Friday, September 25, 2015

Book Review by Daniel and Ethan S.

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Image result for harry potter and the sorcerer's stoneHello everybody this is Daniel’s and Ethan’s book review about one of our favorite book series........Harry Potter. The book is the first and is called Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone.This book is about a boy named Harry Potter born to wizards but they were killed by the one who shall not be named when he was just a baby. Somehow, when Vold-he who shall not be named tried to kill Harry, he lost his powers and his body. All that was left of Volde-he who cannot be named was his spirit and he fled. Harry Potter was given to his Aunt and Uncle by Albus Dumbledore one night and they have been mean to him every since he has arrived. He has to live under the staircase and is bossed around a lot. He lives with his mean cousin Dudley Dursley. One time all a letter from Hogwarts comes saying to come and become a wizard like his parents but right when he is about to open it his uncle snatches it and burns it in the fireplace. After that they keep on coming so his aunt and uncle decide to move to an island in the ocean. So they do and one night on Harry Potter’s birthday Rubius Hagrid comes and takes him to Hogwarts.

As Harry starts getting new friends named Ron and Hermione and learning about the wizard world, he starts learning about Volde-he who cannot be named. He finds out that one of his teachers was working for Voldem-he who shall not be named. One day, he noticed the teacher run off and followed him. Harry finds out that Voldemo-he who shall not be named is trying to get the Sorcerer’s Stone which gives eternal life. The Sorcerer’s Stone is located in a secret place in Hogwarts and is protected by many spells and puzzles. Harry tells his friends Ron and Hermione about Voldemor-he who shall not be named’s plan. Do you think they can stop Voldemort-he who shall not be named? Read the book to find out more.

Daniel and Ethan would recommend this book to people who like fiction and action. People who like romance and love might not find this as a great book. Also, people who don’t like really long books might not enjoy this. It’s your decision if you want to read the book or not.

In conclusion, we liked the book very much. It was very descriptive and very full of ,”What will happen next”? sentences. Also, its introduction to the wizard world and everything in it was amazing. If you are fascinated by what you hear about this book, then go ahead and read it.


  1. Daniel and Ethan,

    I really like how you summarize the book, even though I haven't read any of the books. You inspired me to read the first book, which I think is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Some spelling mistakes here and there, but either way, this is a great blog post!

    1. Dear Kenneth,
      Thank you for pointing out every thing I am glad you liked it.

  2. I really like that you chose this book to blog about Ethan and Daniel. I also like the Harry Potter series very much! You really summarized the whole book without spoiling it. It was better than than the summary on the back of the book cover. Have you read the whole book series?

  3. Daniel and Ethan, I really enjoyed how you guys put "Volde-he who shall not be named". Do you know why he shall not be named?

  4. Hello Daniel and Ethan

    I found your article very refreshing, because I too, am a fan of the Harry Potter and I really loved your article. I would really love it if you wrote an article on the second book.

    Your Friend
    Sudha Dasu

  5. Dear Daniel and Ethan,

    I liked the blog about the Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone, it tells lots about the book. When Hagrid kicked the door down in the cabin on a island in the middle of the ocean, he also gave Dudley a pig tale. And the place where the sorcerers stone lays is guarded by Hagrids pet, Fluffy. Did Harry find out that his teacher was sharing his body with Voldemort when he made it past all of the obstacles and Fluffy, of at first did he think it was Snape.