Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tips and Advice for 6th grade Student-LED Conferences Interview by: Bennett and Hudson

*Teacher note: This is an interview about student-led conferences is between Bennett, who has already presented, and Hudson, who still is to present.
Hudson's ePortfolio

Hudson: Bennett any tips or advice for student led parent teacher conferences?

Bennett: Yes, you have to have very good posture while presenting and speak loud and clear.

Hudson: Ok, anything you need to look out for?

Bennett: Don't look at your note cards the whole time. You don’t want to move around a lot.

Hudson: Another question, How would you want to present your work?
Bennett's ePortfolio

Bennett: I prefer through your E-Portfolio. If it's on the wall you can point out your work on the wall.


  1. Great job and that was great advice. These probally helped some people because it told how to react and how to show your work. Great job overall.

    1. Thanks Trevor I was pretty nervous about the presentation.