Monday, February 27, 2017

Astrobiology Mission Spacecraft 3D Design by Chloe

In Science/ Technology we have been learning about Astrobiology, and we have been creating missions that will study the surface of any planet or moon to send us any information about any signs of life. This project is called The Astrobiology Mission Spacecraft 3D Design. Basically, in the beginning of this unit, we were assigned groups such as Oxygen, Zinc, Hydrogen, etc. each group gets to choose between several different options for a target, a spacecraft, and a biosignature, and much more. My group chose the target Polar Ice Caps; Mars an orbiter as our spacecraft, and Chemistry as our biosignature.

 After we plan out what features our design will have, each person can either create a 3D design alone, or pick a partner from their team. Next, we had to create a 3D design, which in my opinion, was the most fun part of this project. My partner and I created an orbiter to explore the polar ice caps on Mars, and we created our designs in a website called Tinkercad. This process took between 1-3 days, depending on how complicated your design is and how efficiently you worked. Finally, the last step was to post your design in the discussion post on Schoology along with a description of what your target, spacecraft and biosignature are.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Exploravision by Jair

Polluto was an idea created by a 7th period team.
During the past few weeks we had to to do an assignment in Sci-Tech we called the “Exploravision Project”. Basically we had think of a new scientific invention to help the world. Mine was called "The Fire Getaways." My design is supposed to help stop the cause of fires. Why I got this idea is because there is a lot of wildfires going on every summer since summers are extra warm lately and there is not a lot of of ways to stop fires quickly. This can be very dangerous.

Also there are some other projects in our class that helped the problems of the earth. For example some of the other classmates had a inventions to stop too much pollution. Others thought to use the heat to start up cars with only using heat and other materials to help the environment scientifically. Another thing I would like to see happen in the world is for a transportation without using gas and some of the groups had projects about that.Too much pollution from things like cars that use gas is bad for the earth. It causes warming. Because it melts the ice for polar animals and kills trees and makes more heat in the atmosphere. If our designs could become real and help those problems that will be cool.
Some students made 3D designs like this one about desalinization.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Chinatown by Nicholas

We have had another amazing field lesson to San Francisco visiting one of its many attractions! This time we went to Chinatown last Monday. The field lesson was a fun shopping trip where we got to try out their foods and souvenirs. It felt like we were visiting another country. It was also a very lucky time to go because the light rain made the streets less crowded so we did not need to worry about the crowd. This was a unique field lesson and I had a fun time there and I am glad I went.

During the trip we explored Chinatown on a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was fun for me because we got to look for unique things you’d usually only see in China, like the Fortune Cookie Factory and a fresh fruit stand. This field lesson was amazing, but what I liked most was the Fortune Cookie Factory. The reason why is because I have never had different flavored fortune cookies and I was able to see how it was made. I love talking about the field lesson because it was a fun trip and I wish I could go again.

Friday, February 3, 2017

History Day by Adrian and Adriana

~From Adrian~

For the past two or three weeks we sixth graders have been working on a History day project. What we had to do was choose a leader who took a stand for society. For example some people did Mahatma Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr. For this project we also had the option to apply for the History Day exhibit where judges will look and choose a winner. However if you did not do extra credit you had to write a 200-300 word biography about your leader. You then had to write about what your leader took a stand for and how he did it. You also had to research many things about your leader, and with these sources you needed to make an annotated bibliography with MLA formating. For the project we also had to illustrate a poster of your leader, we mainly worked on it in expressions and it was very fun to do. My project was on Idi Amin, it took me very long to finish illustrating my project and making sure everything was right. For our illustration we also had to add a small phrase, and their name. This was a very big project so our core teachers gave us a lot of time and I am very grateful of it. Many people in my class did the competition option, they got a trifold and had many pictures, captions, and colors and it really turned out well. Doing this project helped a lot of people learn more about their leader, when I was researching I really learned a lot about my leader, and the past. I would say everyone who did this project took something with it and will keep it in them forever. This was a very interesting and fun project to do, I had a great time illustrating and researching.

~ From Ariana ~

The leader essays all turned out great! I am really surprised because many people decided to take the extra step and to the extra credit leader tri-fold for History Day. Mrs. Bibayoffs core class took a really cool step by adding animations to the leader posters, because she made us add a Chatterpix. My leader poster Chatterpix personally looks funny because my leader is Albert Einstein and he is a male and I did the voice other and you know it sounds really funny! The most popular leaders for the project were MLK and Gandhi. I think this is because there is a lot of information about them and they stood up for great things. Everyone picked a very interesting person to research on, such as: Katherine Johnson, Lucille Ball, Albert Einstein, Jackie Robinson, and many more! The people who took the extra step and competed on History Day, could have gotten the opportunity to win and compete in Inderkum High School in March.

I think the hardest part to the assignment was to learn what they really stood up for, because sometimes you don't really know right away. You need to research deeper into your leader, but that's how you learn things you didn't know before. This project was a great learning experience!

Here is some of the links to the chatter pics: