Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fun Greek and Roman Projects by Mari

Recently, the 6th Grade classes have been working on many projects for their Greek/Roman units in Core. One project was the marshmallow arches. We learned about the Romans making arches for their aqueducts and in other buildings. So we got into groups of four and tried to make our own arches out of marshmallows. The rules were that it had to stand for at least 15 seconds on its own. It was a fun if sticky activity and one arch stood for 2 minutes!!

IMG_0840.JPGAnother project was our Greek/Roman myth books. From the beginning to almost the end of our unit, we collected famous myths read to us by our teachers and put them into a book with blank pages. We also had to make our own illustrations and book covers as well. This was also one of our biggest projects, but I am really proud how my book turned out.

IMG_0843.JPGOur latest project was our "Day in the life" story set in Pompeii. We each had to choose what we were in Ancient Roman society (slave, merchant, senator) during the time when Mt. Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii in ash and debris. We could choose what we were doing, if we lived or died, and describe the people and events around us, the possibilities were endless. Then we built a volcano on the bulletin board and our stories were on display for Open House.



  1. Learning about the Greeks and Romans was so much fun !!! The projects and art were really fun, as we got a good art practice, and we learned a lot in the process by having lots of fun overall. The mozaics were really fun too. We got to make images with cut colored shapes. All of them were really good. The one I made, was a bridge or a type of arch. It probably related to the Ancient Greeks or Romans, but probably not much. I had lots of fun making it itself. I saw that someone even made a volcanoe.

    The other great thing that you explained about was the myth book. I really enjoyed making it while listening to the story. This project covered art, history, language arts, and fun. I really liked drawing the images on the pages, which would tie in with the story. It is a little sad that we stopped making them, but it was an overall fun experience. This year, we were extra lucky, because we got the cool styled book for myths.
    The story was exciting. I made my story on a slave who survived the destruction, because he was on a boat while it was happening. The story goes on, and I really liked to write it. Have Fun!!!

  2. This was a really fun project I enjoyed. I got to do many artistic thing, academic things, and team building things! It taught me a lot, not only academically. Greek and Romans were also similar so it was a little easy to learn about. :) I loved these lessons.

  3. Good blog! It really goes in depth about certain projects, all of which I enjoyed. It was really interesting hearing about Greek and Roman myths. All three projects were interesting and a good thing to showcase.