Friday, June 9, 2017

End of School Year! by Maribela

Maribela decided to make a short video on our trip to Scandia. Check it out below! The Scandia trip marked the end to a fantastic year. Have a wonderful summer, everyone!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Body Systems by William and Brandon

~ From William ~

Screenshot 2017-06-04 at 11.20.02 AM.pngRecently at Leading Edge we started working on our body system projects the first step of this project is filling out a packet stating what body system your team wants and why. The different body systems you could choose were the Nervous, Circulatory, Muscular, Respiratory, Digestive, and Excretory systems. After you were assigned your body system you could start your handout and website. The handout had questions for the website and instructions for the activity. My team got the Circulatory system so for the activity we choose to have the class exercise and see if their heartbeat went faster after. Many of the other groups had us make 3D models for the activities and I really enjoyed it. For the website we had to make five pages of things having to do with our body system. And at least 10 interactive components such as videos, games, links etc.

I think my groups project was good but I liked other groups projects as well. I liked how instead of the Muscular system just doing questions they did a crossword and for their activity they did a working hand made entirely out of straws, string and tape. Also I liked the Respiratory systems model and how detailed their website was. In all this was one of my favorite projects in science and tech this year and I really enjoyed it.

~ From Brandon ~

Last week in Science & Tech, we were assigned a project about the body systems. I chose a team of 5 which included Pavansai, Mateo M, William, Nicholas, and me. We wanted to base our project about the Circulatory System because we wanted to know more about how our body worked. We were curious on what the Circulatory System was. Just like the other groups, they chose other body systems to learn about. We created a website that explained all about the Circulatory System. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out: Circulatory System Website. We also had to make a handout which would be a list of activities for us to learn about the body system. Our group created a handout that had activities for people to learn about the circulatory system. It included activities such as running, jumping jacks, and curl-ups. Any activity that would involve getting your heart to beat faster.

Overall, I think this project was fun. My group and I learned a lot about the Circulatory System and how it works in our bodies.

Monday, June 5, 2017

"We're off to See the Wizard!" by Rachel T

It’s almost the end of the school year, and the sixth grade, including me, created an end-of-the-year play! Based on “The Wizard of Oz”, Toto, Marcus, and Julia were blown out of Rome when Mount Vesuvius exploded in Pompeii. They landed in Egypt, in the court of Ramses the Great, and crushed the evil pharaoh with a boulder on accident. The slaves rejoiced, and an Egyptian Goddess gave Marcus and Julia the Pharaoh’s magical ankle bracelets. The group even found a mummy who was in search of a brain. The goddess told them to search for the Wizard of China, so they traveled onward. They went past the Ancient Israelites, who helped them cross the Red Sea. They went through Ancient Greece, where they found a trojan soldier scarred by war, and brought him with them to help him get his “heart” back. Next, our main characters found themselves in Mesopotamia, where Julia almost got her hand chopped off! Quickly, the characters escaped, and arrived in in the Persian Gardens of Cyrus the Great. After smelling the beckoning flowers, Julia, Marcus, Toto, and the soldier all fell into a deep sleep. The mummy had no brain, and therefore was not affected by the flowers. He saved the others, and they moved on to the jungles of Ancient India. In the jungle, they encountered Hanuman, the great monkey god. There, they found a monkey guard in need of some courage. With Hanuman’s blessing, the cowardly monkey joined the search for the Wizard of China. Finally, the weary travelers entered China, and saw a giant castle. The Wizard of China was really not a wizard; just a wealthy man. As they were leaving, he noticed the ankle bracelets, and stopped them. The bracelets had the power to grant any wish, and so they could have gone home the entire time. After giving their friends what they wished for, Julia and Marcus started to wish to go home. Suddenly, someone called out that their home, Pompeii, was destroyed in the eruption. The characters decided that they all wanted to stick together and go on more adventures together.

This play was written and produced by the sixth grade class. It was a very fun experience, and we all had a part. We performed in front of our parents, and created a beautiful backdrop for the show. This play had aspects of Language Arts, History, and Expressions, which made it into a learning experience, too!

