Friday, January 30, 2015

Marin Reflections: by Jonathan and Charlie


Three Days in Marin Headlands by Jonathan

IMG_0390.JPG     Most of our Leading edge sixth graders went to Marin Headland just last week,It was fun, thanks to all the chaperones and our camp educators that showed most of us the sixth grader around, taught us about plants, and about animals.Wednesday, was the day we left out for Marin Headlands. We went there by bus or some went in chaperone’s cars there.It only takes a hour and a half to get there. After we got there, we had lunch. Then we checked into our dormitory, and we learned that we shared our dormitory with the another school. Then we split it into groups and met our educators for the camp. Later, we had dinner and had a campfire that night. On Thursday, day two, our group went for a long hike to the highest point in Marin Headlands, Hill 88, but some of the groups did different things that day. I think day two was an all hiking day because we also had a night hike where we tried to find bioluminescence. Bioluminescence means living organisms that produce light.
      Everyday in Marin Headlands we learned stuff, I hope that all of you learned something important like I did too. So we went to the beach at night, and tried to find something like noctilucas (a type of bioluminescence).They are little creatures that light up when moved so we are trying to find them in the wet sand, and we found a lot of them. On Friday, day three, we went back home and said bye to NatureBridge and it was a very good trip we will all remember it .

Charlie’s Blog: Marin Headlands

Wow, Last week’s field trip to Marin Headlands institute was amazing, filled with gorgeous sites, tasty food and breathtaking hikes.When we arrived from the two-ish hour bus ride from the school the smart and funny naturalists introduced us to the place. After getting settled in the they took us on a hike and they did a game or activity with us. For example: we went to the top of Ice plant hill and rolled down the ice plant. The next day was hiking day where we hiked all day long, some hikes went up the high hills and some just went around the beach.On the last day of our trip we got to help the earth by gardening, cleaning pots, or just good old-fashioned KILLING ICE PLANTS! The day ended with a Marin Headlands graduation and a picnic. Thank you, naturalists!

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