Friday, December 9, 2016

Science Family Night by Emi

My school Leading Edge had an event called Science Family Night last week. At the event students and their family got to explore stations and experiment. This took place in the cafeteria and in Mrs. Melina’s classroom. This event was hosted by Mrs. Bibayoff and Mrs. Molina (Science Teachers in LE) and the engineering club. 

20161201_181752.jpgThere were many stations to check out including bubble art, aerodynamics, 3D printing and so much more! It was set up by Mrs. Bibayoff, and it was open for anyone to join, like a volunteer sign up for people in engineering club. I participated and helped out at the dry ice bubbles for the first shift and bubble art station for the second shift. I worked with my friends Juna and Jennifer while we helped at the dry ice bubbles station and then we volunteered at the bubble art station next. After completing our last fun shift I got to explore different stations like

the oobleck station where we got to get our own oobleck and learn about the three states of matter. Also, for this event, LE had guests like Dickeys barbecue, Pasco Scientific, and a dental group called Image Orthodontists. Some of the guests provided food and prizes. One had fun science demonstrations. This was a great way for students and family to have fun while learning science and experimenting with the different subjects and that's why LE has set up this event like this. I really liked this event and it is so fun being in engineering club. I would love to do it again.

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