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Rally by Alexandria

This week May 15 to 19 we had a rally and Spirit week here at Leading Edge. We have rally weeks once every trimester and the rally was this week on Monday May 15, 2017. it was themed on castles and medieval times. I really think it was fun - taiko got to play and the soccer teams, basketball teams, etc talked about their accomplishments. I also liked the activity where the knights killed the dragon and rescued the princess. I really like rally weeks because you can support lots of things or you can wear different colors to represent the day like we did this week for our Rainbow Spirit Week theme. The 3rd Trimester’s rally was really fun, everybody joined in on it and cheered. I personally think they are just plain inspiring and fun. Planning the rally is done by the Leadership group, and they plan most of the events and dances. Each rally has a creative theme or activity.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Haitian Pen Pals

Pen pals from Sonlight Academy in Port-de-Paix, Haiti and The Leading Edge Academy at Natomas Charter School in Sacramento, California get to know one another by exchanging questions, letters, and T-shirts.

The students in Haiti are taught by Sarah Allen who was an alumni of Leading Edge who was in Ms. Meindl's Core class when she was in the sixth grade. What will this year's sixth graders grow up to do? We can't wait to see in the future!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Testing Week by Harsimrat

May 2nd to May 5th was testing week at Leading Edge. We took tests called the CAASP test. On
Wednesday and Friday we went to all of our classes like it was a regular. On Tuesday and Thursday we stayed in our core class the whole day. Everyday we had a test but after lunch we would listen to 8th graders portfolio’s. The 8th graders did very good jobs on their portfolio's. When we first started on Tuesday I loved it because after we were done with a test we could draw or read. I chose to draw a funny cat but I crumbled it up and threw it away. During the tests backpacks had to be against the wall and we had to put our device in our backpack. After we sat down our teacher would check how much we rode our bikes for May is “Bike Month”. The sad thing was when we had a power outage on Wednesday the chromebooks stopped charging. When we went in the morning and started testing some students’ chromebooks died. We had to go to another class and ask for chromebooks. We had like around 6 chromebooks or more that died during the test.

On Thursday we had to spend our whole day in core but I enjoyed it because a little after or before lunch we play this game where we had to act out a mystery and guess who is guilty of the crime. I was the guilty one named Trevor in my skit, but there was another character named Jason. After that we got dismissed but I stayed after school to finish my homework. On Friday we took the math test and I got the hard questions first then I got the easy questions. Out of 10 points for the math test, I rate it 10

Leading Edge Goes Green! by Avery

Recently Leading Edge has decided to go green by installing new water bottle filling stations. In class we had been learning about the impacts of using plastic bottles on the environment. For example if plastic gets into a landfill it can take over 1000 years to decompose into the soil. Another example is when plastic gets into the ocean it breaks up into tiny pieces called microplastics; the sea creatures then eat the microplastics and end up dying. These are just some of the many negative impacts of plastic water bottles.

The installation of the new water bottle refilling stations is a step towards helping with this dilemma. Now students can easily refill their reusable water bottles whenever they need to. This reduces the size of litter and waste around the world. As temperatures rise hydration is key; these new fountains encourage students to drink more water. Also students’ parents can save a few dollars by not having to buy disposable water bottles. Cha-Ching!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Our 3rd Trimester Math project by Mateo B.

In the third trimester, we have covered a lot of things in math. We cover things like percents or geometry. This week we just started our first 3rd trimester project in math. The project that we will do has to include either a project on which project is a better buy in a real life situation. The other project is creating a math slideshow including a math game that is played in a different country. You have to type up many slides that include facts about this game, like the country of origin. You have the option to present the math game project at the coming up open house. You will present your slideshow with the materials used to play the game, explaining how to play the game and then you will play the game with the person you are presenting to. This is an extra credit opportunity and their is another extra credit opportunity where you complete both of the projects. The best buy project is due next Friday. You have to include five different types of one product. Let’s say there were 5 different bags of chips. These chips were all the same type of chip but had a different price and a different size bag. Your job would be to find which bag had the best price per ounces in the bag.

 My group is going to complete both of the projects for extra credit. Our game for the slideshow is Skat. The game of Skat originated in Germany and is a card game. The majority of our class chose a card game but we had about one group chose the best buy project. The game of skat includes three people. The game of Skat is pretty complicated but you have to play with 32 card. I asked another group about their game and they said they were creating their slideshow about dominoes. The claimed that the game of dominoes originated in Germany. In the game of dominoes there is a lot of counting into playing the game of dominoes which is math related. These two math projects are the first 3rd trimester project in math so far.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mini Math Olympics by Prisha Singh

