Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Road to Civilization" Plays by Diego

In Mrs. Meindl’s Expressions class we created plays about the Ice Age "The Bear Hunt" and "Wolf Puppy"; about Catal Huyuk, "The Deer Hunt" and "Obsidian traders"; and about Mesopotamia- "Hammurabi's Code" and "Nebuchadnezzar finds a Wife" . In Expressions we had time to make the plays that we were doing and, after a few days of writing and rehearsing, we finally had our plays done. Each group then had to perform the plays in front of the class, and we voted to see who would get to the finals. After everybody performed we then voted on the two best and those went to the finals.

The Finals:
In my opinion the finals were the most fun part because we got to see
all the expression’s periods groups go up and perform, but it was not all the groups only some. There were only sixth graders in the room it was still a lot of kids. In the picture that is not even everybody. When the plays started the first up was the Ice Age. The play name was "the troll bears".I really enjoyed watching this play it was very funny and entertaining. What I really liked about the play was that most people knew the songs and things they put in there play like the whip and nae nae song

The next was also in the Ice age but this one was about the how the domestication of animals started. I also liked this one too; it was funny and had lots of information. It was like one of those things that you wished never ended because it was so much fun to watch!

 The next part was Catal Huyuk , "The Deer Hunt"- I really liked this one but I did not get any pictures of it because the play was so good I just kept watching and then I remembered to take pictures and I pulled out the camera and the camera died. Back to the Catal Huyuk this play was much longer, also really fun to watch it , and it also had lots of information that is good to know.

Next up we have "the obsidian Traders". The obsidian traders were funny too like the parts where they had to steal the obsidian from the traders and the part when they had to fight playing "rock paper scissors".

The Mesopotamia plays were also really entertaining - what I liked about these is that I found Mesopotamia very interesting in class so these plays were very entertaining for me. We saw a play about Hammurabi's Code and one about Nebuchadnezzar and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
The last play was voted the best of all!!

I think that all groups worked very hard and all deserve a pat on the back. All the plays were very cool and had lots of information and were exciting to watch.

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  1. I also liked the finals the best because all the best plays were there.