Friday, June 10, 2016

Solar Ovens by Reyna and Cameron

By Reyna Velazquez
Sixth Graders made their own Solar ovens in Science Tech the last week of school. Sixth Graders made them with different materials to make the ovens. Some used pizza boxes and cardboard ones.
Materials that were mostly used were foil paper, clear wrap, and mirrors. Many used black paint too to make the heat attract, clear stuff to trap heat, and foil/mirrors to reflect heat into the box to make the oven even hotter. Here on the right, is the graph of how hot the temperature is inside the box.

Mrs.Bibayoff gave each group a device to put inside their box to see how hot it gets. It works with a bluetooth chip that you have to put in the chromebook. It will connect to the thermometer device inside the box. Different teams cooked different things in the ovens.
I saw that in period 6, some groups had made chocolate chip cookies. In period 7 some people made popcorn, hot dogs, pancakes, and s’mores. The highest temperature out of all of the classes was almost 200 degrees F. That is almost 93 degrees C. All of the classes designs were very cool and I think that everybody did a great job. Making my own Solar oven makes me want to make more things handmade. Everybody tried their hardest on the oven and made something great. Awesome Job to everyone. Below: This is my group's solar oven. Great job guys!

By Cameron Wyatt

We recently did a solar oven project to go along with our heat unit and insulation. With our groups we constructed boxes with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, black paint, and other items that reflect, create, and trap heat. Our goal was to get the box as hot as possible without the heat leaving the box. Most groups got there boxes very hot. My group got 170 degrees fahrenheit. Tanner Shaw said, ”It was fun because I had so many options to make my design.” Sanjeev told me, ”I had fun working the thermometer.”

The way we measured the temperatures was by using a wireless thermometer connected to the chromebooks. It was run through an application called sparkVue that automatically graphed and showed data in celsius and fahrenheit. The application also allowed a notebook mode for taking our screenshots.

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