Friday, May 20, 2016

Endangered Species by Evynn

        Recently in Science/Tech, we have been working on endangered species folders. Each student gets to choose an endangered animal to do research about. We could either work with a partner or work by yourself. By doing much research, we have to come up with an idea to save the species we chose. The information the students received were printed out and glued on a special folder. The folder is made out of colored construction paper. There are flaps on the outside for the cover and sections on the inside for all of the information we researched. It amazes me on how many animals are endangered to this day. I asked some students on how they feel about people killing innocent animals and the animals that are going extinct because of it. Here are some responses:

“I feel that humans are selfish and that they would kill an animal’s mom just for a meal.” -Aidan

“I feel sad and weird. Mainly sad.” -Mia

“I feel that they are not recognized as they are supposed to be.” -Rachel L.

“I don’t know...I feel terrible. It’s not very nice.” -Braden

“ I feel like most of the reasons are because of Trees and habitats. It's actually really unfortunate that people in the future won't really know some of the animals we have today.” -Mayee

“Sad.” -Melina

“I feel that some that are truly endangered should be monitored”. -AJ

I did my report with Sofia.F on the Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth. It is one of the slowest mammals on earth and they are critically endangered. They have this status because of its separation from mainland species. Their top speed is 0.15 miles per hour. I learned that people can make laws and orders about not killing animals, but others still do it anyways. Some people these days are selfish and do whatever they want. We had to come up with good ideas to keep these animals safe, without people and other things trying to kill them. This project tied in with about all of the Leading Edge pillars. This project not only made us think about other humans, but other animals in need of saving.

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