Friday, April 17, 2015

Rock the Drop By: Jonathan & JohnPatrick

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Caption: JohnPatrick found these two of Percy Jackson series books (Titan’s Curse and The Battle of the Labyrinth)!

Rock the Drop is an event by our library where students can find free books hidden around the school! The rules were every person can get no more than 2 books for free! If you find an extra book you can give it to a friend or return it to the library. The Library is giving away their books and we can find the books that where at anywhere in and outside of classes. The places could be on the Expression table and some were on cafeteria tables. I found my book near the boys bathroom.

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Many sixth graders that we have heard have found at least two-one or two books. People such as Axel, Trevor, Jayden G, JohnPatrick. Jonathan, and I believe that more books will be found around campus for the next couple of days and new people will be going home with books they have never heard of. When we found books that we saw on the table, we knew they could be at anywhere. If you found a book you could keep it, you could give it to a friend, or you could return the book/books to the library.

This event will also help people be able to log more books and score another book for their class. There were lot of genres out there to be found including fantasy, fiction, non fiction, etc. The books were marked with high school books and middle school books so you know if you're allowed to keep it or leave for higher aged people that is not for you. Remember for next year: Keep looking for books and you may be able to find one!


  1. Hi All , this was a great event which happened in school. I think that we are the only school to have had that great opportunity, and if not, we probably were one of the very few schools which had this event take pace. Hopefully everyone got a book or two. One thing I noticed, was that many people shared their books they found with other students in the school. I saw people finding books in classrooms too. One of the books I found were very unique. Well, I only found one book, but it was a cool one. It was named "Home Room Diaries", and it was written by James Patterson. I was
    wondering why the book was in an odd shape, and it looked like it was a typed story, on regular paper. Mrs. Bibayoff told me that the book might have been a pre published version. The author probably sent it to the librarian in our school a long time ago before the book was published to get a readers opinion on it. I feel that it is very unique to have that type of book. Anyway, what books did you all find, were they cool? Have fun reading them too.

  2. The Rock the Drop activity was a fun and creative new way for students to get new books to expand their reading interests. My friends and I found a few books lying around near trees that we picked up and were very happy to get them. Great blog! :D

  3. Sai Srikrishna GujjeMay 4, 2015 at 10:27 PM

    Good Blog! That was a really fun event I got a lot of books, but didn't keep them.