Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Our 3rd Trimester Math project by Mateo B.

In the third trimester, we have covered a lot of things in math. We cover things like percents or geometry. This week we just started our first 3rd trimester project in math. The project that we will do has to include either a project on which project is a better buy in a real life situation. The other project is creating a math slideshow including a math game that is played in a different country. You have to type up many slides that include facts about this game, like the country of origin. You have the option to present the math game project at the coming up open house. You will present your slideshow with the materials used to play the game, explaining how to play the game and then you will play the game with the person you are presenting to. This is an extra credit opportunity and their is another extra credit opportunity where you complete both of the projects. The best buy project is due next Friday. You have to include five different types of one product. Let’s say there were 5 different bags of chips. These chips were all the same type of chip but had a different price and a different size bag. Your job would be to find which bag had the best price per ounces in the bag.

 My group is going to complete both of the projects for extra credit. Our game for the slideshow is Skat. The game of Skat originated in Germany and is a card game. The majority of our class chose a card game but we had about one group chose the best buy project. The game of skat includes three people. The game of Skat is pretty complicated but you have to play with 32 card. I asked another group about their game and they said they were creating their slideshow about dominoes. The claimed that the game of dominoes originated in Germany. In the game of dominoes there is a lot of counting into playing the game of dominoes which is math related. These two math projects are the first 3rd trimester project in math so far.

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