Friday, May 29, 2015

Leading Edge’s Last Rally by Nicole A. and Nicole C.

On Wednesday, we first started the day with showing off our spirit by wearing certain colors for each grade, red for eighth graders, black for seventh graders, and white for sixth graders. Great Job to all of the sixth graders that participated and really showed us their spirit. The last Leading Edge rally commenced with a lip syncing battle between the classes. This weeks is Spirit Week of course so leadership decided to have them all sing “I will survive”. Mrs. Meindl’s class won having Henry as their glamorous lip syncing champion. Every class was great and everyone had a great time watching the class lip syncers perform.
After the battle, Mr.Shane congratulated the people who made the championships for the school teams in sports. All of the people that were recognized put in a lot of effort and made this years achievements possible. We congratulate them for doing their best and working hard for the games. All of the sports teams this year won at the championships which is a very big accomplishment. After that, two amazing 8th graders gave their speeches about their personal journeys at Leading Edge. It was really great to hear their promotion speeches and how they both grew throughout their time here. In all, leadership put on a great and very enjoyable rally and it was an amazing way to start closing the school year.

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