Monday, April 23, 2018

Leading Edge Greek Olympics 2018 by Diego A.

The Greek Olympics was made in ancient greece, the people built the olympics to honor Zeus, the god of all gods and the sky. During the olympics people were not to allowed to bring their weapons because they were in a turce. All wars came to a stop during the games that were held every four years in August.

With the war being stopped the people were happy to enjoy the games and participate. They had chariot racing, boxing, wrestling, running, horse racing, the long jump, disk throwing, and spear throwing. Women could not attend the olympics but had a womens festival called Heraia to honor Hera the wife of Zeus.

On Wednesday I participated in the Greek Olympic Sports. I did the shot put where I threw a ball and I got 3rd place. I had fun participating in the Greek Olympics. I saw kids doing the disk throw, the jog-a-thon, and the shot put.

The experience I had during the Greek Olympics was good because I only participated in the shot put event. I also got to play with my friends as I watched my classmates in their events. I was on team Olympia and we beat team Sparta and Athens.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Greek Olympics by Sky and Caitlin

The Greek Olympics was really fun for the sixths graders. It was also a very fierce competition. We started with the preparation of the Greek Olympics. Then we went out to the blacktop. There we did our chants. We all had really good cheers but I thought ours (Sparta’s) best. A lot of other people would agree.

Before the games…

Before the games started we all were making posters or practicing our chants. Also we did a lot of face painting and spraying hair. It was really fun. It was also funny to see all the faces. We were walking outdo to the blacktop and as the other classes were coming out, the Sparta team would boo them. It was really funny! Then Sparta and Olympia were on the blacktop and Olympia was saying “Let’s go Olympia!” and Sparta would say “ SHUT UP OLYMPIA!”( Until Mrs. Meindl came and told us to be more positive). It lasted for a while but it was pretty funny. Also the classes gods/ goddesses were funny. Ali Anwar was Hera, that was really funny because he had a bunch of makeup on and a wig. Reese was Zeus, and Jeffrey was Ares.

All of the teams had there own chant. Olympia went first and there chant was “ North south east west Olympians we are the best. We’re not second. We’re not third we’re the best you’ve ever heard. GO OLYMPIA!!!!

kick them smash them beat them to the ground. Olympia we rock this world will send you to the underworld. What what are you got we got it all we rock so hard will make you fall. They also had Mari and Maya doing gymnastics. Athens chant was “ We a re ancient Athens!And we are the best!If you COME AT US! Then we'll destroy like the rest! We are ancient Athens !And we are proud
Sparta and Olympia will never bring us down !We are ancient Athens!And we are here to win!If you try to mess with us! We'll put you in the binGo, go go, go Ancient Athens Fight, fight fight, fight ancient Athen Win, win win, win ancient Athens!

The Sparta chant in my opinion was the best but I was in Sparta so maybe that’s why. Our chant was “All around the world people want to know who we are so we tell them we are Sparta. The mighty mighty Sparta! Hamata hamata HA HA x3. I’m fired up! You fired up? YEAH! I’m fired up! You fired up? YEAH!” 1 2 3 (Kenneth) THIS IS SPARTA!!! (James & Audrey) NO NO NO we are not that nice! This is what Sparta is all about! Your blood will fall on the ground, we will feed your bodies to the hounds. Nasty cuts and broken bones galore, even then we’ll still crave more. Long we’ve waited for this day, ro us this is just child’s play. We’ll look at your losing faces with disdain, get ready t feel the pain. GO SPARTA!!!

Then games started. Next was the 50 yard dash. The Sparta girls won ( Caitlin and Jenna) and for the boys Olympia won (Paulo). After the 50 yard dash was Shot Put. Olympia won ( Savannah) for girls and Olympia won for boys ( Deontae). Then was wrestling, Olympia won for girls ( Ava) and Athens ( Toby) for boys. After that was discuss, Athens won for girls ( Lauren) and Sparta won for boys ( Tanay). Then came the Long Jump. For girls, Olympia won (Paris) and for boys, Athens won ( Xavier). Last but not least was the Relays. Sparta won by a lot for the Girls ( Jenna, Audrey, Neilani and Caitlin). Then for the boys Athens barely won ( Tobi, Aziel, JV, and Xavier). It was fun but it was also very competitive.

It was really fun afternoon and a great experience. But… there were a few downsides of it. Some people got disqualified, some people said that some teams cheated, and some people said that some of the calls were wrong. There was a lot of talking about it after. Other than that most of us had a great time! After all that we had ambrosia and nectar (rootbeer and orange floats) and we talked until school was done. The Greek Olympics was so amazing!

