Friday, December 16, 2016

Book Review by Zahra': Red Queen

Image result for Red Queen bookFor this post I will be typing about the Red Queen book. This is for people who like fantasy books it is also for people who like royalty.  This book is about a girl named Mare Barrow is living her life with her parents sister and 3 brothers as a red. Red as the commoners while Silver is god like superpowers. Mare is a thief she steals from different reds she even stole from the silver but instead of her getting caught it was her sister Gisa a silver broke her hand. What happens when Mare is asked to go to the back to the castle where she stole from. I really like this book it has like some of my favorite genres like fantasy. The next book of this series is called Glass Sword, I haven’t read that book yet but I want to.

Poetry Recitation by Casey

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Amulet Books by Saganpreet

For this blog post, I will be talking about a Fantasy book called ‘’Amulet.’’ I have read the whole series and it is great. I personally like fantasy and graphic novel books, so I recommend this book to everyone if you like those kind of books. It is a very adventurous book, and personally I like adventure books. This is my favorite novel that I have ever read.

This book is about 2 kids- they are brother and sister and they just got out of a huge tragedy, because their dad dies. Emily discovers something that was hidden away a long time ago by her grandfather, and he was waiting for Emily to find “it” because he knew that she would definitely come. A mechanical rabbit brings Emily to her very sick grandfather. Her grandfather's last wish was that she completes a specific mission. I am not going to give it away so I suggest you GO and read the book.

Have Fun, I know you'll be hooked on this series too!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Science Family Night by Emi

My school Leading Edge had an event called Science Family Night last week. At the event students and their family got to explore stations and experiment. This took place in the cafeteria and in Mrs. Melina’s classroom. This event was hosted by Mrs. Bibayoff and Mrs. Molina (Science Teachers in LE) and the engineering club. 

20161201_181752.jpgThere were many stations to check out including bubble art, aerodynamics, 3D printing and so much more! It was set up by Mrs. Bibayoff, and it was open for anyone to join, like a volunteer sign up for people in engineering club. I participated and helped out at the dry ice bubbles for the first shift and bubble art station for the second shift. I worked with my friends Juna and Jennifer while we helped at the dry ice bubbles station and then we volunteered at the bubble art station next. After completing our last fun shift I got to explore different stations like

the oobleck station where we got to get our own oobleck and learn about the three states of matter. Also, for this event, LE had guests like Dickeys barbecue, Pasco Scientific, and a dental group called Image Orthodontists. Some of the guests provided food and prizes. One had fun science demonstrations. This was a great way for students and family to have fun while learning science and experimenting with the different subjects and that's why LE has set up this event like this. I really liked this event and it is so fun being in engineering club. I would love to do it again.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Trimester by Olivia

Exciting things are coming our way. Like the Marin Headlands trip! So exciting! Or the Chinatown field trip! I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about all of these exciting places we are going to visit! We are sure to have more rallies and fun school spirit activities! We just got back from Thanksgiving break and winter break is already creeping up on us! So many fun things to look forward to, it is the start of a new month and a new trimester! Exciting things await!

The first trimester has ended with all our fun and exciting first day jitters along with it. A new trimester has started and we are ready to rule it. To get good grades, but also to have fun! We are on the road to success, it’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible! Fun field trips and hard, long, homework await us in our long journeys, which we shall travel to succeed in the world.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

LE Knights Soccer Championship Game by Isabella

I am writing about the girls soccer Tournament. I was really excited and nervous about playing in the tournament. My team played really well the during the first game but not our best in the second game. After the first game was done I was really tired. But the second game was an ok game, i guess. Keep reading if you want to know what happened.
We played Capitol Christian School first and won 2-0. I played left outside midfielder. I did not score any goals but I was close. We made it to the championship with that win. We had to play against Mitchell, they were the only team that beat us during the regular season... we lost the game 2-0. They played really hard to win the championship. I played Left outside midfielder for about two minutes. We finished second place in the league tournament out of five teams.
 I thought that the season went really well. We played well the whole season. We lost one game. We finished nine and one and ended up in first place. The one was when we lost to Mitchell. The good thing is that we had a good time playing together and became friends. This helped me get better as a soccer player. I am looking forward to next year!

40 Book Challenge by Te'a

The 6th graders have been expected to try and read 40 books in the entire school year. That might sound easy for some, but there’s a catch. Not only do you have to log the books you’ve read so far in a paper log, but you also have to add the books you read into a Padlet; which is a website that allows the 6th graders to create personalized digital book logs that others can access with a QR code (here's a link to an example). Not only that, but you can’t just read “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” 40 times. No, you have to read 40 DIFFERENT books. And sorry to you comic book lovers, but you have to step out of your comfort zone because in order to complete the challenge, you have to read books of different genres, such as science fiction and mythology.

With all that set aside, the challenge is a great way to allow us 6th graders to start reading new styles of books, not only because we have to. Starting to read a new genre can introduce a whole different way that you think about reading. You might also be more drawn to reading after discovering that there isn’t just one style of writing a book. As we are now about a third into this year, we have had a lot of time to read in morning production, so some 6th graders should (hopefully) be even closer to the finish line. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading!

Odes from Mrs. Bibayoff's Core Class

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Odes by Meindl's Core Class

6th Grade Mandalas by Shaan

For this blog post, I will be talking about the gratitude mandala we did in Expressions. The gratitude mandala is where we make a design and write what we are thankful for inside of your design. Then, when you're done writing you color in your design with colored pencil, crayon, or marker.

The design I did on my mandala was a flower inside of a flower. On the inner flower I wrote the things that I am most thankful for on each petal. On the outer flower I wrote other things that I am thankful for on each petal. Then, I drew pictures to go with things I am thankful outside of the outer flower. I colored my mandala with tons of colors to represent how much things I am thankful for. In the inner flower I used marker and in the outer flower I used colored pencils.Gratitude Mandala’s represent the Leading Edge Pillar Creative Problem Solving because you have to be creative in trying to think of a design for your mandala. Thank you for reading my blog post, hope you like it.