Friday, September 25, 2015

Book Review by Daniel and Ethan S.

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Image result for harry potter and the sorcerer's stoneHello everybody this is Daniel’s and Ethan’s book review about one of our favorite book series........Harry Potter. The book is the first and is called Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone.This book is about a boy named Harry Potter born to wizards but they were killed by the one who shall not be named when he was just a baby. Somehow, when Vold-he who shall not be named tried to kill Harry, he lost his powers and his body. All that was left of Volde-he who cannot be named was his spirit and he fled. Harry Potter was given to his Aunt and Uncle by Albus Dumbledore one night and they have been mean to him every since he has arrived. He has to live under the staircase and is bossed around a lot. He lives with his mean cousin Dudley Dursley. One time all a letter from Hogwarts comes saying to come and become a wizard like his parents but right when he is about to open it his uncle snatches it and burns it in the fireplace. After that they keep on coming so his aunt and uncle decide to move to an island in the ocean. So they do and one night on Harry Potter’s birthday Rubius Hagrid comes and takes him to Hogwarts.

As Harry starts getting new friends named Ron and Hermione and learning about the wizard world, he starts learning about Volde-he who cannot be named. He finds out that one of his teachers was working for Voldem-he who shall not be named. One day, he noticed the teacher run off and followed him. Harry finds out that Voldemo-he who shall not be named is trying to get the Sorcerer’s Stone which gives eternal life. The Sorcerer’s Stone is located in a secret place in Hogwarts and is protected by many spells and puzzles. Harry tells his friends Ron and Hermione about Voldemor-he who shall not be named’s plan. Do you think they can stop Voldemort-he who shall not be named? Read the book to find out more.

Daniel and Ethan would recommend this book to people who like fiction and action. People who like romance and love might not find this as a great book. Also, people who don’t like really long books might not enjoy this. It’s your decision if you want to read the book or not.

In conclusion, we liked the book very much. It was very descriptive and very full of ,”What will happen next”? sentences. Also, its introduction to the wizard world and everything in it was amazing. If you are fascinated by what you hear about this book, then go ahead and read it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

LEA Clubs by Zander

If you thought that Leading Edge was just school you were wrong. There are a lot of clubs. Just note that the ones that I go over are not all of the clubs. These are just the clubs that I know of so I could get information to write about, so just note that not all of the clubs are listed here.

The first I am going to go over is Taiko. This club is the club that is most frequent. It mainly happens every Wednesday morning from 8am to 9:15 am In I-1. However sometimes it happens on Thursday and Tuesday at lunch in I-1. Taiko is drumming. You should hear what music they make. It is music to the ears, literally. There will be auditions soon, and I wonder who will get cut…

The next club is 3D printer club. In this club you can make 3D designs on the computer and print them (Note this process takes a while). This club is in I-3, every Tuesday at lunch. This club allows you to make little models and take them home. So if you like modeling except dont have the time to model, or like to model but are just bad at it this is the club for you.

The third club is Glee club. This club allows you to express yourself in different ways such as singing. This club is highly new so if you are interested definitely join. This club is at I-4 Tuesday at lunch (next to 3D printer club). Because the club is new, there is not much info I can give you, Sorry.

The fourth club that I am going to be going over is Magizine club. This club is meant for people who want to write for the school magazine. The magazine is currently the Charter Chronicles but the name may be changed. This club is in H-3 (enter at the second door) Thursday at lunch. However if you are going to come to this club, you better hurry, not because it's cut and the slots are filling up, no (this isn't even cut) but because everybody has a job for the magazine so definitely hurry.
And finally we have my favorite club. CHESS CLUB!!!!. THATS RIGHT, THERE IS CHESS CLUB. Chess club is kinda self explanatory but I do have some stuff to say about it. Chess club is not for beginners at chess, I repeat IT IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS AT CHESS. This club is for the entire school. That means 6-8th graders are welcome. The best chess players in the school will come to chess club and see if anybody is better than them. The balance between strong players and weak players that vs. me are equal.

Friday, September 18, 2015

3D Design Club by Cameron

Do you know what a 3D printer is? The 3D printer is small but unique. The 3D printer melts a plastic substance called filament which forms any shape or object. I was able to experience this myself for the first time in 3D Printer Club. What I enjoy most about this club is when you start off you instantly get shown how to work Tinkercad (which is a website) and you create a name tag. Well, you can pretty much print anything you can think of. 

The designs print in white but you can color them yourself if you want. There are also some different colors of filament. I like that I can experiment with different shapes and sizes to personalize my own objects. Sounds cool right? You should join us Tuesdays at lunch in Ms. Bibayoff’s classroom, for 3D Printer Club!

I asked people what they like best about the club and here are some of their answers.

”I can make objects I can’t draw on a piece of paper.”

”I feel expressive. The options are limitless!”

Clearly I’m not the only one who loves it! So remember, come check it out next Tuesday. See you there! :)

Boys' Soccer Team Interview by Reyna and Nuha

The Team

Reyna and I interviewed the boy’s soccer team and their coach, and they had a lot of interesting responses. Here are the team's answers:

Reyna: Why do you like soccer?
Jaren: It is very fun.
Danny: It is very exciting.
Blake: I like kicking things.
Trevor: I get to play against different people.
Reyna: What is your favorite part of being on the team?
Danny: I get to play with my friends.
Trevor: I like winning the games.

