Friday, March 16, 2018

Ancient Greece by Ryan

Ancient Greece is our 2nd to last ancient place we’re going to learn about. We have already learned a lot about ancient Greece. The main city states we learned about were Athens and Sparta. Athens was about the arts and trade, and there was not much war, but Sparta was all about war. The most fun thing we have done so far is the God posters. Jeff and I did Ares. Ares is the God of war and one of my favorite Greek Gods. We had many other Gods also. In our class, we had every son and daughter of Cronus. The main ones were Zeus, Athena, Hades, and Poseidon. We also had monsters, Medusa and the Minotaur. We are reading The Adventures of Ulysses and are making a map about the places Ulysses went to. The last thing we did in Core that is related to Ancient Greece is our myth books. We are working on the Murder in Athens mock trial and I think it will be fun!

In Expressions we made Greek urns. We had a paper version and drew pictures of daily life in ancient Greece. I drew a man with a horse. Our main project so far in Expressions was our myth video. I worked with Jeff and Yathin. We did Perseus vs. Medusa. I was Perseus, and Jeff was Medusa. We acted out the myth and got a 25/25. We also got to show our video in front of the class and everyone liked it. Our current project we’re doing right now is our weaving project. I’m almost done and I think it looks well. I am also looking forward to the Greek olympics!

So far ancient Greece is really fun. We did art projects, videos, and maps. I am very happy that we have more to come of ancient Greece. Hopefully everyone else and I learn more about ancient Greece and do well on the test!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

End of Trimester Two by Hudson M. and Toby T.


So the second trimester was really fun we did lots of projects that were exciting. One of the biggest things we did were the Chinese New Year parade. I think that that was probably the funniest part of the second trimester. Everybody would get a part in the parade and we would make it like a real Chinese parade. For Unit work we started Greek Unit and we already did India and China. The biggest field trip we went on was Marin headlands where we spent two nights in the Marin Headlands near San Francisco. We went to a small town called Locke. It was where we learned about some past Chinese immigrants who lived locally.


Some exciting things that we are going to do is a Trojan war play where we will be reenacting the Trojan war. We also are going to be finishing our Greece and Greek unit work. Another thing is the end of the year field trip at Scandia. I think one of my favorite things that are coming up is the Greek Olympics. I think that this is going to be one of my favorite things in the third trimester because it will really feel like it is the Greek Olympics. The events we will do in them are Track and Field events.
This was a picture from Locke (Picture credit: Hudson McBee)

History Day by Gage and Dan

On Saturday March 3, 2018, Gage and I competed in History Day at Inderkum High School. Our History Day project was about the Wright brothers and how constructive conflict fueled the invention of the world’s first airplane. We competed in the exhibit category, in the 6-8 grade division.

We were interviewed by 3 judges. No parents were allowed in the interview. They ask us about our project. They asked us for example, “How did you guys come up with this project?” They also asked us how our project went with the History Day theme conflict and compromise. The interview lasted 25 minutes.

Dan: This was a cool experience because this was our first year of doing History Day. I want to do History Day next year and the year after because I know how to do it now. It was kind of scary because it was our first time doing it but it was still fun to learn about something new with a friend.

Gage: The questions we were asked were really good because they made me think more deeply about our topic. The judges were nice and easy to talk to. I would want to do this next year. I am mad at myself for not finishing the model.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Great Library Race by Donevin

On Wednesday 21,2018 PFA and LE 6th grades had to go one a Great Library Race. What is the Great Library Race you ask? Well I’m glad to tell you. The Library race has many groups and each group is based on their reading level.

The goal of this race was to finish each challenge first and the challenges were not easy. Some of the challenges were find many book at many different class rooms. Some of the books had problems to solve on the back. The problems involved Math and chess.

After you and your group collected all the books you have to get each of the teachers signature. After you get the signatures you have to go to the MPR and people ask many questions to a famous book writer. Overall the Race was really creative and fun to work as a team. I hope everyone had a great time.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Scavenger Hunt and Skype with Chris Grabenstein by Katherine

On Wednesday the 21 of February PFAA and LE sixth graders got together for a literary scavenger hunt and a special surprise at the end. The scavenger hunt was very fun; we had to get together with assigned groups from PFAA students and LE students and we were assigned three book covers to find. When we set off for the scavenger hunt we went to classrooms of PFAA and LE teachers. When we arrived there we had to find one of our books that we were assigned to find by Mrs. Prettol, once we found the book we had to answer questions or quizzes. In Mrs. Meindl's sixth grade classroom we had to solve a chess problem - I really liked that one, in one of the other one’s Mr. Bae’s classroom we had a 5-10 question quiz about books and movies. Then after we completed our tasks to find all three books we went back to the MPR. In the MPR there were special treats like cupcakes, and when every group was back from the scavenger hunt we got to Skype the author of Mr. Lemoncello's Library, Chris Grabenstein. This event was especially fun because some of the students were allowed to go up and ask questions about him and his books. I know I definitely learned some new facts about him and writing his books and I think other students did as well. I think this event helped the students from both schools work together and get to know each other and share a fun event.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Our Field trip to Locke by Neilani

Almost the whole LE six grade went on a field trip on 2/7 to an old Chinese town that is still being used and lived in. It took us about 45 min to get there. We got transported in a school bus there and back. This field trip was filled with fun and many learning experiences.

When we arrived we took a short break to eat lunch then we were on our way exploring. We got to explore one of the old Chinese boarding schools. After that we got to explore the chinese gift shop. In this gift shop they sold cultural outfits, toys, hats, and many other things. Next we went inside one of the school rooms. In that room we saw all the Chinese flags and the school chairs. The next station was us doing photography. We got to take photos of the town and anything we found interesting. This was personally my favorite station. Over all this was a really good field trip. I think that they should continue this field trip with the other classes!

The Rally by Richin

The rally on February 2nd was amazing we did a lot of fun stuff. Taiko did an amazing performance. Both of us really liked Taiko’s main beat. The awards were given out, some of the awards were Kindness, Positivity, Best Survivor, and the most Enthusiasm. It was a great moment for us all to see Kenneth with the most energetic award. Ryan won The Best Survivor award. Juliana won The Lean on Me award. Drama Club had a stunning performance of “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and The Beast. And at the end Ms. Neary made a unexpected proposal to Ms. Neary. We both can’t wait to see what’s in for the next rally.