Friday, December 16, 2016

Book Review by Zahra': Red Queen

Image result for Red Queen bookFor this post I will be typing about the Red Queen book. This is for people who like fantasy books it is also for people who like royalty.  This book is about a girl named Mare Barrow is living her life with her parents sister and 3 brothers as a red. Red as the commoners while Silver is god like superpowers. Mare is a thief she steals from different reds she even stole from the silver but instead of her getting caught it was her sister Gisa a silver broke her hand. What happens when Mare is asked to go to the back to the castle where she stole from. I really like this book it has like some of my favorite genres like fantasy. The next book of this series is called Glass Sword, I haven’t read that book yet but I want to.

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