Friday, November 6, 2015

Girls Soccer Team by : Samuel S. and Kimberly C.

Embedded image permalinkThe Natomas Charter Soccer Girls Soccer Team has been very successful this year in making the school proud and glow with pride. They have lost 2 games, but won 3! Near the end of the first trimester, at Leading Edge, of the members like to play soccer. If the girls soccer team are enjoying this sport already, it can mean two things: That these girls are really self-confident about playing soccer, and it can also mean that this sport (soccer) is really pleasing.

Girls soccer is a pretty good sport and that is one of the many reasons why some of the Natomas Charter girls plays it and loves doing it. So we interviewed two of the players:

What made you join the soccer team?

Reyna: I get to play with my friends and win games!

Sofia : I wanted to get better at my soccer skills and be awesome!

Did you play soccer before you joined the NCS girls soccer team? Why?

Reyna:Yes, I did I played soccer on my dad’s team. I thought it would be very fun.

Sofia: Yes, I played on a soccer team before I joined the soccer team.

Lastly, do you like playing with your team and for the school?

Reyna:Yes, I love soccer and I like playing with my friends and I feel like we’re a big family

Sofia: Yes, I do because it is a good way to make new friends and for me continuing playing what I love.


  1. Samu and Kimberley
    Great job on effectively helping people who did not know about the soccer team and now they know about and I liked how you guys asked Sofia and I.

  2. I like how, you interview people from the team.But, why didn't you interview other people in the soccer team? But I really do think your Blog is very effective!

  3. Kimberley&Samu,
    I was on the Girls Soccer Team, I was the goalie. I like how you typed about how they were doing and explaining how the players were self-confident about soccer.

  4. I liked how you guys interviewed some of the players.You also used some visionary words like self-confident.You also picked my favorite sport.Great Job guys.

  5. Kimberly and Samuel,
    Thanks for giving me (and some other people) an inside perspective of what it is like in a soccer team. I like how you two asked some questions to some of the girls in the soccer team. Good effort!

  6. Kimberly and Samuel,

    I really liked how you decided to interview two of the people from the soccer team, I would never have thought of that. I think that is a very creative idea. The two people that you interviewed (Sofia and Reyna) were visionary, they seemed so excited to be in the girls soccer team! Other than the interview, a part of the blog says ''The Natomas Charter Soccer Girls Soccer Team has been very successful this year in making the school proud and glow with pride.'' I agree with this. The soccer team has been very effective this year. Overall, I enjoyed reading this blog although I am not into sports that much.