Monday, January 4, 2016

Indian Culture Day from Two Perspectives: Bella and Carter

On the Friday before winter break, we had Indian cultural day. It was really fun. First we went outside to make our Rangoli designs that we came up with in math class. Rangoli is an Indian design in chalk that is used at special events. I worked with Melina, Sophia B. and Rachel L.They were great partners to have because they were so easy to work with and our design turned out nice.

Next, we watched performances like a seventh and an eighth grader who danced in traditional styles. Also all of the sixth-graders performed a Jai Ho group dance. All of the Expressions classes did well at their dances and added their own special touches to make each unique.

At the end of the events after the performances, we ate yummy Indian food. Indian cultural day was really fun and I hope we get to do more events like it!


In math we have prepared for indian Cultural day by making rangoli then we teamed up and made teams of 4. We picked one rangoli for us to enlarge on the concrete outside. The design was going to be drawn and colored in by chalk. so we have chosen which drawing we are going to do because on friday we will draw them.

In Expressions we are practicing the dance called jai Ho that we are going to perform on indian culture day in the cafeteria. We are almost done with the whole dance and Period 4 is doing a ½ circle that the singles will come out of. We have been practicing for 2 weeks now and are getting closer to the end. Hopefully we are ready for friday.    


  1. I also liked the 8th grade dancer

  2. I also liked the 8th grade dancer and the dances from people. This was an amazing day.

  3. You did a great job on your blog. The pictures you added were great. I also enjoyed Indian Cultural Day. The dance from expressions was super fun and I enjoyed it! :)

  4. Indian Cultural Day was so much fun!