At Leading Edge, along with our Greek Olympics, we experienced a mini Math Olympics. In the Mini Math Olympics, we had competitions in which we had to do a series of awesome activities, such as shot put, discus, and some other amazing activities. Before, we did any of those activities, we each received a piece of paper in which we had to write down our scores from each of the many amazing games. Before we started the games, we estimated what would be our score.Since we were doing this in our math classroom, we had to change the activities a little bit. For example, we had to use cotton balls for the shot put activity and we used a paper plate for the discus activity. We grabbed as many marbles as we could and then we used a computer to convert their weight into grams. We also made a game where we had to grab a sponge out of super cold water and we were only allowed one squeeze and they measured in milliliters how much of the water we had squeezed. After we had done all of the activities,we wrote all of our scores. Then we found the difference between our estimates and our actual amount. The boy and girl with the least number of difference would be the winner of the Math Olympics and receive a Prize. In each period, there would be two winners, So six winners all together.

VIP Cards by Joey Honan

Before the break we started working on V.I.P CARDS. V.I.P stands for very important person in ancient Greece. We had to make 11 cards, on Greek philosophers and other famous Greeks like Plato, Hippocrates, and Sappho. On the front of each card we had to illustrate portraits of the famous Greeks and a symbols to show their achievements. On the back we had to write or type out important achievements, discoveries, and facts about the person. For at least 3 of the cards you had to put down quotes of the person. This assignment took a long time but it ended out outstanding. My favorite part was drawing the pictures and quoting the people. I took time because I wanted them to look just like the pictures. I left them in black and white because I thought it looked good. My favorite greek leader was Pericles. His name means surrounded by glory. He was the leader of Athens until his death and he helped build the Parthenon, he also lead the military. He was my favorite because he was a unique leader and my drawing of him turned out wonderful.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Ancient Greece Escape Room by Adam H

This week Mrs. Prettol set up an Escape Room for the Sixth graders,(including me obviously) that included two parts. A sort of ranking part and then the actual escape room. The ranking part was held the first day, and the winner of this event got a 15 seconds head start than the next ranking team in the actual escape room. The 1st day/part was fun, there were four puzzles to complete. All the puzzles were challenging and fun, but the last were the hardest. My team, Mytilene, came in first place the first day, so our team had the advantage the second day. Unfortunately, the advantage wasn’t enough for us to win the whole thing, we came in last place the second day. The second day was fun and frustrating for some groups, like mine. So, our group went in first(the second day) and then we finished the first puzzle in under three minutes, we were surely in the lead. After that, we started on the second puzzle and got stumped for a good twenty minutes. Fortunately for us, the third puzzle was really hard so we still had a chance to win it because everyone else was still working on that puzzle. Eventually, time ran out, and we never made it to puzzle four. In the process though, even if a group won or lost, I think the whole sixth grade had a lot of fun. It was really fun to work in groups and race to solve the 8 puzzles.

Sixth Grade Greek Olympics by Jennifer C.

Our Favorite Poems - Meindl Core

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April is Poetry Month To celebrate, we kicked off the month by creating some poetry of our own inspired by artwork on Storybird. Here's Mrs. Bibayoff's Core Class' Poems:

Saturday, April 1, 2017

DNA Extraction Lab by Nareg

Recently in Science/Tech we have been talking about cells and organisms, and with that we started learning about DNA and how it makes up every living thing. Mrs. Bibayoff of course wanted us to get an up close look at DNA before we started diving into how it works and the different parts. This activity was super fun and seeing the DNA in the end was pretty cool.

Our test subject was a strawberry that we put through a process to in the end achieve little tiny strands of DNA. Our first step was to mash up the strawberries in a plastic bag to crush some of the cells. We then mixed together a DNA extraction liquid (water, soap, and salt). With a coffee filter, we squeezed out the juice from the strawberry into a cup so that was all we were left with. The very last step was to add rubbing alcohol to the strawberry juice and wait a couple of seconds. Sure enough you could see little strands of DNA in the cup.

I thought this was a very cool hands on way for us to take a look at DNA up close.

