Thursday, January 26, 2017

Marin Headlands Trip by Mateo M.

FUN GUY.jpgAt the beginning of the Marin Headlands trip we were introduced to many wonderful places where we can learn and explore such as the hikes, lighthouse and journal. The beginning of the Marin Headlands field trip was boring because we had to get our beds ready and dropped off our luggage in the dorms but luckily right after that we learned all of theNature Bridge rules and my group got to examine the blue whale bones first out of all the groups. I also learned that Poison Ivy has three leaves and can be red, orange or green. My group traveled to the beach right after the whale bones and my nature leader Sarah asked us to find a marine animal and make an examination on what it is using clues. The creature I found was a animal that was supposed to be under the water also known as intertidal creature a Hermit Crab. I even saw a crab in person that Adam was holding and Sarah didn’t know the species. Once the amazing experience at the beach was over we went to the The AniMal Room. It had different animals and the one I observed the most was the blue whale.I learned that Blue whales vein are so big that it can be as thick as a child. I also learned about other animals but they weren’t to interesting. When we finished we went straight to dinner and didn’t learn anything.Animal Room.jpg

On the second day my group hiked to the Lighthouse and they told us the entrance was made by Chinese Immigrants thousands of years ago. Once we got to the Lighthouse on the other side we had to write in a journal. I was going to talk about how I thought the pollution would ruin my day but I didn’t add thecarbon cycle or pollution types because I had a good day and I could breathe easily the whole day and plus the journal should be about my experiences. Right after that we went to eat dinner and the next morning we took a final hike ate lunch together and left, now I am back to my old life.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Pop Art Exhibit by Tovya

In Expressions we have been working on Candy pop-art. We first picked our favorite candy, I picked the crispy M&Ms because they had a bright green wrapper. Next we had to draw the candy we picked. We needed to make it look as realistic as possible. We had to draw all the details. Then we had to go over our drawings with a sharpie and then color it with oil pastels. We had to pick bright colors for the background too.
 I had a lot of fun making this project. All of our art work looked like the real candy. After we were done, our art projects were put in an exhibit. The seventh and eighth graders also had done pop art to display in the exhibit. Our parents can come and look at all of our art work. I think I did pretty well on my project. All of our pop art projects were really good. This was a really fun Expressions project.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sixth Grade Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

In Honor of MLK JR - Meindl's Core

More About Reading Day! by Juna

When it was January 3rd Leading Edge had their first Pajama/Reading Day! It's where each class had to involve reading and we got to wear comfy clothing.Let’s see what happened.

In Core, we got to read for most of the time, but we had to sit in different places in the classroom with different people.It was nice for me because I got to read an abundance amount from my book.Close to the end of Core, all of the Core classes met in Mrs.Lepriere’s room.We got in teams and played a kahoot game about books.It made us feel very energized.After we finished the game we went back to reading and went to lunch.

After lunch I went to P.E, I didn't really think that we will do something based off of reading,but we did.We read about yoga, and learned some moves ourselves.Right after we played a game! It's where there are four stations and someone in the middle closes their eyes and counts to 15.After they count to 15 they choose a corner, and the people who are in that corner are out.When you are out you get to read your free choice book.We played that till the end of the period.

In Expressions, we started on a new art project where you have a page from a book and you make a poem.I had a nice page,so it was very easy for me to make a poem out of it.After we had our words we colored out the other words we did not circle.And we made it colorful!That was basically it for Expressions, so now let's move into Math! Math was also based off of reading because math and reading go together.The reason why is because in math we read word problems and then solve.That is what we did in math, we reviewed what we learned before we went on break.And had word problems.

To end the day I had Science/Tech.We went to the media center and got into 3 groups of 8-10.We chose a historical fiction book and then we played a game of white elephant.We all got a number and lined up in that order.I got the book that I originally had.After we got our books we checked them out and started to read them.That was our wonderful day of reading.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Reading Day by Jakob

This week was our first week back from Winter Break. Although most people weren’t excited about it, I was happy to finally see all my friends and teachers after a very exciting holidays. I came into the classroom on Tuesday morning, like most others, tired and wishing I could still be snuggling in bed. Our first day back wasn’t just any normal day. It was a day of all days, where you could just snuggle up and relax while reading. It was Reading Day. You could just wake up and stay in your pajamas all day (as I did) and all that you had to bring to school was your body and a nice book or two. I was very happy as I sat down and read my Maze Runner book in my Raiders pajamas. Each period was spent doing something associated, as we spent most of our core time just plain reading. We even got to have an extended hot cocoa break and then play Kahoot as a grade. My team, (Me, Mateo, and Adam aka ADOME) didn’t win, but we still had a nice time playing the game together. All in all it was a very fun filled, enjoyable day and a nice way to come back after Winter Break.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Indian Cultural Day by Seneka

Of all the countries I’ve known India is one of the most culture bearing countries in the world, from three day weddings to symmetrical rangoli art. India not only created a unique culture, but it also created the best food in the world, potato samosas!!!

To wrap up our unit on ancient India we had an (amazing, unbelievable, fascinating, marvelous, incredible, shocking, prodigious, stunning, surprising, wonderful, and so much more) *in game show host voice* INDIAN CULTURAL DAY!!!!!! *applause*

I'm still to this day I’m amazed and shocked at how well it went. First we had a core, where we did a test on ancient India. Then we did symmetrical rangoli chalk art. We then went to the Multi-Purpose Room to show off our written skits and and our very own choreographed Jai ho dances. We then had a feast of naan and potato samosas (and some other stuff I didn’t try because I was busy eating naan and potato samosas. I mean what can I say they are delicious!!).

To wrap up this blog post I have a ‘Did You Know?’ fun facts we learned from our studies in ancient India.
  • Did you know that the reason they respect cows so much is because it’s Lord krishna's favorite animal? 
  • Did you know the most common religion in India, Hinduism, has 330 million gods? 
  • (This is not part of our studies but I mean what can say I’m in love with these things!) Did you know that samosas claimed to originate in the middle east and were brought to India by Muslim merchants (thank you, thank you, middle east for creating the best food in the world)!!