Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blog on Greek Olympics By: Trevor & Michael

Trevor races in the 50 yard dash.

During the Greek olympics, the three sixth grade core classes competed against each other in a series of events. Each core class was a Greek city-state and Mrs. Bibayoff was Sparta, Mrs. Hanson's was Athens, and Mrs. Meindles was Olympia. Each class had students dressed up to represented the gods and goddesses as well.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.56.48 PM.png
Zeus and Hera (Arjan and Lily)
Each class had representatives to compete in the athletic events, and one person could only be in two events besides the relay. First event was the 100 meter dash and the winners were Rory for the girls from Athens and Caleb for boys from Olympia. Next was Long Jump and for boys Elijah B. won, and his team was Athens. Nicole A. won for the girls long jump, and she won for Sparta. Wrestling was won by Sparta for boys and girls from Nicole C. and Ryder F. Just for fun, Nicole C. and Ryder faced off to see who’d win and Nicole won! In shot put for boys, Caleb B. won for Olympia. Discus for girls was won by Senara of Sparta. Our last event was the relay, and the team that won was from Athens for both boys and girls. For the first time in the LE Greek Olympics’ history, there was a three way tie with each city-state winning four gold medals.We all had “ambrosia and nectar” (aka root beer floats) afterward. We had a great time. We hope everyone else had as good of a time as we did!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Science and Innovation Fair by Shreya and Bethany

*From Shreya*

image.jpegOn March 19, Leading Edge had it’s annual Science and Innovation Fair. We had many different and amazing models, trifolds, and incredible ideas. Some projects that the sixth graders presented were the Sky Fly by Senara M., Natasha L., and Varnika K.. They decided to make a car that runs on Magnets to stop greenhouse gasses being infused into the air. Rory M., Sierra G., Caitlin L., and Elijah B.. decided to invent an all weather car. Their car generates different weather conditions such as heat and wind. Another Project had received an award for best 6th grade project. The Humidifier 2030. Kate T., Marisol P., Alexis F., and Lily E. decided to create a machine that will not stop the Greenhouse Gases but revise them to become pure, clean air.
Even with the projects out and in display, Mrs. Bibayoff had her classroom out for display to show parents some of the amazing things we are doing as a class in Science. Some things out on display were the foldscopes, 3D printer, Popcorn Plants, and the Genius time projects. We introduced the foldscopes to the parents and siblings. We showed them how to use the foldscopes and they had to try to find out what they were looking at. After that, we told them the history of Foldscopes and why Stanford gave them to us. At the 3D printer station, some people helped explain how we got the printer and what it does. The people at the popcorn plant station showed our posters and we explained our different designs and which ones were most effective. Last, Becky and Manelle showed off their Makey Makey Genius time projects.

Overall I think everyone did a great job and congratulations to everyone who stood out to the judges and got an award.

*From Bethany*

Everyone is excited to see this year’s science fair inventions! This year’s theme? Future inventions to solve real world problems! Some students’ inventions like the Hover Car, H20 Evaporation Transporter, the ESCR: All Weather Car, the Earthquake-Proof Skyscraper, The Weather Manipulator, Tree 2.0, and the Doc-Bot are all being represented in this year’s science fair. Many students are willing to help the world with many different problems, mostly climate change. These students worked very hard with their projects and areView image on Twitter
going to represent each one of these inventions at the science fair. It’s cool to know that so many students want to help the world with their troubles. Many new inventions are being made today. Some inventions include the 3D printer. When I first heard of the 3D printer I was amazed by the many things it could make. Now, we even have one in our classroom! This invention has helped with many things like building a broken bone, or making car parts. I even researched a little bit about it and found out that people were using the 3D printers to rebuild bones for people and even rebuild their skull! This new inventions has been a miracle to some people and really helps people in the world. I hope some of the students’ inventions are made to make life easier for people. I encourage everyone to help the world to make it a better place to live in. makerbot-3D-printer-products.png

*Great job to all the students who participated in the Science Fair!!! :D :D :D*

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Leading Edge Annual Science and Innovation Fair 2015

Leading Edge's annual Science and Innovation Fair is Thursday, March 19. This is our 16th annual fair! Students participating should bring in their display boards and materials to Mrs. Bibayoff's room that morning. Judging for sixth grade will be during the end of the school day. Families are welcome to come back that evening from 5-6:30 to enjoy the Renaissance Fair and see all of the projects on display in the Leading Edge hallway. There will also be a 3D printer, Foldscope, and Genius Time demonstrations in Mrs. Bibayoff's room. Come check it out!

