Thursday, October 27, 2016

Spirit Week by Gurneet Bring

Spirit week is here! Spirit week basically means to do something special each day according to the schedule. So this week is Natomas Charter’s spirit week. All students don’t have to participate but students who do dress up, do crazy things, and support our spirit week. Here are some of the spirit days.

Monday was wear school colors according to grade level which was 6th graders wear white, 7th graders wear black, and 8th graders wear red. Another option was just to wear any school shirt, sweatshirt, and any jersey. Lots of people supported this day and represented our school colors. Now let me tell you about Tuesday.

On Tuesday you are supposed to dress like a twin/clone. How you do that is you pick your friend or a student and find any clothing or accessory you guys have alike. For example you could wear the same pants, shirt, and accessory or something that looks similar. That is basically how you support twin/clone day. Now here’s Wednesday.

Wednesday is crazy hair day. To support it you do crazy things with your hair. For example you can dye it, shape it into different ways, make mini ponytails here and there, and use gel to make crazy shapes. It is originally called “Frightful hair Day” because your hair can be really crazy and unique that it is frightful. The next spirit day is Thursday.

On Thursday you wear clothing inside out or backwards or you could do both. For example you would turn a shirt inside out and make the tag part where your face is to make it backwards. On Friday it is “Crazy Socks Day”. On Friday you can wear different sizes, colors, and shapes of socks. And since on Monday it is Halloween you get to wear your Halloween costume. That is the Natomas charter School- Leading Edge spirit week.

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  1. Since I am in leadership I had a very fun time helping put the rally together. The haunted entrance was very fun to create!