Friday, September 30, 2016

Chess by Noah Wells

Photo: Sixth graders learning chess in class
[Ms. Meindl's Twitter Page,[
Leading Edge is an awesome school! I’ve learned so many new things and the year just started. But one thing was extremely fun to learn, it was chess! I had no idea how to play but Ms. Meindl taught me how to play in expressions and after that all I wanted to do was play chess.

I love the way chess is played. There are so many ways of winning and new strategies are being made. Chess is so relaxing to play and you use your brain the whole time. By playing chess my memory has been getting better, and I’m not forgetting anything. I’ve only been playing for about 2 weeks, and I’m never going to stop.

I have a really good friend Jensen. We have expressions together, and we have this rivalry. Every class that we can play chess, we always sit right next to each other and always try to win. Ms. Meindl thinks Jensen and I having a rivalry is funny, and it is. But for us, all it is bragging rights and the game is making us even better friends. The last game Jensen and I had, almost everyone in the class including Ms. Meindl were all around Jensen and I while we were playing chess. It was so cool that other people are as interested in chess as much as Jensen and I.

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