*From Mrs. Bibayoff*

Sneak Peek at Coming up in Science/Tech: I've been talking with two different scientists to come in and visit our classes. One is a biologist that would lead us through collecting our own cheek cells to extract the DNA. The other is a neurologist (brain scientist) from the world renowned UC Davis MIND Institute who plans to bring in. . .  Sheep Brains! Hoping they are both able to join us in April.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Murder in Athens" by Jennifer

Right now we are learning about Ancient Greece so we did a skit that went along with what we were learning. “Murder in Athens” was the skit and this was a real trial that happened in Athens a long time ago. Our core class decided that Daphne was guilty. We game to this decision after hearing from Daphne’s son Leon and her step-son Milo. The story was that Timotheos, who was Daphne’s wife was going on a trip to somewhere far away with his friend, Philoneos. Daphne and her slave friend Themis, Philoneos’ girlfriend, decided to buy a love potion to save their relationships. So, before Timotheos and Philoneos left for the trip, Daphne and Themis had a dinner together. Daphne and Themis bought a love potion from a mysterious potion seller and they put it into Timotheos’ and Philoneos’ drink. Philoneos dropped down dead but Timotheos suffered in pain and agony for three weeks before he died. Themis was killed on the spot because she was a slave but, Daphne was put into trial for she was a wife of a citizen. During the trial the judge(Rachel) was the one who announced if Daphne was guilty or not. Mihir was against Daphne and Josephine was defending Daphne. I didn’t have a part in the actual script but I was part of the jury and I got to tell my opinion if I thought Daphne was guilty or not. It was a close result but 10 people said that Daphne was guilty and 9 people said she was not, so the guard(Ayesha) killed Daphne on the spot. I had a great time while watching and participating in the skit “Murder in Athens.”

Monday, March 20, 2017

History Day at County Competition by Josephine

On March 4th, six of Leading Edge’s sixth graders competed in county history day. Over the span of a few weeks they were working on their projects perfecting and finishing them. The six students who competed were Jenifer Hong, Dana Yoon, Rachel Tokarski, Tea Novello, Olivia Carrillo and myself. We had been working on our projects for weeks, then the day came and it was time to go to Inderkum High School to get interviewed about our projects. I did a website, and Dana, Jennifer, Tea, Rachel, and Olivia made tri-folds. When we arrived at history day we collected our things and prepared to be interviewed. I was the first to be interviewed, inside of the room I was asked questions about my project and why I chose to do my person for the theme, taking a stand in history. Afterwards Olivia, Rachel, Tea, Dana, and Jennifer went. Before going back home there were tables with historical presentations upstairs, like soap carving, information about slavery, and so much more. After exploring a little bit we were excused to go home before coming back at 3. When we came back we were allowed to look at everyone else's projects as well. They had posted the finalists for the tri-fold presentations at that point and unfortunately none of our six graders who worked on a tri-fold got into the finalists. Although, they did not post the finalists for websites. They then did a presentation about what history day means and gave out special awards. Then, they gave out awards for exhibits and websites. Several other Leading Edge students got into state history day. And then, when they were listing the winners for websites they called my name! I was so excited and went up to get my medal. I will now be competing at state history day in May. Great job to everyone who competed in history day, you all did incredible! 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Track and Field Team by Maribela

Here at Leading Edge we have sports such as Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and Track and field. I wanted to try out Track and Field this year because I have a love for running. My experience so far on the team has been great! The team is mixed with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and everyone is collaborating.

We start practice off with warm ups. Then we usually either do sprints, running long distance, or field events. Recently we have been doing mostly sprints and field events. My most favorite field event is Long Jump but there is also high jump, shot put, and hurdles. And lastly we end the practice with stretches so we don't feel sore afterwards.

Everyone has progressively getting better and better. This season I wish to do the mile, 800, 4x1, and long jump! This track season is already starting off good and I know it will end with a fantastic outcome.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trimester 3 Has Begun! by Ethan

[Image Source:]
My Blog post is about trimester 3. The reason I picked this is because everyone can start fresh. Like me. And what I mean by fresh is like you start over with your grades so if you weren't doing well before with your grades they reset and you can do better next time. But enough with the grades. Trimester 3 is all about new projects, new rally's, new dances,new grades,new assemblies, and,if you are already on it, a new unit. And if you don’t now it’s the Rome unit. So look forward to that. I also heard we will be having a greek olympics, so have fun.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Harry Potter for Hospitals by Grace and Angel