The Coach

We also asked the coach, Mr. Shane, some questions. He gave us a good response. Here is what he said.

Nuha: What inspired you to become a coach?
Mr.Shane: The cause of me being a coach is loving sports.
Nuha: Did you play soccer when you were little?
Mr.Shane: Of course I did.
Nuha: Is it hard becoming a coach?
Mr.Shane: No, but you have to learn the game’s rules.
Nuha: Why did you become a coach in the first place?
Mr.Shane: I like being part of the game.

Expressions by Gurkirat

This year in expressions class, we are doing lot of cool things. We are learning new and different techniques of art. The unit we are doing right now in expressions is very interesting. We are doing apple art. It is like drawing an apple by looking at an actual apple that’s right in front of you and you have to add all the features you can. You also get to color it or paint it and do many more stuff to it.  

Last week, we also finished up our one point perspective that came out great for everyone. It looks like you are looking forward in the picture. Someone even drew a Minecraft one that looks really good. We also had a chess unit that we play chess technically all period. And we also made this opt hand art thing that some of them were actually like it was 3D. On the first week of school we made a Modigliani self portrait of ourselves with oil pastels.While doing art we get to listen to happy Meindl music. I start to enjoy art more after coming to expressions class.

Thanks for reading.

(Photos by Gurkirat too!)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

"Create a Culture" Presentations by Mayee and Krystal

Last week we watched interesting presentations from our “Create a Culture” project, where we had to create cultures and talk about them. Each and every one captured every aspect of the unique culture, and made each one special. There were six groups (in each Core class), each made of 4-5 people. Some of the groups brought food and did rituals, and one of the groups even face painted. 

One of the presentations was on Rotomokan culture, which is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. We got to learn a lot about Rotomokan culture, including what types of clothes they wore, the food they ate, and what games they played. They made shirts with their flag and brought food that resembled one of their culture’s foods. We learned that they weren’t allowed to be naked, and that they love to eat turtles. I found a lot about Rotomokan culture, and I really thought that they were good.

The "Peaceful tribe" had 5 people. Some of the them made coins, model houses which were really creative, and others brought special possessions to share with the class.Their tribe was located in China.

The Sol tribe taught us about fire and how they were able to control it too. They also brought great artifacts that made their presentation pop.

The Chickasha Tribe had an extraordinary presentation. The thing I loved the most is that they were very creative. They had a lot of interesting facts. They brought flags and food and had a nice, short, quick, but fun presentation.

"Shuba! Ala qua suf?" That’s how you say ¨Hi! How are you?” in Jaguhissogan. The Jaguhissog culture is another culture I loved to watch present. Their presentation was very colorful and had lots of images. I loved their presentation because it was very thought out and detailed. They were located in the Amazons, and they had lots of trees in the area. They believed in many things, and they were very religious. They believed in a creature so powerful, it had the powers of all animals in the amazons. It granted wishes to anybody that did good, but killed enemies. The Jaguhissog culture also believed that you had to get a jaguar head to become an adult. I thought that it was pretty cool that you needed a jaguar head to become an adult, but in all honesty, if I were a Jaguhissogan, I would be to scared of jaguars to actually kill one.

Another group that I really liked were the Lahaina culture group. Their culture originated in Lahaina, Hawaii. When they presented, I felt like I was in Hawaii, too! They presented with ease, and they even did some extra slides. Since they lived in Hawaii, fruits were a big influence, they incorporated fruits into games and foods. The Lahainas even played a game to see who could throw fruit the farthest, and they also ate fruits like taro, papayas, and coconuts. The Lahainas seemed really nice, too. They didn’t allow discrimination or crime, so I’d say the Lahainas believed in a truly peaceful culture.

Friday, September 11, 2015

LE Girls Volleyball Team ~ By Mia & Sofia

Volleyball from Mia’s Point of View

The LE Girls Volleyball Team’s season is off to a great start! Our first game against Capital was a great game with Rori serving a bunch of aces. An ace means when someone serves but no one on the other team is able to return it. Aces are worth points instantly! By the way, Capital’s gym had this really cool and pretty intense cougar on the wall. Our second game was off to a rough beating, I didn't know the score to these games though. The best part is everyone has nicknames like Stretch, Popcorn, Soap, Bubbles, Pickles, Mel, Mimi, Flare, Roar, Kit-Kat, and Mikachu. Trust me you think that is a lot there is still like 8 or 9 more nicknames left. Everyone is having a great time playing volleyball!

Volleyball from Sofia’s Perspective

Volleyball is super fun! What makes volleyball fun? Well if you ask me making your serve. When you make your serve it’s like the best flavor of ice cream you ever had. I love the one serve when you make it over the net and it just makes it over the net and the other team can’t get the ball. It’s also great when you make the perfect ace.

[Photo Credits: Mrs. Munoz, AJ's mother compiled into video by Mrs. Bibayoff]