Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mini Math Olympics by Prisha Singh

At Leading Edge, along with our Greek Olympics, we experienced a mini Math Olympics. In the Mini Math Olympics, we had competitions in which we had to do a series of awesome activities, such as shot put, discus, and some other amazing activities. Before, we did any of those activities, we each received a piece of paper in which we had to write down our scores from each of the many amazing games. Before we started the games, we estimated what would be our score.Since we were doing this in our math classroom, we had to change the activities a little bit. For example, we had to use cotton balls for the shot put activity and we used a paper plate for the discus activity. We grabbed as many marbles as we could and then we used a computer to convert their weight into grams. We also made a game where we had to grab a sponge out of super cold water and we were only allowed one squeeze and they measured in milliliters how much of the water we had squeezed. After we had done all of the activities,we wrote all of our scores. Then we found the difference between our estimates and our actual amount. The boy and girl with the least number of difference would be the winner of the Math Olympics and receive a Prize. In each period, there would be two winners, So six winners all together.

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  1. Would you be willing to share your handouts and also your PPTs. I can see you adapted an AIMS activity. i would like to use them for a Girls and Math Camp next week.

    Thank you!
    Mary McMahon,