Monday, January 22, 2018

A week at Leading Edge By Logan and Izel

During the week of January 12 the sixth grade started their history day projects. Kids from every class will compete at history day project on Conflict and Compromise. They can choose to to go on to the next levels. Also 6th graders started the Historical fiction unit. We picked out books from the library with the help of Ms. Prettol. The newest unit in Social studies is ancient China. We have done many dynasties and made kites inspired by the book Dragonwings by Laurence Yep.

The Poetry Out Loud competition was this week ; there was one winner from each high school and middle school. James Race won for Middle School!! Next week we are going to Marin Headlands. I think most of the 6th graders are happily, nervously, and excitedly preparing for the trip. At Marin Headlands the learning experience and the beautiful wildlife will be breathtaking. All in all Marin seems like it will be a blast!

The girls basketball team had a game on Thursday this week. Lots of students went to the game to support the team. I like how all the sports at our school are highly supported with enthusiasam. Also the wrestlers had a match on thursday as well. The competition was set for Mills Middle School. Some of my friends are on the wrestling team and they sound pumped about the match. And that was a week at Leading Edge! There's always something interesting going on!

Expressions by LJ

Expressions is one of my favorite classes here at LE. It’s a really fun class. You can play chess, color, arts and crafts, and more. The fun never ends. I am not saying that I don’t like the other classes, I just like this one a lot. It’s even more fun since I am in period 7 and this is how I end my day. In Expressions we've done a lot of projects. We have done cave art, shading, chess (Doesn’t really count),apples four ways, Indian Art, Chinese scrolls and kites, etc… This class made me learn chess, now I am pretty good at it. It also made me learn how to shade better.

We did a project that was on display in the MPR Gallery. The project was for Day Of The Dead. You would take a paper plate and paint a nice design that will take up the whole plate. Then you cut parts of the plate and then use yarn to weave over the plate. We just finished our production of “Mummy’s Tomb” and we all had a blast! I like Expressions, it’s fun, cool, and nice- and I can’t wait to see what we do next!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

LE Big Day of Reading by Naqiya

This week all of Leading Edge did a pajama and a reading day. The point of this was to get a relaxing day after winter break so you can show up in your pajamas and to activities regarding reading. This special day is a very fun day because everyone can just be in their pajamas and read. Some of the reading activities we did were; reading a story in math called One Grain Of Rice and we had to double a rice of grain for each day and tell the total, in P.E we did the partner mile our partner would read while the other one ran. In science tech we learned about historical fiction, in expressions we did found poetry.

So basically in the partner mile thing what we did was we all brought out books and we each ran or walked a big lap and in that time our partner was supposed to read. This time for the partner mile there was no limit so you were just supposed to run as many laps as you can.


In math we read a story called One Grain Of Rice. And so what our job was that we were supposed to find out how many grains there would be at the end of thirty days.

And since every day the raja doubled the grains it was a little hard to do the whole addition in the end.

In Science tech we went to the media center and talked about historical fiction and the sub genres. We talked about historical fiction because it was the genre that we were going to read next.

So what we learned was that even in historical fiction there are many genres and some genres mix a little bit with fantasy and science fiction which gave a shock. (I hate historical fiction).

In expressions we did found poetry. The idea of found poetry Is to rip out a page from a book and use a couple words to make it into a poem. My poem was depressing because it went to the dark side of human nature. A little violence but amazingly cool.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Awards Assembly by Paolo and Ethan

Our school loves to celebrate people that go above and beyond. So that’s why we had an assembly to do that. Each grade sat in a different section. The people that went above and beyond got awards. It was really cool due to that lots of people we knew got an award! Also, one person from each grade got a really special award for using one of our 5 leading edge pillars. The five Leading Edge pillars are thinking globally, technological savvy, appreciate cultural diversity. Building partnership and sharing leadership, critical thinking and problem solving. If our whole school used these Leading Edge pillars, I think everyone will be able to win at least one award. I think this assembly was a great idea to have because it was a chance to appreciate everyone that went above and beyond. It was an amazing chance to celebrate all of those hard workers. Just because you didn’t get an award this trimester, it’s alright. There is always next trimester to rethink of what you could have done better and do it. It was a great assembly and a great time to celebrate people. LETS GO LEADING EDGE KNIGHTS!!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

India Maps by Maggie B.

            Before                 After                              

On Wednesday November 29, 2017 we made India maps with salt dough! The first thing we need to do was make to the salt dough which is made of salt, flour and water. When the salt dough was finished Mrs. Bibayoff got cardboard boxes from her car with the help of Mission Impossibles and the class got into groups of two and started to make India and the boarding things. The class used textbooks to map out India, the bordering countries, and the Himalayas. The class waited until Tuesday to paint the Maps because the dough wasn’t drying and on Tuesday December 5 we painted them and on Wednesday December the class labeled them and put some finishing touches. At the end the class felt like we were in India!

The maps were painted with yellow, brown, and blue paint the class was each given on small and big brush to paint the maps. Most of the class started to paint the sea and not the land. Some of the class said the paint was hard to put on because the dough wasn’t hard enough. The next day we were got to make the key and label the land and ocean. Some of the groups made elevation chart to show what the colors other just put down what the colors both great ideas. This project was a success and all the groups maps turned out great.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Picture Day by Laiba and Myah

See the source imagePicture day is super important! You need to make sure that you dress nice and you look your best! I made sure to get up early to curl my hair, and put on my dress! I like wearing dresses to different events that is why I have a lot of different dresses! Picture day very important to my parents so that is why like to dress up! Don't overthink it just dress your best and try your best.! For picture day you can wear anything you want, a shirt, shorts, dress and much more! When it is time to take your pictures the office calls you. Then we head off to the multipurpose room and take our pictures! Before you take your pictures make sure you fix your hair! If You don’t like your picture you are always able to retake it!