Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Land of Stories Book Review by Sanjeev and Tanner

So our book log was a book called “The Land of stories” by Chris Colfer and we both enjoyed the book! The book is sci-fiction in a way and fiction. The main characters are Chase and they get trapped in a fairy tale land and meet lots of Fairy Tale Characters like red riding hood. The book is emotional in a way and is meant for teens. The book is 400 pages long and on my experience the book was good and interesting. -Sanjeev
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The rating I would give this book would be a 9/10. I loved every moment and this felt like the show “Once upon a time” as a book. I recommend this book to sci-fiction and fantasy fans. I think you would enjoyed this book even if you don’t like sci-fiction fan or a fantasy. I think their was a few things they had to fix but still it was a good book and recommend this book to anyone to read. -Sanjeev       

For my side of the book, Book “Land of Stories” is a really good book and had action and fantasy. This book also has a climax that is perfect for the book. The book is about Alex and Chase who sets off into a book of fairytales, but they aren’t happily ever afters all the time. When they both jump into the book, the evil queen escapes from the “jail” and starts to take over the kingdom one by one, while the 2 kids are not really knowing what is exactly going on there. Later, Alex and Chase are joined by their grandmother that has been gone ever since they were born, but them 2 did not know who she was. After a while, the 2 start pitching in on defeating the queen. This book captures on how and when it should end.I would definitely give this book a ⅘ star rating. This book was an amazing fantasy novel and I am already getting started on the next one. -Tanner


  1. I like how the way you gave description because it was visionary to me. Great job and keep up the work Sanjeev and Tanner.

  2. I like how you used a monsoon of information. I think- INTELLECTUAL - that you did a great job.

  3. Sanjeev and tanner
    Nice! I looked/read the book also! I liked that you put in a lot of details about the story. It was almost like you ARTICULATED it. And I kinda forgot this but did the kids MIGRATE to the land of stories against their own will?

  4. Good job Sanjeev and Tanner! Dad any miracles happen? I will try to look for that book.

  5. Alex and Chase sound like very noble characters. Great job on the book report! =)