Friday, October 30, 2015

Red Ribbon Week By Justin

This week’s Red Ribbon Week was great. It was definitely Drug Free. All of the classes did a Great job decorating their doors. They all showed a Halloween scare while adding the important message of not taking drugs. 

There were great themes such as “Don’t let drugs put you in an early grave” (Right) “Don’t let drugs mummify your brain.” “Don’t get wrapped up in drugs”, and “This is your face on drugs.” All the classes competed to see who had the best door. It seems like it was pretty close since all the doors were great. I loved all the decorations like the pill bottles and and the ghosts and the drawings.


  1. Good job on the blog! I really enjoyed Red Ribbon Week, with all the events for each day of the week, like Pajama Day and Sports Day. Also, seeing all the cool doors everyone created about not doing drugs was both awesome and effective for sending out the main message!

    1. Thanks for the awesome Comment. I agree that it does send a good message.