Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jataka Tale Student Animations

A few students decided to go above and beyond to make their own Jataka Tale inspired animations. Talk about showing "tech savvy"! Check them out below!

Amol's Tale

Sai's Tale
Ryan's Tale

JohnPatrick's Tale

Jonathan's Tale

Manelle's Tale


  1. Your animations look great! I'm surprised that so many of you used rabbit!

  2. I like your story, characters,and animations they look great!

  3. those are good tales and the animations are awesome good job.

  4. This is a great blog post! I especially cherish the fact that, you have used people’s animations on your post to give you reader an example about this project. Those animations are very good also. Whoever wrote this blog entry, I hope you reveal your name, as this is a very good post. Don’t be shy! Again, great job on this post.
    -Amol Budhiraja

  5. I like how all of you used a lot of animation and how all of you used cute characters, and good job on the blog post.