Thursday, December 11, 2014

Exploravision: Futuristic Inventions Await! By: Manelle


Currently, in the 6th grade, there is an ongoing project in Science/Tech called Exploravision. It is a national competition where teams all over America and Canada create futuristic inventions with topics that vary every year. The whole idea of Exploravision was created by The National Science Teachers Association and Toshiba Corporation. Exploravision exists because, the people that founded it wanted to encourage people between kindergarten and 12th grade in the math, technology, science, and engineering. The teams have to create the invention, then make a report on it. This year, the theme for the inventions is, an invention that will help a cause or effect of global warming. The project began in Science/Tech on December 1, 2014, and, nationally, will end on January 30, 2015. In Science/Tech, we formed teams of two, three, or four to create these inventions. I’m in fifth period Science/Tech, and my partners are Raniya, Alisha, and Simran. Our invention is the Weather Manipulator, and this device was created to stop droughts which can be an effect of global warming. Personally, I think that Exploravision is a great idea because, it gets children to think about the topic, what type of machine would be appropriate for solving the dilemma, and what it would do. It can also get kids to think about science so far, and what it would take for the machine to actually happen. Overall, Exploravision is a great science project that can get kids to show their scientist side with the inventions they created.

I also interviewed Lauren, who is in sixth period Science/Tech, to see how she felt about Exploravision.

Manelle: What are your feelings toward Exploravision?
Lauren: Well, I think that Exploravision is a fun way to think of unique projects. ​
Manelle: Do you think Exploravision is useful and productive?
Lauren: It is useful and productive because it can build teamwork or partnership. Also, it is a project trying to help out the world.

Interview with Raniya:

Manelle: What are your feelings toward Exploravision?
Raniya: I think it’s good to get to explore something new. Especially since it’s for such a great cause! You need to be aware of the climate change, droughts, and things like that. It seems so fun too, though.
Manelle: Do you think Exploravision is useful and productive?
Raniya: Well, of course I do! You know, people say children are the future, and having these ideas from the start is a good thing. We can help cities and states in need. I definitely think it will be productive if the designers and programmers work hard.
Manelle: Last of all, do you think Exploravision will be a success?
Raniya: I don't think Exploravision will be a success, I know it will be a success. As I said, if people work hard enough, then their hard word will pay off.

Note from Mrs. Bibayoff: Exploravision also has some big prizes involved. What to know what they are? Click here!


  1. Nice post, Manelle! I like how you used interviews to show others' perspectives!

  2. Great Job Manelle. Your blog was very useful for team leaders like me, as it gives us more background information on the assignment. I also like the way you put the interview of students on your post. Thank you providing me and my team with more information.

  3. Senara MillawabandaraDecember 15, 2014 at 9:36 AM

    Great job on your blog Manelle. I can't wait to see how your invention turns up.

  4. I like that you are making something that is going to help us figure out weather