Friday, September 30, 2016

Hunters and Gatherers by Zerlan Caasi

This Thursday, my class did the Hunters and Gatherers simulation which was really fun. Most people in the class were chosen to be the hunters and gatherers. Only 7 of us, including me were farmers. Then lastly, 2 people were animals. One was a deer and one other classmate was a bear.

First off, I’ll explain the hunters and gatherers. 20/29 of the class was the hunters and gatherers. They first got to throw “Rocks” (Paper balls) at the so called “Deer”. Once they hit him 3 times, they won the meat. Next, they have to cross the “River”. They had to jump on the “Rocks” (Books) to cross the river. Only 2 drowned and the rest made it. They then had to steal the berries from the berry bush from the “Bear”. If the bear touched one of the people, they are dead. They lost 1 person and they finally got it. They lastly had to survive in a lightning storm. They had to hide under the “Cave” (Under the Table). Though 7 died including their chief who had their meat. I thought the rest of the group was careless of who ever survived.

We then had the farmers. We all sowed our “Seeds” (Skittles). We also got to build “Houses” (Jenga Blocks) and to create art! The difference with the hunters and gatherers, we have and abundance of food and we were cooperating very well. I though feel bad for the hunters and gatherers. They did an awful job of surviving. I know thought to myself, I am lucky to be a farmer. In the nomadic times, being a farmer was the best choice.

In our reflection discussion, we all talked about what was best in the Neolithic era. We all agreed that becoming a farmer was great! We didn’t have to suffer by hunting for our food. No farmer died. All of the farmers had an abundance of crops, we domesticated animals, built shelter, and created tribal art. Everyone had fun! I loved it when the hunters and gatherers chief got struck by lightning. I reacted and said, “You guys didn’t even care about your chief! Now you don’t have your meat nor your chief to guide you! You should’ve protected your chief” In conclusion, this simulation was really fun!      

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  1. I loved that game, I was the dear but I never got hit by whatever the hunters were throwing at me! Nice post, I really like all the detail you put into it