Friday, May 5, 2017

Testing Week by Harsimrat

May 2nd to May 5th was testing week at Leading Edge. We took tests called the CAASP test. On
Wednesday and Friday we went to all of our classes like it was a regular. On Tuesday and Thursday we stayed in our core class the whole day. Everyday we had a test but after lunch we would listen to 8th graders portfolio’s. The 8th graders did very good jobs on their portfolio's. When we first started on Tuesday I loved it because after we were done with a test we could draw or read. I chose to draw a funny cat but I crumbled it up and threw it away. During the tests backpacks had to be against the wall and we had to put our device in our backpack. After we sat down our teacher would check how much we rode our bikes for May is “Bike Month”. The sad thing was when we had a power outage on Wednesday the chromebooks stopped charging. When we went in the morning and started testing some students’ chromebooks died. We had to go to another class and ask for chromebooks. We had like around 6 chromebooks or more that died during the test.

On Thursday we had to spend our whole day in core but I enjoyed it because a little after or before lunch we play this game where we had to act out a mystery and guess who is guilty of the crime. I was the guilty one named Trevor in my skit, but there was another character named Jason. After that we got dismissed but I stayed after school to finish my homework. On Friday we took the math test and I got the hard questions first then I got the easy questions. Out of 10 points for the math test, I rate it 10

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