On Thursday, March 9, we had our Harry Potter Movie Night fundraiser. The movie that we watched is Fantastic Beasts. It started after school and we had a great turnout. There was a lot of snacks and beverages to enjoy while watching the movie. After the movie, there was also a taiko performance and a Harry Potter art gallery in the multi-purpose room that the 7th and 8th graders participated in. Tickets went on sale for $2-$3 and they sold Harry Potter themed candies. They also sold chocolate frogs with trading cards we made in Expressions. All of the money went into a fundraiser called Harry Potter for Hospitals. We bought sets of Harry Potter books and movies to donate to children suffering from illnesses. In the end, hosting a movie night, having a taiko performance, and an art exhibit raised enough money to buy 8 full sets of Harry Potter books! Sierra Garrett raised $400 to buy Harry Potter books for sick children!!. Thank you to everyone who took the time to make this happen!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Greek Drama Masks by Natalin

ahhhA few days ago in expressions, we started working on our Greek Drama Masks. These masks were based on Ancient Greek’s masks used for acting. Their masks represented emotions like sad, happy, mad, scared, etc. 

What we did was draw on 2 paper plates 2 masks on that were opposites from each other like fire and ice or a dog and cat. Also we were allowed to choose any characters we wanted as long as they were opposites or something. I decided to choose 2 characters from a cartoon. When we were finished drawing, Sharpieing, and coloring our characters we staple them together and hole punch ribbons on both ends to finish the project. Overall I think this project was a fun project to do and I bet others enjoyed it too!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Chinese New Year Parade and Rally by Mihir

Very recently, our Leading Edge 6th graders had been working very hard to get ready for the famous and annual Chinese New Years parade, while the beloved 7th and 8th graders prepped up for an amazing taiko performance. We had spent 3 week painting, drawing, and practicing for the Chinese New Years parade. Everybody had had their posters ready, and the lion dancers had huge fearsome masks on, while the ribbon twirlers were putting up an amazing display. Unfortunately due to horrible weather conditions our parade was postponed, but we were still as pumped up to participate in the Chinese New Year ceremony the following Monday. We had started our grand march from the back of the school, and we slowly walked through a hallway filled with 7th graders who presumably joined us in our march to the gymnasium. When we entered, we made three laps around the polished wood floor, while the taiko drummers played echoing beats that seemed to vibrate in your chest. After we had walked our three laps around the gym, we sat down on the velvet red bleachers, excited to watch our fantastic rally. It was very hilarious rally, with much shouting and cheering people on. Our class representatives, one from each grade took the stage and performed comical tasks, like kicking shoes on a table, or trying to keep two balloons in the air and not letting it touch the ground. After the rally was over, we picked up our floats, ribbons, parasols, and posters and trudged back to our class rooms. Around this time, the bell had rung and many people were heading for the school gates. It had been a marvelous day, with an amazing parade, and an awesome rally.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Greek God Posters by Maveel

The second trimester we were designing Greek Gods. It was really enjoyable. We had to choose our teams and work with them on creating our ancient greek god. My partner and I were an amazing team. We worked on Hephaestus. You could choose your team's god or goddess as long as it is not chosen or taken. I enjoyed coloring Hephaestus and outlining his arm. When I was walking around and looking at others, they looked so extraordinarily fantastic. All of theirs were turning out pretty amazing.

To make us work faster and get it done we worked on one thing by ourselves so we would not be distracted. All we had to do was outline it, then go over it with sharpie, and color and cut. When we had to create our Greek Gods and Goddesses, we had to look up an image of our god or goddess and outline it on our poster. My favorite part of this project was being a team and working together. Oh hey this connects to one of the LE pillars: Building Partnerships! My partner and I worked extremely well together.

Current Events by Danil Furman

As many of you know, we in sixth grade at Leading Edge have to do a current event in class as part of your Social Studies grade. We need to report on an event outside of the U.S. I did mine in the second week of school and it was about Brexit. And as the year progressed I saw students do their current events about terrorists and bombings in the Middle East. I'm not saying that those incidents don't matter. It’s just that all of them feel the same. But I can’t blame the students, Donald Trump and terrorists are the only things on the news. But there must be something else interesting in the world going on right now, right? Well I did a quick Google search and yes there is other stuff going on in the world, like the first artificial 3D embryo was made in a lab, this is some important stuff. This might be our first step with making an artificial person and changing genes. At the end of the road,I hope more students do different current events about different topics.

Spirit Week by Daniel Poedyasmara

A couple of weeks ago on Monday we had a Rally Day for Spirit Week, we did many events on the Rally Day. We had a Chinese New Year parade consisting of all of the 6th graders. In the parade we had lion dancers, skateboarding roosters who pulled a big float, big Dragons, pogo jumpers, parasol dancers, fan dancers, flag holders, and banner marchers. In the rally we played minute to win it 3 times, the games were flip the shoe on the table and whoever didn't flip it onto the table fast enough lost.
The Tuesday of that week we could wear every sports clothes that we could find, but if you didn't want to participate then you didn't have to. I wore a Golden State Warriors t-shirt. On Wednesday we could wear anything with neon on it, and again if you didn't want to participate then you didn't have to.

