Monday, June 8, 2015

Sixth Grade Play by Sai and Zachary

Sai (Actor):

IMG_6179.JPGThe sixth play was full of humor, entertainment, and education. I can tell that many people in the audience loved the play by their laughter, applause, and the way that they payed attention to it. I personally loved the play, but I was a little sad about my part. I wanted to be Hector, but Elijah got the part and switched to Achilles. 

My favorite part about the play was all the funny songs and dancing. I felt like we did much better on the actual play then the rehearsals. Along with the humor there was historical facts that were well understood to the audience and also entertained them at the same time. I think that is the most important part about a play. The voices of the actors were really loud and clear. The stage crew and sound effects did an amazing job too. In my opinion, the best and most hard working person was Ms. Meindl. She made the whole and had a vision in her mind how it was going to work out, but she used many suggestions from the student changing her vision a little bit which I thought was very nice that she would do that. That is my blog on the sixth grade play.

Zachary (Special Effects):

On Thursday we had the sixth grade play. The 6th graders all got set up for it. The sound effects people were backstage, and the actors were ready to go on stage. It started and everyone was nervous. Great job everyone!! the play was great and the ending was great (though we didn’t get to practice it on the stage). This play was about the Trojan War which you should know is in Ancient Greece and Troy.

The audience was amazed on what we had done and it was a blast. Behind the scenes was amazing too, the special affects people were all set and the audience laughed, gasped and, sang for Mrs. Meindl a Happy Birthday song! Happy Birthday Mrs. Meindl!

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