April is Poetry Month

Here are some poems written by Mrs. Bibayoff's class using Storybird. Storybird is an online site that allows writers to use a large library of user-created artwork to inspire stories and poetry.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Favorite Event by Paetyn

This trimester was my favorite trimester so far, but the event that mostly stood out to me in this trimester is the rally because it celebrated a huge and awesome project that the 8th graders did. We had a rally in the PFAA theater room to watch the third prize winning team’s video about trying to prevent sex traffic and drugs. I thought that their video was really good because they got to interview police and companies about their topic and they had a lot of good editing and speeches.

This was really exciting because there were people from a couple of companies that try to prevent this kind of stuff and they were at the rally with all of us. Their teacher gave a little speech out to the whole 8th grade and then the team got many awards for having one of the best projects. This was really cool to watch because there were so many teams that were competing each other and they were the ones that had won. I hope everyone enjoyed watching it too!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Upcoming: Greek Olympics by Luke

The Greek Olympics is in a week from now. I will be talking about what's it’s about. The sports that
will be in the Greek Olympics are Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, 50-meter dash, Wrestling, and Relay team. Each 6th grade class will be competing against each other with each event having kids in each class. There is a boys and girls team for each sport. Each class also gets to choose what city-state they want to represent.

So our class (Mrs. Bibayoff) voted on a form and of those that voted most wanted to represent Athens which is blue (but other classes could be it too if they got more votes). Here are all of the people that will be competing in each sport for our class.

Image Source:
Girls Discus: Lauren Kyla
Boys Discus: Alan Jordan
Girls Shot Put: Kloie Naqiya
Boys Shot Put: Ammaar Luke
Girls 50 Yard Dash: Abby Huddy
Boys 50 Yard Dash: Tobi Keylen
Girls Long Jump: Maggie Dahlia
Boys Long Jump: Jackson Xavier
Girls Wrestling: We still need 2 Volunteers
Boys Wrestling: Hudson Tobi
Girls Relay Team: Huddy Maggie Abby Naqiya
Boys Relay Team: Aziel Tobi Keylen Xavier

At the end of the competition, we will have Ambrosia and Nectar to celebrate. We need parent volunteers to help send in ice cream and soda for those treats of the gods.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Spring Break by JV and Keylen

Spring break is almost here and we’re going to ask what some students are doing for spring break. Some people’s spring break is unplanned for now. And some people are going to fun places like disneyland, going out of town, LA, and other fun places. Most people are playing video games for spring break. Spring break is two weeks to enjoy a sweet vacation and have a break from school.
JV is going to San Diego and might go to his friends house for spring break and Keylen is doing basketball and going to his friends house for spring break. We asked some people and here is what some of them said, Ammaar said he is playing fortnite, Hudson said his grandma is coming over to his house, Kloie is going to San diego, Amanda is going to reno and SF, Donevin might go over to Ammaar’s house, and Brody is going to the park. I hope you have a great spring break!!!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Ancient Greece by Ryan

Ancient Greece is our 2nd to last ancient place we’re going to learn about. We have already learned a lot about ancient Greece. The main city states we learned about were Athens and Sparta. Athens was about the arts and trade, and there was not much war, but Sparta was all about war. The most fun thing we have done so far is the God posters. Jeff and I did Ares. Ares is the God of war and one of my favorite Greek Gods. We had many other Gods also. In our class, we had every son and daughter of Cronus. The main ones were Zeus, Athena, Hades, and Poseidon. We also had monsters, Medusa and the Minotaur. We are reading The Adventures of Ulysses and are making a map about the places Ulysses went to. The last thing we did in Core that is related to Ancient Greece is our myth books. We are working on the Murder in Athens mock trial and I think it will be fun!

In Expressions we made Greek urns. We had a paper version and drew pictures of daily life in ancient Greece. I drew a man with a horse. Our main project so far in Expressions was our myth video. I worked with Jeff and Yathin. We did Perseus vs. Medusa. I was Perseus, and Jeff was Medusa. We acted out the myth and got a 25/25. We also got to show our video in front of the class and everyone liked it. Our current project we’re doing right now is our weaving project. I’m almost done and I think it looks well. I am also looking forward to the Greek olympics!

So far ancient Greece is really fun. We did art projects, videos, and maps. I am very happy that we have more to come of ancient Greece. Hopefully everyone else and I learn more about ancient Greece and do well on the test!