Friday, September 23, 2016

Flexible Seating by Ved Peesu

I think Leading Edge is a really astounding school. One reason I think this is true is because of the flexible seating. Flexible seating is really nice for students who don’t like to work sitting in one place all the time. They can choose from a variety of different places to sit. There are wobbly stools, high stools, beanbags, couches, and gamer chairs.

I believe that flexible seating helps students study and learn better because they are more comfortable and are more spaced out. Also, students can get tired of sitting in one place and not moving. For example, I can’t work in a regular chair as well as working in a spinning stool. Also, the body might get tired of staying in one position and students can easily lose concentration on their work. This makes Leading Edge a better place because it is student welcoming and make students be better learners.

There are many different places to sit, so if a student doesn’t like a spot they are in, they can move to another and try it. All the classrooms look better and amazing with all the new seating. I have sat and tried all the seats and they are significant to better learner. I am working well in these chairs and I am looking forward to seeing more. Flexible seating in Leading Edge makes it a better place to learn..


  1. I, as a parent, love the concept of flexible seating. Allowing students some autonomy as to where they sit will help empower students and make them feel they have a say in the learning environment. I think this will result in kids being more motivated to do their best work.-Danesha

  2. I think flexible seating sounds very inviting. I had a hard time paying attention in school when the seats were uncomfortable. This was especially true from Junior High on up, because I'm left handed and the seats were the kind with a paddle type desk attached to the chair on the right hand side. To be able to write I had to twist my body around. Then untwist to see the board the teacher was writing on. It was very uncomfortable and made it hard to concentrate.

    This is the type of desk I'm talking about

  3. I wish we had flexible seating at work! It looks very comfortable :)