Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mummy's Tomb by Nathan

On November 9, 2017, at 6:15 PM, the 6th grade mummy’s tomb began. It was really fun with the costumes and the props. But mostly the fun of performing. My part of mummy’s tomb was the Priest who would read from the Book of the Dead in the Mummification scene. I would read the first lines then my friend Ali Anwar would read a few lines then glam girls said their lines and Ali was pulling out fake body parts in the body. My favorite inside body part that he pulled was the intestines because it was really long and he would pull it out really slowly. And the crowd would usually say, “Ew.” But if they didn’t, we
would just stand there awkwardly. Then I would tell him to pull faster because it was getting awkward. This happened it Mrs. Bibayoff’s classroom. Outside of the classroom was the Nile Beast on the Nile River with a crowd lead by tour guides.

In Mrs. Leporiere’s classroom there was the weighing of the heart scene. A soul would be weighed on a scale with the feather of truth. If the soul is heavier than the feather of truth, the soul would not enter the happy afterlife. Then the Crocodile God would eat the soul. If the soul was lighter than the feather of truth, then the soul would enter the happy afterlife. When the tour crowd or tour group leaves, a sphinx would ask them an ordinary sphinx question. The “What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 3 at night?” question. One of them gets it wrong and they died, then the tour guide got it right and they proceeded into Ms. Meindl’s room.

In Mrs. Meindl’s room, was the scene where a tour guide touches gold, tries to steal it, dies because of Isis and Osiris, then think how they should be punished, and finally releases the mummies on them. The mummies come out and dance Thriller By Michael Jackson. The dancers have been practicing all week for the big day and they did pretty good.

Expressions by L.J.

Expressions is one of my favorite classes here at LE. It’s a really fun class. You can play chess, color, arts and crafts, and more. The fun never ends. I am not saying that I don’t like the other classes, I just like this one a lot. It’s even more fun since I am in period 7 and this is how I end my day. In Expressions we did a couple of projects. We have done cave art, shading, chess (Doesn’t really count), apples four ways,etc… This class made me learn chess, now I am pretty good at it.It also made me learn how to shade better. We did a project that was on display in the MPR Gallery. The project is for Day Of The Dead. You would take a paper plate and paint a nice design that will take up the whole plate. Then you cut parts of the plate and then use yarn to weave over the plate. We just finished our production of “Mummy’s Tomb” and we all had a blast! I like Expressions, it’s fun, cool, and nice- and I can’t wait to see what we do next!!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween by Abby and Huddy

Halloween this year at Leading Edge was one to remember! There were lots of festive activities when Halloween got near. One of the sixth grade activities was one that the web leaders put on. During the afterschool event sixth graders went around the campus trick or treating and then had pizza and watched a movie. In Mrs. Meindl’s class, we sixth graders had a project to weave a day of the dead picture. We made a loom on a paper plate and then weaved with yarn. This project took a lot of work for some of the sixth graders. Everyone could buy candy grams. A card with a skull on it cost 50 cents or you could buy a card with candy for one dollar with the money went to Mrs. Novello’s class for new art supplies. Then there was an event where you could give some of your extra candy to troops in the army to thank them for their service and brighten their day. So these were the Halloween events at Leading Edge this year and it was really cool that there was something for everyone!   

At Leading Edge this year for Halloween it was really cool that people wore their unique costumes on Halloween. It was really great to see so many creative costumes on Halloween. The cool thing about costumes is that everyone has a different costume. On Halloween there were costumes like a spirit from the Day of the Dead, a dinosaur, a reindeer, a pineapple, a cucumber, lots of cats--white and black, and there was even a Pokemon. These were all amazing costumes, and it was awesome of those people to wear their costumes!  

Friday, October 27, 2017

Taiko Drumming by Jordan Florento

When my brother told me what Taiko was, I was amazed! The sounds were magnificent and the different sounds of different drums were so creative! Some were small and some were big, each playing a part of the song. At my first Leading Edge Rally, the Taiko team performed for the whole school and that inspired me to try out for Taiko.

The Taiko training was on Wednesday, 8:00 A.M. When I walked into the Taiko room, I was amazed about how many people signed up. When we divided into groups, we practiced the audition beat and people were still learning. Before that day, my brother had taught me because we both thought the audition was the next day. The Taiko member said that I drum very good.

There were about two to three practices. I noticed there were less people practicing and others weren’t interested anymore. I saw people get better and I too. Besides, we needed to work on our synchronization and playing the right part at the right time. When we tried playing the audition beat alone to see if we need help, it would be nerve racking and frightful. Some people went fast and sometimes messed up.

When it was day for the auditioning, it was scary. There was drums outside for people to practice before they go inside and perform. I was practicing and telling myself just to play the music and don’t focus on anything else. After that, I figured out that 8th graders were going next, I wished good luck to them and tell them “I hope you pass!” After that, the 6th graders go next. When they finished the audition beat, they heard them saying that they did bad and messed up and rushed. When it was my turn, I was very scared in the inside and confident in the outside. When I came inside the room, I saw Taiko members that were judges. They would write down stuff that is happening during the audition beat of each person. I played the beat and went fast at one part, then played the song well. I felt like I did splendid. After a week, my expressions teacher Ms, Meindl told me early that I have passed. I have informed some people that I know. After about one to two weeks later, there was a list on Ms. Meindl’s window about the people who passed. I saw my brother had passed and I was happy for the other people who had passed.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Our Mentors by Jeffrey and Diego M

Mentors can help anybody in many different ways. They also make fun activities like social activities you did in the beginning of the year. They are very nice and they check up on us once in awhile. Everybody has their own group of students with 2-3 mentors. They always make everybody feel welcome to our school. Mentors are part of a group called WEB(Where Everyone Belongs). In eighth grade anybody can apply to get to be a part of the WEB leadership too!!

You get your mentor when you first start the year when you have orientation. All kinds of people are in your group, like some people you know that went to a different school, but used to go to your school, or some of your friends might be in your group, or even some people you’ve never seen before and don’t know one thing about them!

Just recently our mentors came in and talked to us about the 5 Leading Edge Pillars. These pillars are Technical Savvy, Critical Thinking, Building Leadership, Cultural Diversity, and Global Thinking. We are having a parent conference in three weeks. We will talk to our parents about our work, our goals, and challenges. We’ll also make a digital portfolio to showcase our work.

In conclusion, our mentors are people that help us throughout the year and make us feel welcome to Natomas Charter School.