Thursday, May 12, 2016

Brain Investigations by Santiago

Recently in Science and Technology we studied the brain. We got in groups and investigated a part of the brain and tested a question we had about that piece of the brain.

For example, the part of the brain my group did was the Amygdala. The Amygdala is key to processing emotions. In an article we read that your mood affects test scores. We used the scientific method.

First, we designed a hypothesis, our hypothesis was that playing a game before a memory test will improve scores when compared to the scores of the memory test without playing a game. We chose a game, because if you pick a good game that everyone likes, then everyone will have fun and they’ll be in a good mood. Next, we ran our experiments with 6 test subjects. Then, we analyzed our results and found our hypothesis to be correct. Then we repeated the whole thing.

I interviewed some other sixth graders about their team's brain investigations:

“What did you do for your brain-investigation?” -ME

“Sleep stuff, we tested if certain activities before sleep affected how you slept. We used watching youtube videos and reading. We found that reading before sleep is better than watching videos.” -Savun

“What did you do for the Brain-Investigation?” -ME

“Memory between males and females. So we had them each take memory tests.” -Ethan

“What did you find?” -ME

“Overall Females had a better memory than males.” -Daniel [who worked with Ethan]

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