Friday, January 30, 2015

Marin Headlands Memories by Jacynda

  Welcome back sixth graders! I hope you all had a wonderful time at our recent trip to Marin Headlands. If you did go, I hope you enjoyed your stay there. It was an amazing trip in my opinion, and i think many other students could agree with me as well. It was an incredible educational journey that still allowed us to have fun. The views were beautiful and the food was great. I had a very fun time, and i believe that others felt the same too. We learned many new things about the Earth, the ocean, rocks, animals,etc. We did fun activities to help us remember things too which I thought were very thrilling for my judgment. Some exciting things we did were learning about erosion with volcanic rocks, or as I like to say, jelly beans. We also rolled down ice plants, and demonstrated what uplift was with Oreo cookies! I also can’t forget about digging through the damp sand for bioluminescent plankton. We learned about constellations and stars along with mountain formations and water cycles. The whole trip was an amazing educational roller coaster about our environment and the Earth surroundings us. We didn’t just learn about it, we were also taught how to prevent it from becoming polluted with an activity in the cafeteria known as “Garbology”. Yup, you all know what I’m talking about. At first, our scores weren’t that great. But after a few meals, we got the idea and rapidly dropped most of the scores. In the end, the overall trip was very entertaining and exhilarating. We got to do lots of activities, hiking, and learning. We learned more about the importance of environmental awareness while still having a great time doing it.


  1. Looks like you guys had fun @ Marin Headlands! ;D

  2. Marin Headlands has come and gone! :( I'm soo sad that it went by so quickly, but it was a fun experience!!! When I came back from Marin I had so much exciting things to tell my family. I LOVED MARIN HEADLANDS!!!!

  3. Marin Headlands was a really fun and cool experience for me and I would definitely go again