Students: If you're entering a project, please comment below and tell a little bit about it!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Greek Myth Movies By - Amol

Greek myths are stories which tell about Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, there are many gods, adventures, and lifestyles. There are many Greek gods. Some are Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Ares, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Hermes, Dionysus, Hades, Hypnos, Nike, Janus, Nemesis, Iris, Hecate, and Tyche. Each god has his or her purpose, and the myths help tell about their stories or explain the way of nature. Greek mythology is shown on tapestries, pictures; to illuminate the story and show a visual. One example of a very developed and famous myth is the Iliad and the Odyssey. Ulysses (Odysseus) is the hero of this series, leads a group out on an expedition to conquer the Persians of Troy. Greek myths were the ancient Greek’s answer to the world and its happenings.

Leading Edge Academy, sixth graders, are privileged to be using their knowledge of Greek myths and culture to make an I-movie about a certain assigned myth. Students marveled at the start of this project choosing a group of about 3-6 people. They used Ipads to film and prepare the videos. The due date is Friday, 13; and students are already in the editing phase of their projects. The project was assigned on Thursday, the 5th. One thing that is amazing about this project, is that students are not only using the LE pillar; Building Partnerships/Shared Leaderships, but also are bringing/making excellent costumes which portray their role.

In Period 5 Expressions, Ivan, Try, Angel, and I (Amol); are making our Imovie on the Greek myths of Creation and The Titans. The reason that we are doing both is that both of them are small, however they both come with a lot of reasoning. Creation is a myth which tells about the origin of the gods, and how they became the new rulers of the world. The Titans, is a myth about the old rulers of the world and their life.

In an interview with Manelle Aruta, she said that this project was a fun way of learning new things. Another thing, she talked about how this project is a great way to work with partners. She felt that this project helps us learn more stuff about the Greek culture and their history.

From a student perspective, I feel that this is a great project, and is very fun to collaborate with other students. I love to use technology into my work, and doing it with friends. I also love that we get to dress up and add edits, as it bring life into the video, and to the production process of our video. Another thing, I love to use I-movie, and since we are using it in the class, it is very fun. Also my friends feel the same way that I do about this project, and we love to shoot our movie together.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

End of Trimester Two by Shane

It’s that time of the school year again, end of the trimester! We did so much things this trimester. We went on field trips to places like Marin Headlands and Chinatown which were both very fun. We also learned many things and did many projects. My personal favorite thing I did was the Leader Project because I learned a lot about my leader (Martin Luther King, Jr). We also had a very fun time at the Candyland Rally and Mardi Gras Dance. In Social Studies, we learned about ancient China and ancient India. In PE, we did flag football and bowling which were both very fun. In Expressions, we did Chinese calligraphy and a Chinese parade which also very fun. In math, we learned about garbology and geometry. Overall in this trimester, we learned a lot of new things and had so much fun while doing that.
JPEG Image
Shane's MLK Poster

Last Week in Science/Tech by Lauren

This week we have grown our corn crops even further! We sure can see that that they are alive! This was an experiment to see if a seed is alive! Our group’s kernels all grew and are in great condition! I hope they grow to be really tall and strong! Maybe they will grow corn! This image
is an image of our group’s. They are at least all about 4-5 inches tall!
In Science/Tech, we are also one of the lucky schools to test the Fold Scopes! These are microscopes purely made of paper! Origami! We take small samples and put them on slides. After we insert the slide into our Fold Scope, we can hold it up to a light to see! It is so cool to see all the cells. I think this is a very amazing product because it is easy to use, easy to make, very light, and very cheap! Only about 1 dollar. I hope everyone in the world can soon use and test these cool products!

When our class had to experiment with the Fold Scopes, we had to find samples of something to test. My group used Ivan’s and Becky’s hair. This is an image of what we saw through the Fold Scope. Some other groups looked at leaves or the water from the fish tank. The amazing person who made this invention of the Fold Scopes is Dr. Prakash from Stanford University! Here is a link to his website! What we are seeing here is really cool! 
This is the slide we made! --->
(Sorry that the image is so blurry. It really clear when you see with your eye not through iPads.)