On Thursday we had a Bow-Tie day, you could wear a bow, you could wear a tie, or you could wear a bow-tie, but again if you didn't want to participate you

didn't have to. Also on Thursday we had a dance. It was casino themed and there was a photo booth with a spades background. Also there was a magic booth with someone hypnotizing people, if you wanted to get hypnotized you would have to wait in a line. This rally week was very exciting and we had a surplus of fun.

The book, The Hunt by Adam R.

I have been reading a book called “The Hunt” and I’ve been really enjoying it. I highly recommend reading it. “Imagine The Hunger Games, with Vampires” is a quote from the back page of the book that is really spot on in describing it. Like it said, it is about vampires that are in their own world. But humans are hunted, and the main character has to blend in, to not be eaten alive. It is a great twist in a normal plot of books and I really love it.

In terms of content in the book, there’s a lot of it. There are around 300 pages and I’ve read around 100 or so, and it jumps right into the story as soon as you start reading. It is in first person which I love and includes dialogue and great plot. It is my favorite book so far that I’ve read, and once again, I highly recommend it.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Greek Alphabet - Meindl's Core

Marin Headlands Reflection by Lexi

This year my sixth grade class went on a field trip for about a week. We made our way to San Francisco and stayed at an organization named Marin Headlands. As we all got a chance to discover new divers animals, plants, and more we all had a chance to get to know each other better. The girls got to stay in one cabin while the boys stayed in another. Everyday we had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most people liked the Tacos and chips the best. A few times there we got to go to the beach, most people got wet and got to go in the water. I was one of them that fell halfway in.

I think this trip was a really fun way to get to know each other more and hang out with your friends more. It was really awesome that we had a chance to explore that outdoors, for example like when we went to the lighthouse, and when we went hiking. I had a really fun time going to this trip and I think all my friends did too.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Astrobiology Mission Spacecraft 3D Design by Chloe

In Science/ Technology we have been learning about Astrobiology, and we have been creating missions that will study the surface of any planet or moon to send us any information about any signs of life. This project is called The Astrobiology Mission Spacecraft 3D Design. Basically, in the beginning of this unit, we were assigned groups such as Oxygen, Zinc, Hydrogen, etc. each group gets to choose between several different options for a target, a spacecraft, and a biosignature, and much more. My group chose the target Polar Ice Caps; Mars an orbiter as our spacecraft, and Chemistry as our biosignature.

 After we plan out what features our design will have, each person can either create a 3D design alone, or pick a partner from their team. Next, we had to create a 3D design, which in my opinion, was the most fun part of this project. My partner and I created an orbiter to explore the polar ice caps on Mars, and we created our designs in a website called Tinkercad. This process took between 1-3 days, depending on how complicated your design is and how efficiently you worked. Finally, the last step was to post your design in the discussion post on Schoology along with a description of what your target, spacecraft and biosignature are.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Exploravision by Jair

Polluto was an idea created by a 7th period team.
During the past few weeks we had to to do an assignment in Sci-Tech we called the “Exploravision Project”. Basically we had think of a new scientific invention to help the world. Mine was called "The Fire Getaways." My design is supposed to help stop the cause of fires. Why I got this idea is because there is a lot of wildfires going on every summer since summers are extra warm lately and there is not a lot of of ways to stop fires quickly. This can be very dangerous.

Also there are some other projects in our class that helped the problems of the earth. For example some of the other classmates had a inventions to stop too much pollution. Others thought to use the heat to start up cars with only using heat and other materials to help the environment scientifically. Another thing I would like to see happen in the world is for a transportation without using gas and some of the groups had projects about that.Too much pollution from things like cars that use gas is bad for the earth. It causes warming. Because it melts the ice for polar animals and kills trees and makes more heat in the atmosphere. If our designs could become real and help those problems that will be cool.
Some students made 3D designs like this one about desalinization.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Chinatown by Nicholas

We have had another amazing field lesson to San Francisco visiting one of its many attractions! This time we went to Chinatown last Monday. The field lesson was a fun shopping trip where we got to try out their foods and souvenirs. It felt like we were visiting another country. It was also a very lucky time to go because the light rain made the streets less crowded so we did not need to worry about the crowd. This was a unique field lesson and I had a fun time there and I am glad I went.

