Thursday, October 29, 2015

Laurel Burch Inspired Art by Li Teh

Laurel Burch Art Inspires Us!

In Expressions, we are doing Laurel Burch style animals. What else would be more fun? The animals have patterns and shapes over them. Some have stripes and some are poka-dotted. Laurel Burch had osteopetrosis and she broke many bones because of it. She was born on December 31, 1945 and died in September 13, 2007. She was a self taught painter started as a jewelry maker. She didn’t give up even though she was able to break one of her bones really easily. She said that her bone disease was a gift and lived with it. She performed hundreds of speaking engagements around the country. She refused to have anything in this world that she couldn’t make magical. She was magical. She didn't let what depressed her hold on to her, she made her art happy so the world could share the happiness with her. People missed her when she died but her spirit will be remembered and the people will continue with her lead.



  1. Nice job! I enjoyed doing Laurel Burch projects, because you can draw any exotic animal, and make it full of vibrant colors and articulate patterns.

  2. All of our art projects turned out to be very charismatic! Great job, Li! I loved how you talked about Laurel Burch, too! =)