Friday, June 9, 2017

End of School Year! by Maribela

Maribela decided to make a short video on our trip to Scandia. Check it out below! The Scandia trip marked the end to a fantastic year. Have a wonderful summer, everyone!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Body Systems by William and Brandon

~ From William ~

Screenshot 2017-06-04 at 11.20.02 AM.pngRecently at Leading Edge we started working on our body system projects the first step of this project is filling out a packet stating what body system your team wants and why. The different body systems you could choose were the Nervous, Circulatory, Muscular, Respiratory, Digestive, and Excretory systems. After you were assigned your body system you could start your handout and website. The handout had questions for the website and instructions for the activity. My team got the Circulatory system so for the activity we choose to have the class exercise and see if their heartbeat went faster after. Many of the other groups had us make 3D models for the activities and I really enjoyed it. For the website we had to make five pages of things having to do with our body system. And at least 10 interactive components such as videos, games, links etc.

I think my groups project was good but I liked other groups projects as well. I liked how instead of the Muscular system just doing questions they did a crossword and for their activity they did a working hand made entirely out of straws, string and tape. Also I liked the Respiratory systems model and how detailed their website was. In all this was one of my favorite projects in science and tech this year and I really enjoyed it.

~ From Brandon ~

Last week in Science & Tech, we were assigned a project about the body systems. I chose a team of 5 which included Pavansai, Mateo M, William, Nicholas, and me. We wanted to base our project about the Circulatory System because we wanted to know more about how our body worked. We were curious on what the Circulatory System was. Just like the other groups, they chose other body systems to learn about. We created a website that explained all about the Circulatory System. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out: Circulatory System Website. We also had to make a handout which would be a list of activities for us to learn about the body system. Our group created a handout that had activities for people to learn about the circulatory system. It included activities such as running, jumping jacks, and curl-ups. Any activity that would involve getting your heart to beat faster.

Overall, I think this project was fun. My group and I learned a lot about the Circulatory System and how it works in our bodies.

Monday, June 5, 2017

"We're off to See the Wizard!" by Rachel T

It’s almost the end of the school year, and the sixth grade, including me, created an end-of-the-year play! Based on “The Wizard of Oz”, Toto, Marcus, and Julia were blown out of Rome when Mount Vesuvius exploded in Pompeii. They landed in Egypt, in the court of Ramses the Great, and crushed the evil pharaoh with a boulder on accident. The slaves rejoiced, and an Egyptian Goddess gave Marcus and Julia the Pharaoh’s magical ankle bracelets. The group even found a mummy who was in search of a brain. The goddess told them to search for the Wizard of China, so they traveled onward. They went past the Ancient Israelites, who helped them cross the Red Sea. They went through Ancient Greece, where they found a trojan soldier scarred by war, and brought him with them to help him get his “heart” back. Next, our main characters found themselves in Mesopotamia, where Julia almost got her hand chopped off! Quickly, the characters escaped, and arrived in in the Persian Gardens of Cyrus the Great. After smelling the beckoning flowers, Julia, Marcus, Toto, and the soldier all fell into a deep sleep. The mummy had no brain, and therefore was not affected by the flowers. He saved the others, and they moved on to the jungles of Ancient India. In the jungle, they encountered Hanuman, the great monkey god. There, they found a monkey guard in need of some courage. With Hanuman’s blessing, the cowardly monkey joined the search for the Wizard of China. Finally, the weary travelers entered China, and saw a giant castle. The Wizard of China was really not a wizard; just a wealthy man. As they were leaving, he noticed the ankle bracelets, and stopped them. The bracelets had the power to grant any wish, and so they could have gone home the entire time. After giving their friends what they wished for, Julia and Marcus started to wish to go home. Suddenly, someone called out that their home, Pompeii, was destroyed in the eruption. The characters decided that they all wanted to stick together and go on more adventures together.

This play was written and produced by the sixth grade class. It was a very fun experience, and we all had a part. We performed in front of our parents, and created a beautiful backdrop for the show. This play had aspects of Language Arts, History, and Expressions, which made it into a learning experience, too!

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Rally by Alexandria

This week May 15 to 19 we had a rally and Spirit week here at Leading Edge. We have rally weeks once every trimester and the rally was this week on Monday May 15, 2017. it was themed on castles and medieval times. I really think it was fun - taiko got to play and the soccer teams, basketball teams, etc talked about their accomplishments. I also liked the activity where the knights killed the dragon and rescued the princess. I really like rally weeks because you can support lots of things or you can wear different colors to represent the day like we did this week for our Rainbow Spirit Week theme. The 3rd Trimester’s rally was really fun, everybody joined in on it and cheered. I personally think they are just plain inspiring and fun. Planning the rally is done by the Leadership group, and they plan most of the events and dances. Each rally has a creative theme or activity.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Haitian Pen Pals

Pen pals from Sonlight Academy in Port-de-Paix, Haiti and The Leading Edge Academy at Natomas Charter School in Sacramento, California get to know one another by exchanging questions, letters, and T-shirts.

The students in Haiti are taught by Sarah Allen who was an alumni of Leading Edge who was in Ms. Meindl's Core class when she was in the sixth grade. What will this year's sixth graders grow up to do? We can't wait to see in the future!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Testing Week by Harsimrat

May 2nd to May 5th was testing week at Leading Edge. We took tests called the CAASP test. On
Wednesday and Friday we went to all of our classes like it was a regular. On Tuesday and Thursday we stayed in our core class the whole day. Everyday we had a test but after lunch we would listen to 8th graders portfolio’s. The 8th graders did very good jobs on their portfolio's. When we first started on Tuesday I loved it because after we were done with a test we could draw or read. I chose to draw a funny cat but I crumbled it up and threw it away. During the tests backpacks had to be against the wall and we had to put our device in our backpack. After we sat down our teacher would check how much we rode our bikes for May is “Bike Month”. The sad thing was when we had a power outage on Wednesday the chromebooks stopped charging. When we went in the morning and started testing some students’ chromebooks died. We had to go to another class and ask for chromebooks. We had like around 6 chromebooks or more that died during the test.

On Thursday we had to spend our whole day in core but I enjoyed it because a little after or before lunch we play this game where we had to act out a mystery and guess who is guilty of the crime. I was the guilty one named Trevor in my skit, but there was another character named Jason. After that we got dismissed but I stayed after school to finish my homework. On Friday we took the math test and I got the hard questions first then I got the easy questions. Out of 10 points for the math test, I rate it 10

Leading Edge Goes Green! by Avery

Recently Leading Edge has decided to go green by installing new water bottle filling stations. In class we had been learning about the impacts of using plastic bottles on the environment. For example if plastic gets into a landfill it can take over 1000 years to decompose into the soil. Another example is when plastic gets into the ocean it breaks up into tiny pieces called microplastics; the sea creatures then eat the microplastics and end up dying. These are just some of the many negative impacts of plastic water bottles.

The installation of the new water bottle refilling stations is a step towards helping with this dilemma. Now students can easily refill their reusable water bottles whenever they need to. This reduces the size of litter and waste around the world. As temperatures rise hydration is key; these new fountains encourage students to drink more water. Also students’ parents can save a few dollars by not having to buy disposable water bottles. Cha-Ching!