During the trip we explored Chinatown on a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was fun for me because we got to look for unique things you’d usually only see in China, like the Fortune Cookie Factory and a fresh fruit stand. This field lesson was amazing, but what I liked most was the Fortune Cookie Factory. The reason why is because I have never had different flavored fortune cookies and I was able to see how it was made. I love talking about the field lesson because it was a fun trip and I wish I could go again.

Friday, February 3, 2017

History Day by Adrian and Adriana

~From Adrian~

For the past two or three weeks we sixth graders have been working on a History day project. What we had to do was choose a leader who took a stand for society. For example some people did Mahatma Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr. For this project we also had the option to apply for the History Day exhibit where judges will look and choose a winner. However if you did not do extra credit you had to write a 200-300 word biography about your leader. You then had to write about what your leader took a stand for and how he did it. You also had to research many things about your leader, and with these sources you needed to make an annotated bibliography with MLA formating. For the project we also had to illustrate a poster of your leader, we mainly worked on it in expressions and it was very fun to do. My project was on Idi Amin, it took me very long to finish illustrating my project and making sure everything was right. For our illustration we also had to add a small phrase, and their name. This was a very big project so our core teachers gave us a lot of time and I am very grateful of it. Many people in my class did the competition option, they got a trifold and had many pictures, captions, and colors and it really turned out well. Doing this project helped a lot of people learn more about their leader, when I was researching I really learned a lot about my leader, and the past. I would say everyone who did this project took something with it and will keep it in them forever. This was a very interesting and fun project to do, I had a great time illustrating and researching.

~ From Ariana ~

The leader essays all turned out great! I am really surprised because many people decided to take the extra step and to the extra credit leader tri-fold for History Day. Mrs. Bibayoffs core class took a really cool step by adding animations to the leader posters, because she made us add a Chatterpix. My leader poster Chatterpix personally looks funny because my leader is Albert Einstein and he is a male and I did the voice other and you know it sounds really funny! The most popular leaders for the project were MLK and Gandhi. I think this is because there is a lot of information about them and they stood up for great things. Everyone picked a very interesting person to research on, such as: Katherine Johnson, Lucille Ball, Albert Einstein, Jackie Robinson, and many more! The people who took the extra step and competed on History Day, could have gotten the opportunity to win and compete in Inderkum High School in March.

I think the hardest part to the assignment was to learn what they really stood up for, because sometimes you don't really know right away. You need to research deeper into your leader, but that's how you learn things you didn't know before. This project was a great learning experience!

Here is some of the links to the chatter pics:

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Marin Headlands Trip by Mateo M.

FUN GUY.jpgAt the beginning of the Marin Headlands trip we were introduced to many wonderful places where we can learn and explore such as the hikes, lighthouse and journal. The beginning of the Marin Headlands field trip was boring because we had to get our beds ready and dropped off our luggage in the dorms but luckily right after that we learned all of theNature Bridge rules and my group got to examine the blue whale bones first out of all the groups. I also learned that Poison Ivy has three leaves and can be red, orange or green. My group traveled to the beach right after the whale bones and my nature leader Sarah asked us to find a marine animal and make an examination on what it is using clues. The creature I found was a animal that was supposed to be under the water also known as intertidal creature a Hermit Crab. I even saw a crab in person that Adam was holding and Sarah didn’t know the species. Once the amazing experience at the beach was over we went to the The AniMal Room. It had different animals and the one I observed the most was the blue whale.I learned that Blue whales vein are so big that it can be as thick as a child. I also learned about other animals but they weren’t to interesting. When we finished we went straight to dinner and didn’t learn anything.Animal Room.jpg

On the second day my group hiked to the Lighthouse and they told us the entrance was made by Chinese Immigrants thousands of years ago. Once we got to the Lighthouse on the other side we had to write in a journal. I was going to talk about how I thought the pollution would ruin my day but I didn’t add thecarbon cycle or pollution types because I had a good day and I could breathe easily the whole day and plus the journal should be about my experiences. Right after that we went to eat dinner and the next morning we took a final hike ate lunch together and left, now I am back to my old life.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Pop Art Exhibit by Tovya

