Friday, February 26, 2016

Marin Headlands by Savun and Kenneth

In Marin Headlands there were many fun and exciting things that our groups did. Savun’s group was the Sparkling Nutella Eating Unicorns. On the first day as a group, our team took a hike around the lagoon and stopped in front of the lagoon to sketch out what we see and to figure out what type of a tree there was beside the trail . We got to eat dinner, which was hot dogs, and for our activity we did the campfire. Savun participated in the Watcha’ doin’ game and got 2nd place. After that it was lights out and everyone had to go to sleep. Some people didn’t even get sleep at all!

Day 2 of Marin Headlands was very chaotic. Everyone woke up at around 7:30am and prepared for the day. All the boys were doing something to pass the time till the 9:00am breakfast. For breakfast, we had cereal, eggs, and fruit. Then it was time to go out for another day of adventure. We at Kenneth’s group called Poison Oak went to hike and did fun activities in the lagoon. We ate lunch, a turkey sandwich prepared by our mentor. It filled up our appetite! After the lunch break, we hiked back to the cabin then ate a delicious cookie. All of us rested and recovered, then ate soft tacos for dinner. Just when we think it was all over, we went on a night hike. Our group learned lots of tactics such as listening to the nature sounds and walking silently to not disturb the night creatures. After all of the exhausting activities, it was time for lights out.

Day 3 was probably the saddest day of the whole trip to Marin Headlands. It was the day where we had to pack up our stuff, eat one last delicious breakfast, and leave for the long trip back home. But before we left we were informed of the sad news of a surfer who was stranded in the ocean and was found on the beach after he had passed away that morning. But all we did that morning was sit down and listen about how we could help out our communities and how we were already doing every day. Marin Headlands was probably one of the saddest places to leave for us after having so much fun and learning so much there.

Kenneth, Ethan S. and Carter enjoying delicious hot dogs on the first night there.


  1. I had an amazing time and I love how you described it in detail what sucks is that the other plate in the picture was mine I went to get a drink

  2. I really like how you put your experience into a blog. I also like the picture.

  3. I had a really fun time at Marin Headlands. I like how you were relevant to the subject on Marin Headlands.

  4. Good job Kenneth and Savun your descriptions were very detailed
    and I think that in the picture where you guys were eating that we had a omnivorous diet to eat a lot of vegetables and meats.

  5. I really like the pictures and the interesting article at marin headlands. It was very antithesis than the other article of marin headlands. Good job Savun and Kenneth.

  6. Nice article Savun and Kenneth! I could have never predicted that Marin Headlands was going to be so fun!