Monday, February 20, 2017

Exploravision by Jair

Polluto was an idea created by a 7th period team.
During the past few weeks we had to to do an assignment in Sci-Tech we called the “Exploravision Project”. Basically we had think of a new scientific invention to help the world. Mine was called "The Fire Getaways." My design is supposed to help stop the cause of fires. Why I got this idea is because there is a lot of wildfires going on every summer since summers are extra warm lately and there is not a lot of of ways to stop fires quickly. This can be very dangerous.

Also there are some other projects in our class that helped the problems of the earth. For example some of the other classmates had a inventions to stop too much pollution. Others thought to use the heat to start up cars with only using heat and other materials to help the environment scientifically. Another thing I would like to see happen in the world is for a transportation without using gas and some of the groups had projects about that.Too much pollution from things like cars that use gas is bad for the earth. It causes warming. Because it melts the ice for polar animals and kills trees and makes more heat in the atmosphere. If our designs could become real and help those problems that will be cool.
Some students made 3D designs like this one about desalinization.

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