Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Junior Volleyball Awards Ceremony by Rachel

On October 20, 2015, the girls junior volleyball players of Leading Edge Charter School met up for a ceremony celebrating this year’s games. The season had been good with only one loss. The players were all excited to see each other after the it and even more excited to hear what the coach had to say.
 We all met up at Round Table Pizza. The line was super long, but it was worth the wait. The team had a reserved room that was fairly large. My team mates and I socialized, ate, and discussed the three trophies that lay on the table near the door. The three trophies were named Coach's Award, MVP (Most Valuable Player), and Most Improved. These would be handed out later to the three special players.  
 Time ran on and it was time for the ceremony. All the parents sat on chairs and the players sat on the floor. Coach Jim walked to the front of the room and welcomed everyone to the ceremony. He announced that he was going to give out certificates to the players along with pins that that the school had ever-so-nicely given to us. We were called up one by one in alphabetical order... by NICKNAMES! I remember the first name being Berry-starting with B. He would work his way down the line until the very last person. To just my luck, I was the last person!! My nickname was Zelda Apple Slice (Zelda was what they called me) and “Z” is the letter at the end of the alphabet. Each time someone went up, coach had something wonderful to say about them. At last it was my turn and he gave me a few compliments inside his speech. It was great! I received my pin and certificate then walked back to my seat.

It was finally time for the coach to give out the trophies! Everybody was on the edge of their seat, waiting to see who would be called on. First, he gave the Most Improved Award. It went to “Berry” or Bethany. In my opinion, she deserved it. She had improved that year and she was doing really good. Next, the Coach’s Award went to “Moe” or Mia. This was for coming on time and for working hard in the coach’s opinion. She was also worthy for the prize. Last, but CERTAINLY not least was Rory. She had won the MVP, most valuable player. She is absolutely amazing. Her serves make aces and her sets make points. She was undoubtedly worthy for her trophy.

After, we all took pictures with Coach Jim and went home. That night was fun and special for the whole team. Everyone would remember it next year and years after.


  1. You sure sound like you had a great time! Will there be ceremonies with other sports?

    1. I do not know if the other sports have awards ceremonies! However, I hope they do because all the players have well-earned it!