In Expressions we have been working on Candy pop-art. We first picked our favorite candy, I picked the crispy M&Ms because they had a bright green wrapper. Next we had to draw the candy we picked. We needed to make it look as realistic as possible. We had to draw all the details. Then we had to go over our drawings with a sharpie and then color it with oil pastels. We had to pick bright colors for the background too.
 I had a lot of fun making this project. All of our art work looked like the real candy. After we were done, our art projects were put in an exhibit. The seventh and eighth graders also had done pop art to display in the exhibit. Our parents can come and look at all of our art work. I think I did pretty well on my project. All of our pop art projects were really good. This was a really fun Expressions project.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sixth Grade Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

In Honor of MLK JR - Meindl's Core

More About Reading Day! by Juna

When it was January 3rd Leading Edge had their first Pajama/Reading Day! It's where each class had to involve reading and we got to wear comfy clothing.Let’s see what happened.

In Core, we got to read for most of the time, but we had to sit in different places in the classroom with different people.It was nice for me because I got to read an abundance amount from my book.Close to the end of Core, all of the Core classes met in Mrs.Lepriere’s room.We got in teams and played a kahoot game about books.It made us feel very energized.After we finished the game we went back to reading and went to lunch.

After lunch I went to P.E, I didn't really think that we will do something based off of reading,but we did.We read about yoga, and learned some moves ourselves.Right after we played a game! It's where there are four stations and someone in the middle closes their eyes and counts to 15.After they count to 15 they choose a corner, and the people who are in that corner are out.When you are out you get to read your free choice book.We played that till the end of the period.

In Expressions, we started on a new art project where you have a page from a book and you make a poem.I had a nice page,so it was very easy for me to make a poem out of it.After we had our words we colored out the other words we did not circle.And we made it colorful!That was basically it for Expressions, so now let's move into Math! Math was also based off of reading because math and reading go together.The reason why is because in math we read word problems and then solve.That is what we did in math, we reviewed what we learned before we went on break.And had word problems.

To end the day I had Science/Tech.We went to the media center and got into 3 groups of 8-10.We chose a historical fiction book and then we played a game of white elephant.We all got a number and lined up in that order.I got the book that I originally had.After we got our books we checked them out and started to read them.That was our wonderful day of reading.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Reading Day by Jakob

This week was our first week back from Winter Break. Although most people weren’t excited about it, I was happy to finally see all my friends and teachers after a very exciting holidays. I came into the classroom on Tuesday morning, like most others, tired and wishing I could still be snuggling in bed. Our first day back wasn’t just any normal day. It was a day of all days, where you could just snuggle up and relax while reading. It was Reading Day. You could just wake up and stay in your pajamas all day (as I did) and all that you had to bring to school was your body and a nice book or two. I was very happy as I sat down and read my Maze Runner book in my Raiders pajamas. Each period was spent doing something associated, as we spent most of our core time just plain reading. We even got to have an extended hot cocoa break and then play Kahoot as a grade. My team, (Me, Mateo, and Adam aka ADOME) didn’t win, but we still had a nice time playing the game together. All in all it was a very fun filled, enjoyable day and a nice way to come back after Winter Break.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Indian Cultural Day by Seneka

Of all the countries I’ve known India is one of the most culture bearing countries in the world, from three day weddings to symmetrical rangoli art. India not only created a unique culture, but it also created the best food in the world, potato samosas!!!

To wrap up our unit on ancient India we had an (amazing, unbelievable, fascinating, marvelous, incredible, shocking, prodigious, stunning, surprising, wonderful, and so much more) *in game show host voice* INDIAN CULTURAL DAY!!!!!! *applause*

I'm still to this day I’m amazed and shocked at how well it went. First we had a core, where we did a test on ancient India. Then we did symmetrical rangoli chalk art. We then went to the Multi-Purpose Room to show off our written skits and and our very own choreographed Jai ho dances. We then had a feast of naan and potato samosas (and some other stuff I didn’t try because I was busy eating naan and potato samosas. I mean what can I say they are delicious!!).

To wrap up this blog post I have a ‘Did You Know?’ fun facts we learned from our studies in ancient India.
  • Did you know that the reason they respect cows so much is because it’s Lord krishna's favorite animal? 
  • Did you know the most common religion in India, Hinduism, has 330 million gods? 
  • (This is not part of our studies but I mean what can say I’m in love with these things!) Did you know that samosas claimed to originate in the middle east and were brought to India by Muslim merchants (thank you, thank you, middle east for creating the best food in the world)!!