Friday, January 16, 2015

Marin Headlands Excitement By: Becky

 Get ready sixth graders, Marin Headlands is only a few days away! Excitement is in the air due to our wonderful upcoming field trip. We leave next Wednesday morning and spend three days doing lots of fun activities, hikes, and more! I know I can not wait and I think lots of other students would agree with me. I have heard a lot about this trip from my two older brothers who have gone and from my mom who has chaperoned. They have told me about the beautiful view, the fun activities, and the yummy food. One student who is going on the trip, Michael, said, “I want to see the colorful beach and the tall trees.” Shelby, another student going on the trip, said, “I hope for it to be as fun as Westminister Woods (a similar field trip taken in fifth grade). I’m looking forward to the beach.” I think many students agree with Shelby, including myself, and are looking forward to the beach, as well as many other things. We all just can’t wait for Marin Headlands!

*The picture up on the right shows you just how great the beach is and the picture just above shows one of the fun hikes! (Both of these pictures were taken when my mom and brother went on the trip.)

TEACHER NOTE: We'll be leaving out Wednesday morning at 9:20am and returning to NCS Friday at 2:45pm. Here's Marin Headlands website for more info. about their terrific program:

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  1. Marine Headlands was fun! I really enjoyed it.