Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Women in History

Our classes had the opportunity to work with the amazing VLA senior, Madison Hale. Her senior project is on powerful women in history. Below is our shared slideshows of what we learned about these inspiring women.

~ Bibayoff Core ~

~ Hanson Core ~

~ Meindl Core ~


  1. I found all these slides very interesting and this shows that girls have rights and people should really Tribune girls instead of doing the opposite

  2. I liked learning about the antithesis of what most people think as science tests in history.

  3. I like the idea of tribunes coming into a classroom and teaching children the difference in rights of men and women. When Madison came into the classroom, she explained that if people of young ages do not know about women's rights, they have a chance of growing up and actually think that it is fair (I know I worded that badly but, it is what I remember).

  4. I liked how they made them an antithesis of what people thought of women back then.