Friday, April 7, 2017

Ancient Greece Escape Room by Adam H

This week Mrs. Prettol set up an Escape Room for the Sixth graders,(including me obviously) that included two parts. A sort of ranking part and then the actual escape room. The ranking part was held the first day, and the winner of this event got a 15 seconds head start than the next ranking team in the actual escape room. The 1st day/part was fun, there were four puzzles to complete. All the puzzles were challenging and fun, but the last were the hardest. My team, Mytilene, came in first place the first day, so our team had the advantage the second day. Unfortunately, the advantage wasn’t enough for us to win the whole thing, we came in last place the second day. The second day was fun and frustrating for some groups, like mine. So, our group went in first(the second day) and then we finished the first puzzle in under three minutes, we were surely in the lead. After that, we started on the second puzzle and got stumped for a good twenty minutes. Fortunately for us, the third puzzle was really hard so we still had a chance to win it because everyone else was still working on that puzzle. Eventually, time ran out, and we never made it to puzzle four. In the process though, even if a group won or lost, I think the whole sixth grade had a lot of fun. It was really fun to work in groups and race to solve the 8 puzzles.


  1. I like how you described how difficult each puzzle was.

  2. Dear Adam H.,
    You used very descriptive details in your blog, like how you went and showed how hard the puzzles. When I played it we got first even though we went in the second as second place players for the first day. However, we also had dome trouble with that second puzzle. What item or grocery did you use for the last puzzle of the all?

  3. I loved how you described the puzzles of how hard they were and the details of them. The puzzles that we did were pretty difficult but fun at the same time. I would recommend this activity to others who love doing puzzles and solving mysterious. Would you recommend this activity to other kids besides us, and how many puzzles were there until the end of the quest?

  4. This was a very good and descriptive blog. We really liked how you explained your group's process while you were going through the escape room. Our groups sadly didn't get any advantages like your group but we did come close to first place. If you would've beat the second puzzle easily, do you think you would have won? I totally agree that the last puzzles were the hardest. Our groups had a lot of trouble with the temple making puzzle.