Thursday, December 7, 2017

India Maps by Maggie B.

            Before                 After                              

On Wednesday November 29, 2017 we made India maps with salt dough! The first thing we need to do was make to the salt dough which is made of salt, flour and water. When the salt dough was finished Mrs. Bibayoff got cardboard boxes from her car with the help of Mission Impossibles and the class got into groups of two and started to make India and the boarding things. The class used textbooks to map out India, the bordering countries, and the Himalayas. The class waited until Tuesday to paint the Maps because the dough wasn’t drying and on Tuesday December 5 we painted them and on Wednesday December the class labeled them and put some finishing touches. At the end the class felt like we were in India!

The maps were painted with yellow, brown, and blue paint the class was each given on small and big brush to paint the maps. Most of the class started to paint the sea and not the land. Some of the class said the paint was hard to put on because the dough wasn’t hard enough. The next day we were got to make the key and label the land and ocean. Some of the groups made elevation chart to show what the colors other just put down what the colors both great ideas. This project was a success and all the groups maps turned out great.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Picture Day by Laiba and Myah

See the source imagePicture day is super important! You need to make sure that you dress nice and you look your best! I made sure to get up early to curl my hair, and put on my dress! I like wearing dresses to different events that is why I have a lot of different dresses! Picture day very important to my parents so that is why like to dress up! Don't overthink it just dress your best and try your best.! For picture day you can wear anything you want, a shirt, shorts, dress and much more! When it is time to take your pictures the office calls you. Then we head off to the multipurpose room and take our pictures! Before you take your pictures make sure you fix your hair! If You don’t like your picture you are always able to retake it!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Mummy's Tomb By Mehak Aulakh and Kritika Gosain

This year of 2017- 2018 there was a Mummy’s tomb hosted by 6th graders! It was held on November 9, 2017 in Leading Edge Academy. The Mummy’s tomb was an event relating to our unit on Ancient Egypt. This event was a tour by 6th grade students to teach people many different things about Ancient Egypt. This was an event open to all 6th grade parents and former 6th graders here at Leading Edge. There were different times for each core class and there were 6 tours in total. Mrs. Meindl’s parent showing started at 6:30 PM. Mrs. Leporiere’s parent showing started at 7:00 PM. Mrs. Bibayoff’s parent showing started at 7:30 PM. Every student had a job in this event. Some of the jobs included tour guides, fake tourists, and gods and goddess. In the beginning of the event there was a speech given by a famous Egyptologist, Dr. Strangelove and his assistant Igor. Then the parents and guests went along the Nile River where there was a great discovery. To teach parents and students about Ancient Egypt there was a stage that showed how Egyptians embalmed bodies, how they prepared for the afterlife and many more amazing things. Everyone did at least something to help make this event amazing and everyone had an amusing time.
There was a big event about Ancient Egypt in each classroom. In Mrs. Bibayoff’s room there was a mummification scene. In Mrs. Leporiere’s room there was a weighing of the heart scene. After the weighing of the heart scene there was someone saying a riddle that you had to answer correctly in order to pass. In Mrs. Meindl’s room there was a god and goddesses scene. There was also a Hall of Terror in Mrs. Leporiere’s room. Besides a god and goddess scene in Mrs. Meindl’s room there was also a dance on Thriller performed by mummies. Instead of having all the big events happening inside the classrooms there was also an Along the Nile scene. In the Along the Nile scene there were wolves and also god and goddess Isis and Osiris. There was also three tour guides for each tour. There was a smart tour guide, a dodo tour guide, and a zombie tour guide. The tour guides stayed with the people the whole time and guided them through the event. If you were someone in the Hall of Terror you would hide behind a black paper wall with holes so then you could try to grab someone and scare them to death. In the weighing of the heart scene there were people who were getting their heart weighed to figure out if they were going to have a happy afterlife or if they went to the underworld. In the mummification scene there were people who were showing us how Egyptians mummified bodies. These informative parts were big things that happened in Egypt’s culture.

This was an amazing experience to remember. It was really fun to perform and at the same time it taught us many things about Egyptians and their culture. Everyone practiced for about 1 week to get ready for this great event. This was our first event that we performed to our parents and other students and it turned out to be a great success. We got to teach, learn, scare, and do many amazing things at this fantastic event.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mummy's Tomb by Nathan

On November 9, 2017, at 6:15 PM, the 6th grade mummy’s tomb began. It was really fun with the costumes and the props. But mostly the fun of performing. My part of mummy’s tomb was the Priest who would read from the Book of the Dead in the Mummification scene. I would read the first lines then my friend Ali Anwar would read a few lines then glam girls said their lines and Ali was pulling out fake body parts in the body. My favorite inside body part that he pulled was the intestines because it was really long and he would pull it out really slowly. And the crowd would usually say, “Ew.” But if they didn’t, we
would just stand there awkwardly. Then I would tell him to pull faster because it was getting awkward. This happened it Mrs. Bibayoff’s classroom. Outside of the classroom was the Nile Beast on the Nile River with a crowd lead by tour guides.

In Mrs. Leporiere’s classroom there was the weighing of the heart scene. A soul would be weighed on a scale with the feather of truth. If the soul is heavier than the feather of truth, the soul would not enter the happy afterlife. Then the Crocodile God would eat the soul. If the soul was lighter than the feather of truth, then the soul would enter the happy afterlife. When the tour crowd or tour group leaves, a sphinx would ask them an ordinary sphinx question. The “What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 3 at night?” question. One of them gets it wrong and they died, then the tour guide got it right and they proceeded into Ms. Meindl’s room.

In Mrs. Meindl’s room, was the scene where a tour guide touches gold, tries to steal it, dies because of Isis and Osiris, then think how they should be punished, and finally releases the mummies on them. The mummies come out and dance Thriller By Michael Jackson. The dancers have been practicing all week for the big day and they did pretty good.

Expressions by L.J.

Expressions is one of my favorite classes here at LE. It’s a really fun class. You can play chess, color, arts and crafts, and more. The fun never ends. I am not saying that I don’t like the other classes, I just like this one a lot. It’s even more fun since I am in period 7 and this is how I end my day. In Expressions we did a couple of projects. We have done cave art, shading, chess (Doesn’t really count), apples four ways,etc… This class made me learn chess, now I am pretty good at it.It also made me learn how to shade better. We did a project that was on display in the MPR Gallery. The project is for Day Of The Dead. You would take a paper plate and paint a nice design that will take up the whole plate. Then you cut parts of the plate and then use yarn to weave over the plate. We just finished our production of “Mummy’s Tomb” and we all had a blast! I like Expressions, it’s fun, cool, and nice- and I can’t wait to see what we do next!!