Friday, October 20, 2017

Lawrence Hall of Science by Jordan and Jackson

So we went on a field trip to the “Lawrence Hall of Science Museum” and it was soo fun. When we got to the Museum the first thing we did was eat lunch. We ate lunch outside on the big blue whale, the spiral statute, and by the fountain. When everybody was done eating their lunch we went inside the building and we were able to explore for a few minutes. But after that we got to go and dissect squids, well I mean at least my group did, though there were two other groups, fantastic gas, and hydraulics. But man dissecting the squids was so fun.

We learned a lot about our squids too. Like how eat, and what they prey on. Although I do still have one question, what preys on a squid? I wonder. And then after we learned in one of our three classrooms we were able to explore all the other fun activities there were to do. Such as floating beach balls, along with our paper airplane aerodynamics, and planetarium. I believe that's what it was.

In the hydraulics group we were supposed to make creations that could move in two directions or could hold six or more ounces. The materials we used were syringes, long rubber tubes, water, and other things like pegs and peg boards.

Lawrence Hall of Science by Mari

Today was the day we went to the Lawrence Hall of Science. During this field trip, we got to do a variety of cool things. This included dissecting squid, learning about hydraulics and dry ice, and checking out some awesome exhibits.

The first thing we did was eat lunch. During lunch, we had time to play. There was a giant whale and a life-sized model of our DNA. We also had an opportunity to take photos of the amazing view.

Next, it was time to go to the labs. We got into our groups and went downstairs. I was put into Squid Dissection. We got to dissect a squid and learn how it survives.

The very last thing we did was look around in the exhibits. This included math, weather, and animals. My personal favorite was the animal area. There were lots of insects like butterflies, cockroaches, bees, and even walking sticks!

I had a great time at the Lawrence Hall of Science. I definitely think this is a field trip to remember. I think everyone will have an amazing time at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

2017 Varsity Volleyball Tournament by Amanda

This year varsity volleyball did a blast this season playing their games, the best part is that they won all! But the most important match was Championships. The Championships were located at our school. There were 4 teams who made it into the tournament. Varsity played the 2nd match and the 4th match. They played against Capital for the 2nd match and guess what……they won! Now it was time for the final game to see who is going to win the tournament, Knights vs Mills! It was the second set, everyone was excited… it was the winning point…..and boom they won! The Leading Edge families cheered and was so happy! And that’s a good end to their season.

First Dance of the School Year by Ava

On 10/6 we set sail to our first dance of the school year! Mrs.Meindl’s leadership team worked very hard for making this dance special. The school dance themed was cruise themed which was pretty cool cause we were setting sail to our first dance. Everyone was enjoying the food, music, and hanging out with their friends.This year we decided to have open up the outside of the MPR for more people to hangout if they just want to enjoy spending time with their friends. This is a night that the 6th graders will never forget. Especially since it was their first middle school dance.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Chess by James

Every Friday, in Mrs. Meindl’s classroom, everyone plays chess. Sometimes, two people will play for fun, or two people will challenge each other to a competitive game. It is a chance, for some students, to have a break from the school day and relax. Or, for others, it is a chance to challenge their friends to a long, heated match. Almost everyone loves it. A lot of people probably didn’t even know how to play chess before Mrs. Meindl taught them. There are a lot of good chess players in class, and it is crazy to see how easily they beat you, but also fun. I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say that Mrs. Meindl is an amazing teacher, and that chess is an amazing part of her class.

Comments About Chess

Gage-”I love playing chess, just for the fun of it.”

L.J.-”It’s fun and intense.I like to play competitive games.

Shaine-”I like the game. It’s fun. I learned a lot.”

Yathin-”It’s fun, exciting, and it involves lots of strategy. Sometimes I try hard to win, or I just play for fun.”

Audrey-”It is glorious, but I like to draw while I play, because if I don’t, I get very bored. I mostly just play or fun. I don’t like when people scream a lot, though.”

LE Basketball Team by Aziel

The LE basketball teams are going to be good. I see the many of the varsity team playing everyday at lunch.They look pretty good out there already. They talk to each other, know hot shoot, have defense, know how to dribble, and they know how to be teammates.They can be good, I have seen them play now they need to do in the basketball season.They know how to play pretty good with each other. I have some friends on the team. Their names are Xavier Bowen and Isaac Tong. They are pretty good at basketball. Xavier is in 6th grade and Isaac is in 8th grade. The basketball season starts this month.Their first game is in the middle of this month, on the Tuesday after October break. Xavier feels like this team is doing well so far. He said, “We have a good team and a lot of good players.”

When I asked some of the players about the season, they said they need to be smart always. The varsity basketball team has one sixth grader, a couple of seventh graders, and then the eighth graders. They are aggressive. They can take some wild shots sometimes, but they are practicing to get better. The varsity basketball team I believe will do well this year. The basketball team is I think will have a lot a have of ups and downs. The team will do good though. I predict they will have a great season.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Art Project by Danny B.

In this blog post I am going to be talking about the recent project of the apples 4 ways this project was already due but I decided to talk about it in this blog post. The apples 4 ways was when you had to draw an apple and then color/making it different than others. For example one of the apples had to be a collage as in putting materials like fabric or newspaper to make a simple object. There were three more that you could make one of them were a colored pencil or oil pastel, Mrs. Meindl said that marker would ruin it so that was not one of them. The second apple could be shaded with only black and white and charcoal which Mrs. Meindl provided, you would shade the apple, and then use charcoal to make the apple more darker. The last apple you had to do was water colors this was the easiest for me because water colors take a lot of room so it would get done faster.

In this project there had to be a background in every of your apple drawings except for the shaded one (black and white) Mrs. Meindl told that the background could not be childish as in no clouds or sun especially with faces.this project was worth a lot of your grade and if you finished it then you can’t get a very bad grade. This is the apples 4 ways project and a recap on this is that there is needed color pencil/oil pastel for one apple, fabric, tissue, and colored paper for a second apple and water colors and shading for the last apple that was all of this project for Mrs. Meindl.