Thursday, December 10, 2015

Penny Wars by Nicole Krushke

On December 8th, 2015 all of the Leading Edge students who are in 6-8th grade started a change war. Basically, a change war is a fun and competitive way to donate to the “Make -a- Wish Foundation”. Each class either has a milk carton or a glass jar. Each student had a choice to donate money into the container. The twist is that a penny is worth plus one point but, the rest of the coins and dollar bills equal negative points. It’s minus the value it is worth. For example, a quarter equals negative 25, dime equals negative 10, and so on. The objective is to get as many points as possible during the “war”.

All of the collected money will be donated to an organization called “Make -a-Wish Foundation”. The Make-a-Wish Foundation is an organization that arranges experiences, also known as wishes, for children with severe medical conditions. The change war ends two days before Winter break which is on December 17th. Every penny really does count, it can someone happier which is a big deal. I think this is such a clever and fun way to donate to a great cause!

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  1. Leadership had a great time organizing the project and it was definitely for a good cause!

    1. Yes, it was very "fun" being ambushed with money by people from other classes!

  2. Good Job, that sounded very compeditive!