’s evening program we headed out with our educators and went on a night hike. We went to the beach and looked for bioluminescent plankton in the sand. Once that was done we headed back, gathered and got ready to go to sleep.

The next morning, we woke up at 6:45 sharp and got ready for breakfast. Once everyone was ready we were excused to head to the dining hall to eat breakfast. We waited for all the other groups to come to the dining hall. We then entered and ate breakfast and headed back to our dorms to prepare for the big hike to the lighthouse. It was raining at the time so we were encouraged to wear raincoats and ponchos. But before the hike some of us headed to the Marine Lab( with our educators) which was a place where you could touch sea animals. Soon after we got ready to hike up the steep hill that was slippery and muddy. The trail was narrow, winding and a long hike uphill. But as the magnificent sixth graders we are, we powered through and trudged through the rain and mud. We then reached the top of the hill and the view was breathtaking! You could see everything including the campus and the whole beach. We then hiked for a long time until we could see the ocean. There was a long suspension bridge that wobbled and swayed back and forth each time the wind blew. Some people were scared and others thought it was fun. When we got to the lighthouse we saw a few other groups there and our educator gave us a short scavenger hunt to look for 5 things. The Whispering Arch, gargoyles, curved glass, a plant and a door inside a door. After everyone finished the scavenger hunt some of us hiked to a battery or a fort. Like Battery Alexander or Battery Mendel. We played a few games like sardines and then headed back to the campus. By the time we got back it was almost time for our free time so our educator gave us cookies and hot cocoa. We then were excused for free time! After free time we went to the dining hall for dinner. After we were finished with dinner we had another meeting which led to our campfire where we acted out skits, sang songs and listened to stories. After the campfire we met high schoolers that taught us a game called Predator, Predator, Prey. We played the game a few times and were then told to go to our dorms and go to sleep.

The next morning we got ready and ate breakfast and then had a meeting. We then headed back to our dorms, packed and put everything in the Kestrel room. After, we met with our educators and went off during our morning activities. When we came back we had a short graduation ceremony and said goodbye to the Marin Headlands.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Spirit Week By Ammaar A.

Spirit week was amazing and really fun. All of the days I participated and actually dressed up and did the days. For example, it was celebrity day on Friday and I dressed up as Drake. He is a rapper and all around he is good in my opinion. The best day in spirit week was the meme day in my opinion and sports day. On sports day I had a Golden State Warriors shirt on and on meme day which was on Thursday, I was wearing a paper on my shirt and it has Burnt Garbonzo Beans on the paper because that is actually a meme. The whole Leading Edge made decorative doors for spirit week and the doors included Kindness. It’s because the theme for the spirit week was Kindness.  I took some pictures of Mrs. Bibayoff’s room and Mrs. Leporiere’s room.

That was pretty much my experience and what we did over the week in spirit week. I hope we have another spirit week. It’ll be amazing. CAN’T WAIT!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Girl's Basketball by Holly and Juliana

We are doing our blog post about girls basketball. There were tryouts on Thursday and Friday. We tried out for the JV team. We were anxious to see if we made the team. We have been practicing for a few weeks now. We are happy that we made it on the team. Our first game was on January 9th. We hope that you will be there to cheer us on at our home games. It is at Capital Christian. They are a pretty good team but we have a good chance at beating them. We practice from 3:00-5:00. We have 2 nice coaches. One is Myah Collier’s dad and the other one is Mia Collin’s dad. We thank the coaches and our teammates for helping us get better. We are very grateful for making the team and we are sorry for the girls that got cut from the team. It is fun being on the team but at the end of every practice we do runs from the half court back to the base line and the full court back to the base line. It is fun and a great experience being on the team. Our numbers are #11 and #12. #11 is Holly and #12 is Juliana. Our positions are low and high post. We have an important position. On low post we half to rebound the ball and in high post we half to find the ball and pass to low post. If we are on high post we can shoot the ball and we can pass it to our team mates. We won our second game 22-8 and our 3rd game we lost buy on 17-16 because we got called on a technical foul For having 6 players on the court but it's okay we're still learning!

Here is the roster with our names bright and clear.

Juliana Frye

Ava Royer

Holly Tully

Isabella O’Campo

Megan Moltzen

Gurneet Bring

Laiba Mehmood

Desiree Conner

Myah Collier

Paris Broadway

Jenna Yee 

Wellensa Yahannes