Thursday, November 3, 2016

What’s Going On in LE? [Week of November 4th] by:Nathan

Overall, life here in Leading Edge has been great! I’ve made some new friends, and we’ve learned so
many new things. My classes are Expressions, PE, Science/Tech, Math, and last Core.

In Core we have started our ancient Egypt unit (as mentioned above). Right now we’re learning about Egyptians and their way of life. Also we’re making posters about different gods and goddesses. My group chose the god Seth, the god of storms and chaos. We drew a big picture of him and will write his name in hieroglyphics and add a cartouche (an oval shape that has name of royal person or god written on it in hieroglyphics) to it too. We also recently did our Nile brochures. We had to include a map showing it’s route, why it was important to early Egyptians, section about the Nile today, section about uses of papyrus, facts, and a creative cover.

 In Expressions we just finished making our “Apple 4 Ways” where you had to draw 4 different apples and use different mediums for each one. Also one of them had to feature some sort of collage. For mine I used colored pencil, charcoal, oil pastel, and tissue paper collage.Using charcoal was super unique because it was cool fading it and doing other cool things. So now in Expressions, to connect to our new Ancient Egypt unit in Core we are signing up for parts in our play, Mummy’s Tomb.

Right now in PE we are doing create a game where you have to create a safe game that fits in with either flexibility, cardio, muscle strength, muscle endurance, or body composition. We get to chose the equipment we need an create a game based on one of the fitness components. Your game has to have group dynamics, movement patterns so you know how to play, and lastly self responsibility. Our group has created a game with two goals, two bowling pins, two paddles, and a ball. The goal is to try to get the ball into the goal and if you hit the bowling pin too you get an extra point.

In Science/Tech we’ve just finished our trimester 1 portfolios. We had to state our projects that we completed in the first trimester. You also had to write about how you're doing in LE and what your goals are. Now we are learning about weather and climate. In class we went on this website about heat and sunlight. We played with a model on the computer about how sunlight reflects off the ground and transfers into the Earth. You can also add clouds and gases or adjust the albedo and speed to see what changes it makes. Hope you enjoyed my Leading Edge update!

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  1. Daniel O and Mateo MDecember 7, 2016 at 9:55 AM

    I think that your blog post was very well written and you made leading edge sound like a utopia. Also you were very descriptive and had lots of information.