Friday, May 8, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week! By: Manelle

As many of you know, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week! It comes annually, and lasts from May 4th to May 8th. It is an event where students and parents alike all over the nation can sincerely thank their teachers for being so dedicated. This event commenced in 1984, and the idea of Teacher Appreciation Week was created by National PTA, as a way to honor all teachers in America.

PTA, which stands for Parent Teacher Association, was founded in 1897 by women when women still didn’t have the right to vote. PTA works toward goals that directly help kids, such as healthy lunch meals, health service, and school safety.

At our school, to celebrate the event, we have made cards that one way or another support the L.E teachers. They have done so much for us and further our education, so I’m sure it wasn’t hard to come up with inspiring text for our teachers.

To further celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, places all over the country provided free or generously discounted items for teachers, as long as they had their I.D. Restaurants who participated in the event are, including but not limited to, Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s, and Cici’s Pizza. Some shops who give discounts to teachers for a limited amount of time are Banana Republic and New York & Co.This further cements how important teachers are to America, and how thankful America is toward teachers.

National Teacher Day, another event set to support teachers, was set on March 7, but when Teacher Appreciation Week by National PTA was declared on the first week of May, teacher Appreciation Day was set on the first Tuesday of May. National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week are often celebrated together.

Overall, I think that Teacher Appreciation Week is a wonderful event that gives teachers the credit they deserve. It has been integrated into our culture, allowing teachers perks in restaurants and shops as well.

I also interviewed a fellow sixth grader, Lauren, to get her take on what she thought of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Manelle: What are your feelings towards Teacher Appreciation Week?
Lauren: I feel like Teacher Appreciation Week is really a great week. Teachers would feel appreciated and happy. Sometimes teachers are not treated in the best ways.
Manelle: If you were a teacher, how would you feel about this event?
Lauren: If I were a teacher, I would feel loved and happy. I would feel bad for getting SO many gifts but I would be really happy. :)
Manelle: How supportive do you think America would be about this event?
Lauren: I think America is pretty supportive. They made this week and they support teachers and they get gifts for the teachers. They make cards and stickers for this day.


  1. Great job on your blog. Teacher Appreciation Week is a good way for students to show how much we like our teachers. You guys really explained that.

  2. Great Job! I really like Teacher Appreciation Week. It must be special for Teachers :) I also liked how you interviewed people for more info.

  3. Great blog. Teacher Appreciation Week is a good way for students to show how much our teachers mean to us. Great blog!!!

  4. I really liked your blog Manelle. The teachers really deserve the appreciation everyday.